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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Of Painful Legs and Other Concerns

I've never been the sporty type. Truth of the matter is, my wii fitness age just goes back to 80 from a hight of 78. I'm thinking this because I Have so many aches and you could even say that my favorite nighttime lotion was efficascent oil. Yup, that's true until I read an article about mythel salicylate being poisonous and therefor harmful over time especially when applied all over the body and with cover. So now, as much as I can endure, I don't use it anymore.

Can't sleep. I don't know why. I mean, i've never really been a sleeper. The most number of hours that i have nowadays straight is 3. I used to be able to sleep soundly for 5 houts when the husband was around. Guess, too much on my mind. And i did nap late this afternoon. It didn't help that my right leg is bothering me again. It feels so good to stretch my legs and massage it. And I am also bothered by the fact that i feel this involuntary muscle twitch everywhere in my arms and legs. What is happening to me?

At any rate, I am still thankful to God despite all these concerns. I just have to yack about it, let it out of my system. After all, there is really so much to be thankful about. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why So Many Worries You Of Little Faith?

Woke up again around 4pm. Actually, it felt like I have been awake for a while now since my head have been thinking worry thoughts and i have been hearing A particular noise like a grinding if bones in my left ear. I worry about the littlest of things even the sound of breathing. I get thoughts like, is this asthma already? Or something worse. I don't like to entertain those thoughts, mind you. People say the longer your worry list, the smaller your God. I hope not. I would like to believe that my faith in God is bigger except that there are times when I get swamped by worries. Believe, i don't want to be like this at all.

So please forgive me my God in moments like these and comfort me.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mrs. Kutcher No More

Latest addition to the un-coupling block. Sad. Really. Just when i thought there's a good chance that a 49 yr old woman and an early 30s man might go the distance.

Nothing breaks up a marriage more than infidelity. Sigh ..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Arrogance Personified

That is Justice Secretary Leila De Lima appears to me and to others who are more knowledgeable than me in legal matters.

I have always believed the reason we have a Supreme Court is because when things or issues become muddy, the decision of the court is final. And executory. But here is Sec De Lima who refuses to abide by the rule. You have just made the Supreme Court a laughing stock. You've disrespected a great institution that this country looked up to especially in times of trouble. You are so mired in revenge and vindictiveness of PNoy that you have forgotten that justice is not only for the good. That seems to be the running theme of Pnoy's men: that they have monopoly of the good.

I am not a lawyer. But even so. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to have our Supreme Court being treated like that. Truth be told, i've googled Sec De Lima to understand why she is the way she is now. She used to head the Commission on Human Rights and she has two sons.

What she is saying now is that no other opinion matter, not even that of the highest court of the land. Her opinion alone matters and that to me is arrogance in action.

By the way, i want to see justice done. If the arroyo's are guilty, then please charge them in court. But do not restrict anybody's right to travel in the guise of national security. Enough said. Ugghh


Not really. Been searching for the right word to describe the predicament, we are in. All i can think is the visayan "hasul". Really. Can't say anything about it yet. It feels like everything is magnified when it's written already. Not that anybody is gonna read about it. It's not as if i have even one avid reader. Oh wait, i do. Me. He he

Hhaaahh. I feel like taking a deep breath and exhaling that word in a long time now. It's nearing a year and this transaction is nowhere near completion. I'm crossing my fingers. God Almighty, you lead us to this property and You have always been generous. Please help us resolve this problem to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Amen.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why so many aches?

Back to waking up at unholy hours of the night or morning. Partly because I kept on hearing Maggie suck on her thumb. And then am back to my fears. Why the chestpains yesterday early morning when i was about to get up on my right side? Why the stiff neck these past few months? I have chronic hyperacidity, my uric acid is not normal and i feel muscle twitches everywhere. Is it the food I am eating?
Could it be stress from unconcious thought about the fact that i may be without job in the coming months? From this problematic property that we are buying?
Or from the sedentary lifestyle?

You just turned 40 not 60. So stop these aches. Move.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Crippling Fear, Shyness

Yesterday, I prepared an envelope as mass offering for the dead. I wanted to be the one to offer it during the mass but the church was crowded and with me are my girls who i know will likely go with me during the procession and besides I will be carrying Maggie who is probably around 17 lbs already. So i gave the envelop to my aunt. But when the time came, she just puy it in the collection basket. I must admit, i was really very angry, I feel like shouting at her. It felt like my prayers for the dead came to nothing because it went to the collection basket. Unreasonable, I know since God is a great God and He would understand each and every little thoughts behind our action. I willed myself to let go of my angry feelings, after all we were attending church and thank God my anger disappears slowly that when we reached home, it no longer bothered me.

She said that she didn't go with the rest of those who offered during the mass because, she didn't see anyone who was holding envelop offerings for the dead. Why would that stop her? Is there a church doctrine that prohibits offering prayers for the dead during the offertory? If there is, my fault. But yesterday, i just thougth her actions resulted from shyness or fear of ridicule or admonition. And i shouldn't blame her because I'm sure nobody wanted to be like that, painfully fearful. I don't blame my grandparents for her upbringing, others have much more emotional baggage than that. Besides, they are wonderful grandparents to me. I just needed to point out how much of elife we are missing if we allow it to get hold of us. My aunt is a college graduate. She could have applied for a job, work on her own but she chose to work on the family business, didn't get marry and it's not for shortage of suitors. She talks of Lola having a nervous breakdown sometime in their distant past, maybe she also suffered one just that nobody wad aware of it. I think that she has too much fear in her, crippling her.

I have that also. Fearful thoughts, fear creeps into my head especially at night or dawn waking up thinking. Sometimes, i am so burdened by my fears, i forgot that being alive each day is a wonderful gift already. And so i struggle, everyday to overcome my fears. So help me God.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So it's 2am and i got up to pee and noticed that the pipes were vibrating due to strong water pressure. Indeed, the pressure's too strong that it made our outside faucet come off and spouted water into the bahaykubo thus temporarily flooding the area.

That's the trouble of not knowing where to turn the water off. Thankfully, i possessed enough sense of turning off the water supply at the main line near the water meter. And to think i was apprehensive of opening the gate because you can never trust to open your gates at unholy hours. You never know of bad elements lurking out there. Yeah, like robbers, etc. But i didn't have a choice because the water meter is outside our gate. Thankfully, there seems to be nobody around. Well, there was these 2 motorcycles ridden by 2 teens riding in tandem that passed by after we already closed the gate. Whew, thank God.

Anyway, i will be buying that thingy that will permanently shut the excess faucet outside that bursted out. And i'll probably the one to do the attaching myself. At any rate, i am just glad that our little problem is caused by an abundance of water instead of the lack of it.

I actually am getting to be a handywoman. Which reminds me, i need to take the car for an oil change or whatever it is that fixes dark smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Kardashian Divorce

Whew...after only about 72 days of marriage. Methinks, the marriage is just part of their show. They supposedly earn close to 20M with regards to their wedding ceremony. They certainly know how to profit from their looks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My eyes want to sleep but thougts are whirling in my brain. That and my right leg is acting up again. I'd really like a massage right now, that would help me sleep. The discomfort on my right side just below the breast bone is bothering me, conjoring not fearful thoughts. Haah. Dear God, please help me. Heal me.

Always at a cost

I've been thinking about how fortunate we are to have found this place we have now that we call home. Fortunate in the sense that we found a place that's right within Metro Manila, in Makati nonetheless where residents have better benefits in comparison, the cost of which is within our budget, and there is ample space for a garden. For those of us who have been living in the city, we always appreciate space because it's an expensive commodity. Of course, if you are super rich it would not be a problem. Infact, nothing would be a problem if you have the money. But to us who belongs to the working class who depends on loans to be able to acquire properties, it is terribly difficult to find such a place. One could buy properties in the outskirts of metro manila with sufficient frontyard for a garden at a price we could consider affordable.

So anyway, you'd ask at what cost? Let me just say with a lot of headaches. We didn't know it would be this hard to purchase a property the title of which has not yet been transferred to the heirs. We are still working on it now and it is still giving us headaches since the bank is taking it's time releasing the Proceeds of the loan. But i refuse to let it affect me. I can always pray.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lets Face It

I had a whole body massage at Let's Face It - SM Megamall for an hour which costs 560. I specifically asked the therapist to use only soft massage since i've been feeling pain on my right ribcage or somewhere there for sometime now. I prefer aromatic oils to lotion and i didn't bother to ask what the oil was coz i liked it anyway. It seemed like a combination of lavender and peppermint. The massage is good but i would have liked it if she concentrated more on the upper back and the shoulders. Perhaps, i should have extended the session just for the hands. I specially liked the 3 rolls of hot towels they give at the end of the massage since i used them for hot compress on my feet and hands.

It is expensive compared to massages offered outside of malls. Hanuel Spa located at acacia lane in mandaluyong offers body massage at 250 only inclusive of shower and sauna. Am just not sure though if they change beddings after every massage. Maybe they do, yet the last time i went there i felt itchy. Also, Asian Massage offers the same service whether in their various branches or at home at the same cost 250. But the last time i called them up there was no reply, hence.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Thanks for the ithings. It has helped me through some of my rough days. Now, i am sharing the joys of the Ipod with my children.

40 Dream Destinations

I'm sort of in a roll to write today and for sometime now i have been thinking of writing a piece on the places I would like for me and my family to go to. Originally, i thought of it as places to go before turning forty but well, oppurtunity and money wise, it wasn't possible. So instead, the following places are the ones I would like to visit together with my family(eventhough some of those i already visited myself) after all it would only be half as much fun if i do visit these places alone.

1. Rome, Italy

2. France

3. London, UK

4. Spain

5. Palawan, Philippines

6. New York, USA

7. Washington DC,USA

8. Seoul,South Korea

9. Tokyo, Japan

10. Thailand

11. Hongkong

12. Singapore

13. Scotland

14. San Francisco, California

15. Los Angeles, California

16. Washington State

17. Incheon, South Korea

18. Nice, France

19. Malaysia

20. Copenhagen, Denmark

21. Germany

22. Taj mahal, india

23. Ho chi minh, Vietnam

24. Boracay

25. Iloilo

26. Camiguin

27. Cebu

28. Bohol

29. Disneyland, anywhere

30. Florida

31. Davao

32. Thailand

33. Dubai

34. Grand Canyon (USA)

35. Niagara Falls, Canada

36. Australia

37. Amsterdam

38. Great Wall, China

39. Rio de janeiro, Brazil

40. Las Vegas

My basis for choosing each of those places are arbitrary. Some of those i have included are infact world famous destinations while others are settings of novels i have read. I am already exciting to embark on our first place on my list!

Murder of Mila Dumaguit

I was at Makati City Hall yesterday to process much-needed documents and so i personally witness the place a-buzzed with the death by ambush of asst. Administrator(?) of makati social welfare department. Whatever department you go to, there were groups of 3 or 4 huddled in the corner or in someone else's desks talking in hushed tone about the incident. The noon time mass was offered for her soul and the safety of her driver who was said to be still alive but in critical condition.

Indeed, there are many reasons that will drive a man to kill but in her case what could it be? Why kill a 52 year old woman who is not even the head of a department? I heard snippets of conversations yesterday about possible motives which probably why am writing about it now. A case of wanting to immitate murder she wrote but failing miserably. News stories about her fail to write if she left a husband and children or any family she had. It is time, news should be comprehensive in its reporting.

Whatever the reason, i do hope that she gets the justice due her and may she still rest in peace.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

40 and Fabulous

It's not everyday that you get to turn the big 40 and so i took the day off from work. Well, not exactly the whole day because i did went to the Assesor's office at makati city hall, gah but that's another post.

So I attended the 6 o'clock mass as was my birthday tradition eversince and got singularly blessed because Father Roy asked if there is someone who is celebrating their birthday that day and only i was raising my hand. I walked all the way from the back pew to the front to be blessed and got a round of applause from all the other church-goers. I chose to think that God made that for me because I was secretly hoping that the hubster would atleast give me flowers to surprise me or whatever never mind that he's million of miles away working on a ship drifting at sea. I suppose, it never came to his mind to surprise me knowing it's my 40th and all. But then that is not cause for despair and i chose instead to treasure his message to me. Be that as it may, i resolve to look at the brighter side of things now.

These 40 something celebrities like gwyneth paltrow and jennifer aniston inspire me to also take concrete steps to be fabulous. I declare that I will be a better and sexier version of me now. He he kidding aside, looking good also makes me feel good. Now is the time that i will make use of make up to my advantage, the barely there type that is. Choose outfits carefully which accentuates my best features and hides the flabbies. He he. And it is now the time to work on regularizing any physical fitness that i can think of. At the very least, i need to shed off 5 pounds.

Beyond that, God is simply amazing. When i looked back and contemplate on what i went through, there is nothing but gratefulness in my heart in God for the people in my life, my family mostly the husband and my three pretty daughters, my parents and aunt, my sisters. I was never big with friends but with the little that i have, these are the nicest set of friends anyone can ask for. It helped a lot that i get to work with nice people too. Next to people, i'd say I am fortunate that i have work and work that i actually enjoy never mind the fact that it involves accounting for money that is not my own. And answered prayer requests ranging from good health to pacifying inner demons to everything in-between that makes life interesting. So, i am really just thankful. To God.

It is true that when you take everything as if it is a miracle rather than part of everyday routine, you'll have a more sense of calm and awe. Well, there are days when the blues come a-visiting but largely for the most part, it is up to you how you take things. This mindset will probably help me on the road to a more fabulous life.

So anyway, people say 40 is the new 30. I think that is true. I find grey hairs every now and then but i don't feel old at all. Perhaps old is just a mindset no?Madonna doesn't look like she's aging. Demi Moore also. These are the pop icons of my youth and so i naturally admire them for cultivating the youthful attitude. I hope, i do not sound vain or that i put too much emphasis on the physical. Not at all. I am only blabbing on something that has taken a backseat before. I was never that concern for physical appearances and so now,i'm just saying it also helps if you're look good and fit.

That said, i say yes to a more fabulous life.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I marathon-watched the xmen movies lastweek and one power that would have been wonderful to have is the capacity to heal yourself, the one wolverine has other than his adamantium claws. Seeing how i seem to have all this aches and fears, it would probably be a comfort in a way. But i suppose, if i have that then i would have a host of other problems to worry about. So then, i'm better off with what i have.

Yep. I think that we do have powers within us which borders on the supernatural( very wide border, that is). People say that love wanes or fades slowly in time. I don't know about you but i am like those people whose love just persist no matter the season, and even when there is no more reason. I suppose, not loving could be learned but it would be extra difficult for someone like me. Plus, i can emphatize with almost everyone.

The husband's personal power is like that of mystique. He is a chameleon but a lot more subtle. It serves him well and he knows how to use his power to his advantage. I actually envy that part in his psyche that knows no fear or limits. There is so much of him that he does not let on.

I don't know which personal powers would be great for my children. As a mother, i don't want for them to be hurt in anyway. And i sure would like for them to lead happy and comfortable lives. But i do want for them to walk seeking always God's guidance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Not Getting Attached To Things

Learned somethings today:

1. If you buy real estate where the title is under the name of the parents both deceased, make sure that before you transact with anybody you have already seen the special power of attorney authorizing that somebody to sell and that there is already an extrajudicial settlement signed by all the heirs. The spa and the extra judicial settlement should already been notarized. If it's not notarized, it's not legal.

2. Ask for copies of latest real property Tax receipts.

3. If you haven't checked the title, do it. Check if there are encumbrances and what kind. Ask a lawyer to help you. Example of encumbrances could be that it is currently mortgaged. A clean title meaning without encumbrances is always preferable.

4. If you apply for a loan using the property you want to buy, tell the bank loan officer all the details. Don't assume that just because they have an investigator, they know everything. If the owners are dead, tell them. The more they know , the more that you will be protected later on because they will make sure that they have a firm hold on their investment.

5. There's no way you'll get lost if you have access to google map, use it.

6. Be polite to all parties involved even when they are not appointed on the spa, you might need their help later on.

With all the difficulties involved in buying a property, i am telling myself not to get attached even when we already like it to the point of spending so much on improvements. Give it all the effort you can and then more, if nothing comes out of it still then let go. By the way, prayer counts a lot so you might want to commit everything first.

Monday, September 19, 2011

People Person

Given the choice between entertaining friends and dvd bonding with the kids or reading a good book, i'll take the bonding with the kids everytime. Or reading a good book. I don't like listening to other people's stories or entertaining them especially if they are not my friends and especially not in my home. My home is a place for relaxation for me and my family. No negativity, please. If you come to visit to vent your anger over someone, don't come to me. Don't come to our house. You are bringing so much negativity into our home.

Of course, like an intelligent person i am treating this weekend as a lesson in human relations: Pacifying Conflict. So i listened. I really tried. If you know me, you would have shoutef hurrah for my achievement. I tolerated listening to you and your selfish rants and accusations over someone i really don't have any connections with except for a purely business transaction. I guess i could give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. Listening to your rants and rave is no mean feat, you know.

I suppose i could just tell you to keep your conflict between you. I could but i didn't. I let you blow off steam. I do hope that you felt a little less burdened, a little less angry, a little more understanding and a lot more discerning.

Please don't come visit again with your problems. I've had enough of it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Commuting On Our Own

Been awake since 2:00am. Maggie has trouble sleeping due to coughs and colds and mosquito bites. I suspect the mosquito enters our home via a roof vent in the kitchen. There's probably some rainwater left somewhere in the gutter. I've sprayed the house twice last august eventhough I am not comfortable with the idea of spraying. The best would be to clean all breeding grounds. I have tried climbing on the steel ladder but my hands and feet gets cold and clammy. I ended up sweeping only that which i can only reach.

I've been straying off the topic thus far. This was a picture taken while we were onboard a bus from Iligan City to Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay. I remember Maggie is just barely 2 months old. We were on vacation from Manila and i thought it was a good idea to visit my inlaws and let them see Maggie. Buses going to Pagadian are always full and there was a held up in some of their buses so that we were scrambling for our seats. I think my sister was with us. In the mad dash for seats and switch of bus from the regular who arrived first to the airconditioned that arrived not long thereafter, we left the bag containing the Maggie's milk and water and the older kid's food and my toiletries. We reported the incident to the dispatcher and he must have relayed it because when we arrived at Pagadian, we got the bag back. God is awesome. Praise Him for even for the small things.

So we arrived at Buayan already dark and raining. We didn't stay long we went there friday and by sunday morning we're on our wayback to Iligan. It was a time when we were having difficulties in our marriage. The father-in-law thought i needed money and so he wanted to give me some. And the man told me on one of our many fights that i shamed myself on that one because I forced myself on their family. I didn't think of my visit that way, I just thought i let them see their newest grandchild. It wasn't a waste of a visit. I learned something there. The husband's nature of slaving it out in work and his disdain for freeloaders, he got it from his father. It's a good trait most of the time and even I want that for my children. But more than that, I will always want my children to know thay they can always rely on family anytime, and prayers also. That closeness knows no distance.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Missing Church

We didn't hear mass today. Maggie is taking antibiotics for her cough while i feel tired probably because i didn't get my usual 5 hours of sleep. She's been unusually cranky these past three nights. Despite that i was still able to catch the lengthy sermon of Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite on studio 23 which starts at 9:00am enough to know that the Gospel was about forgiving.

Fr. Mario's sharing is always anecdotal and his stories are so varied that it never fails to touch me. I guess it's one of the reason why i always want to hear his sermon first before attending mass in our community church.

I always have this guilt feelings when i can't attend church on sundays. For those times, i try to squeeze in a church visit.

Lazy Sunday

So finally, i can blog through my ipod. Google is so much the better for responding quickly to clamor for bloggers everywhere to be able to blog away without having to bring laptop or even a tablet. So i suppose, there's no more excuse for me to neglect blogging eh?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Globe Center at SM-Megamall

The place is nice and the waiting is not so bad but do i need to really wait for an hour when there are 6 of you customer service representatives and only two are actually entertaining the customers? It's a good thing the one that entertained me when it was my turn was nice.

Me Time

Makati Comelec Office

Have you been to Comelec's Makati office? Been there twice to register as a Makati resident and everytime I  am inside their office I get the feeling that I am not at all in Makati but in a far-flung province where professionalism and cleanliness is not the order of the day.
 The comfort rooms are so in need repair. I think all the second floor are but the comfort rooms are much worse.
 The people who went there to register are made to wait outside when the office inside is big enough to accomodate at least 15 persons if only the arrangement of their table is done with customer service in mind.

I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't what I saw.  At least, I expected perhaps to see order and cleanliness. Not much diba ?

Lazy Day

I've been thinking about the time when I could just do anything i want without thought of anyone.  Those were the days when i could to stay inside my room the whole day, go out only when i eat.  I remember, I could just read the whole day away or write in my journal or clean up.  Now, my free time is not my own.  Not that I am complaining because, I wouldn't want to exchange now for then.  My children can dominate my freetime for all i care.  Still, it would be nice to laze an extra hour on bed.

Anyway, i thought i wouldn't get tired gardening.  It seems, I have.  I still dabble but i don't think it's something that i am passionate about.  Still thinking of cultivating and propagating roses but there's just some other things that are more important.  But I'm not gonna let my plants left to rot.  At the very least, they will continue to thrive that I'm going to make sure.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Natural Homemade Insecticide

So, i've been spending lots of time lately in our frontyard taking care of our plants.  Actually, it's every morning before going to work, before the kids are awake, before the sun is up.  When you spend some time on your garden, you will notice plants that are growing extremely well, some that are yellowing, others you know that they are being attacked by pests even without actually seeing the culprits.  The tell-tale sign of leaves being eaten is a sure sign.  It would be simpler to just buy an insecticide off the market shelf but having a father who has leukemia somehow turns me off from all commercial insecticide. 

So i found this simple and natural homemade recipe for an insecticide from :

Mix 2 tbsp. baby shampoo to 1 gallon of water.

Add 2 tbsp. cooking oil and stir to blend.

Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray all plant parts to control insect pests.

Repeat every five to seven days.

Read more: How to Make Your Own Natural Insecticide |

So, i will try this one and see if it's really  effective.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ajs trip to the Dentist

Several weeks ago Aj's front milk teeth came off and we thought that there might yet be fragments left so we decided to take her to the dentists which advised her to have it x-rayed.  You can pretty much tell from the photos what the experience was to her. She was crying the whole time even when the doctor was very nice and explained to her the procedure so she wouldn't be afraid. But kids being kids...

The photo above is when the x-ray was done at Mega-clinic.

Neck Pain and what-have-yous

I think I may have over-exerted myself yesterday.  My neck and leg pain are back and i don't know of anything to blame but the activities that I did. I have been trying to think about the food that i did ate yesterday if it could have caused me arthritis but buko juice raises potassium level and it's home therapy for gout.

I already had 6 sessions of therapy at STI-De los Santos Megaclinic Rehabilitation Center for this neck pain (CHRONIC C5 RADICULOPATHY ON THE RIGHT, MILD)and another 6 sessions for the baker's cyst in my right leg and those pains did went away for a while until yesterday night. The service there is okay except that you just have to schedule your sessions in advance because of too many patients and insufficient therapists.  What's good though is that they are open even on sundays. All of their therapists are good except for a few that are really exceptional in the way that they really go the extra mile to make you comfortable, explains the procedure so you wouldn't be alarmed about the gadgets that will be attached to your body and how it will help your pain, and checks on you every so often during your session. If you go there  between 1pm to 4 pm, you'll probably catch the most accomodating ortho doctor there, Dr. Martinez.

Right now, I'll make do with my standard muscle pain reliever: efficascent oil, omega, pao and any other liniment that promises pain relief.  Most of them have the same ingredients anyway just different proportions.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Re-Potting, Re-Planting

Aj has make-up class today so she woke  up early.  Abby and Maggie were still sound asleep when I got up.  I have been planning on putting wood varnish on our bahay-kubo to protect it from decay but the decaying plants cannot seem to wait. Anyway, this is the kubo now after several days of non-stop rain so it seriously needs some varnish.  I painted a little bit in this side, the rest some other time.
 The gladiola above just recently bloomed.

This photo of the kubo was taken when it was fairly new so it's still shiny. The plants that i re-potted today are those below the orchids, i think they are of the bromeliad variety.  They are the type of plants that accumulate water on their leaves and might probably be breeding ground for mosquitos, so i am watching those plants closely.   Anyway, I wasn't the one who bought this the hubster did.  Found out also, that these plants grow on coconut husks so i am now resorting to buying buko just to have planting materials.  It's really a good thing, that a palengke is just nearby. 

 I noticed also some new growths on the bromeliad and thought that this might be the best time to re-pot and re-plant plants.  So I did that the whole morning and it felt very satisfying.  I will probably have to read up on gardening 101 and be familiar with some plants we have on our backyard.  We have a couple of orchids and I want those to really multiply so I might read up about orchids also.  But for now, I am glad I gave breathing space to some of the plants I don't know the name.  I will post pictures so hope you will leave comments if you do know them.


I don't particularly like plastic flowers.  Now that we have the luxury of space, the hubster has filled our frontyard with a multitude of flowering plants, I know nothing about.  Oh but i do know roses and sunflowers but i don't sweat if i know the variety. So long as it flowers, i embrace it.  There's something about flowers that lifts my mood.  These pictures of our blooms are fairly recent.  Enjoy it as i have..

I think, I may yet take up gardening.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kid flute vendor in Clark, really talented!

I have to share this video because this is going viral.

Notice the beatboxing, nice voice, galing galing! Do i need to say more?

Let me try the Blackberry

So, i didn't completely let go of my Samsung S7330 instead I gave it to Papa because he has been using my old Nokia cellphone.  I don't like throwing my old things, somehow I am sentimental like that.  Anyway, My officemate preferred Iphone 4 to his blackberry curve 9300 which he bought in January of this year at 16k. I bought it from him last march for only 10.5k.  Not bad since I am a very satisfied user for a phone which before I was only looking at a distance without any intention to buy at all.  But the hubster isn't so happy. He is  a blackberry user also and he told me i shouldn't buy second hand items. Well, that's that.

Anyway, what i particularly like about my blackberry is that it has wifi so I still can do facebook and twitter and even surf whenever there is wifi connection.  Without it, it is just like any ordinary phone.  However, globe has blackberry plan for postpaid users where for an additional P300 per month you can access facebook, twitter and surf anywhere even without wifi.If only , there's a free program similar to iphone's gps navigator that works for blackberry. That i will have to discover.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Online Math Tutorials for Kids

In my desire to make teaching math exciting, I googled online math tutorial and IXL website came up. After trying out the site along with their practice problem, I was convinced that this site is gonna help me teach math to Aj and abby.  The only setback is that it comes with a monthly subscription of $9.95 per month but hey i figured it is a good price to pay for the materials and site development alone.  So i signed up using my BDO virtual card.

The BDO virtual card is an extension of your BDO credit card only that it is used mainly for your online purchases.

Hot Chocolate and Puto Maya

I just found the greatest bargain at Market Market today. At the basement supermarket where the merienda food stalls were located, there is a stall that sells a glass of hot chocolate for 7 pesos and a serving of puto maya for the same price. So with only 14 pesos, i am transported to iligan market where i used to get up early in the morning to eat puto maya with chocolate.  It's delicious too, truly a bargain.  A glass of hot choco at dunkin donuts costs no less than 30 pesos.

There's nothing like puto maya and chocolate to remind me my other home in Iligan and still another in Bohol. I always stock up on tablea because we eat champorado on weekend mornings.  It has become a tradition that i started ever since we've relocated here.  I think it's good to have traditions, especially one that unites every one at the table. Champorado is easy to do but Puto Maya is not as easy so am just happy that Market Market is just a stone throw away.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


So rainy season is here which gives me a reason to indulge in my craving for melissa for a long time now. I went to Rustan's Shangrila the other day to check out the latest stock of Melissa shoes and unfortunately I found one I like. And bought. Which sets my savings back a couple of pesos. tsk tk

Yeah, this is regret you're reading because my newly bought Melissa shoes even though it looks extremely comfortable and beautiful, is actually painful when i wear it for long periods of time. I don't know why because when i tried it at Rustan's , the fit is just right even though the flats i liked was size 36 and I'm usually a size 37.

I really thought that the steep price i was paying for the flats was value for money because i will wear it almost everyday that it will rain and it's going to last for a long time since it's made of moulded soft plastic. So now, i bought Johnsons and Johnsons band aids so that i won't have blisters on my feet when i wear my Melissa flats.

I could just have bought imitation flats that costs 250 pesos instead. I got this image from Polyvore which sells melissas on line. It is the exact image of what i bought except mine was nude all through out including the bow. 

Don't get me wrong, I think that Melissa have beautiful products, i just don't think it's practical to wear them on a daily basis as per my experience. I won't mind paying for something expensive as long as i get to wear it comfortably. Mine is really beautiful though, sayang lang.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random thougts

Sometimes while waiting in line at kfc, I get bits of wisdom disguised as random thoughts. So am thinking its gonna be lonely when my parents will leave for Iligan. And the thought brings a hint of melancholy and the threat of tears. But am in a middle of a frenzy meal ordering mass, so the threat subsides.

But we move on, we always do. Perhaps the moving on takes sometime for some, others do not dwell on it that there never was evidence that we miss the presence of love ones.

Who was it who said "parting is such a sweet sorrow?" Hits the nail right on the head. Growing up entails a lot of going away and coming back, ending somethings and starting new ones,knowing what can be done and admitting that you have done all you could.

Why this thoughts? I'd really want my parents to stay with us on a longer basis. But the family home is in Iligan and my place is with the husband. And tumoultous it may be living here in the big city, I can say that I am where I should be and happy to be. But, yeah I will miss my parents.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Driving Again

So i finally got the nerve to drive all the way from Bonifacio Global City to Pasay where star city is located. It's Abby's birthday today and last week was Aj's and tomorrow my parents and sister will go back home to Iligan, i figured they needed to see some of manila's landmarks. The kids especially have been wanting to go back to star city for the longest time. My parents haven't been there also. It was supposed to be yesterday but i had a terrible headache that lasted for as long as i was lying in bed. It wouldn't do. When i work, they just stay at home. Not that they were complaining.

So i prayed and read the map over and over again searching for the most direct route. One thing gets validated: what you can conceive, you can achieve. In my case, with a lot of time pouring over manila street maps and a lot of prayers. I guess, it's no big deal for most of you. I lived in iligan for most of my life and although i live here for more than 2 years now, i still am a probinsyana at heart. I have not been driving in a long time like probably 3 years since I was behind the wheel and never in the big city. I have my share of vehicular mishap stories to tell one of which involved destroying my mama's face. So getting behind the wheel and driving again takes so much courage from me. Extending that to driving around metro manila's busiest like Edsa,C5, Gil Puyat,sidestreets full of tricycles and cities with flyovers,underpasses, uturns and traffic well it raises the anxiety to a much higher level. But as with everything else, with practice and lots of prayer, resolve and determination, one finds the task easier and less daunting.

So anyway, with my family in tow i took the gil puyat and reached star city with only one stop and that is only for gas and my tires checked. Somehow, i already knew that star city opens at 2pm so again i braved diosdado macapagal highway and went to mall of asia to have lunch. Actually, i first did a drive around just to get an idea where to park. Also for my return route, i chose edsa cause again its the most direct.

It is kind of exhilarating when one conquer one's fear. Or getting out of one's comfort zone. For one thing, it builds confidence. I admit i am not the most confident of person. Nor ambitious. I think that there is something about ambition that keeps a person struggle to prove so much, takes on lots of challenges, forever staying out of comfort zones just to achieve and the process in turn gives him or her so much confidence and self-belief.

So, i am driving again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One more time UCPB

In an earlier post, I wrote about how customer service sucks at UCPB-San Miguel branch. A few months after having blogged about it, a bank officer called me up and apologized. So it was forgotten already but what's definitely good about it is that there is now a change to how they process over the counter withdrawal concerning accounts opened at other branches and withdrawn from another.  I haven't actually gone back to UCPB-San Miguel since UCPB-shangrila is more convenient for me now. 

When I went to UCPB-Shangrila to make an over the counter withdrawal, it took me less than 15 minutes less when there's fewer people. Apparently, they already view signatures online and only asks for two valid identification cards and presto you get what you came for. They did away with faxing the withdrawal slip to your branch to verify the signature or waiting for the confirmation to be faxed back. Major major improvement in processing time! And by the way, the tellers are more approachable in a way that they don't look too pretty, too made up  or too snobbish that intimadates you from asking questions about your account. Well, it matters to me that tellers should be approachable! They hardly serve with a smile but as long as they are polite and attends to my needs immediately, that's enough for me.

There's just one thing that noticed my attention though: last week when i went there, an old lady asked the UCPB guard his name before going out. Apparently, the lady got miffed because the guard has a habit of looking over the shoulder of customers filling out forms.  Guards should really not do that even when their intention is to be available just in case the customers need help.  Keep a respectful distance. Customers will ask if and when they need help.

So anyway, I am more than satisfied with how UCPB-Shangrila serves.

Fear Factor

I really could do more things if I am not held back by fear.  I could go explore new places,  bring visiting love ones to tourist destinations.  As it is, my fear of getting lost or violating traffic laws has limited me to go to familiar places.  I really should fight fear else it will dominate me in every aspect of my life.  And that is not the way to live life.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rebond experience at Freshaire

June 24, 2011

The sporadic rain brought about by tropical storm Falcon brought down my office building's main circuit breaker and so we did not have power.  We also did not subscribe to the generator's service so we  really can't do anything.  As I was the only one who went in early, i texted my officemates and my boss kindly replied that I should go home anymore since nobody really intended to work that day.  Typhoon tends to make everyone lazy.

And so this could be the oppurtunity to have my hair done, as in rebond.  Rebonding takes at least 5 hours and the mall was still closed so i had breakfast at Jollibee.  Better to put food in my tummy first, there's no telling what time I would have lunch. So I had this:

The only question i asked the hairdresser was if the products they are using was free of formaldehyde.  They said only Loreal is free of that and so I went with that.

I should have posted a before and after photo no? I will have to find two in my chest of photos and post it in here.  The attendant(forgot the name again since this post was several days late) was really nice and very thorough with her services.  Nice one.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marciano Lagria aka Lolo Anoy

I am not a direct descendant. Lolo Anoy as he was fondly called was the older brother of my paternal grandmother.  He was a handsome man but more than that he was a good man. He brought up very fine daughters, women i admired even when it's at a distance. When I think of him, I think of happier times because every time I see him it was always in Bohol where for me was always where my childhood vacations were spent. In fact when my grandparents were alive, he would always come by our house and just chat a bit with my Lola or when Yaya Ladie was sick , i remembered he would go into Yaya's room and ask how she was doing and comfort her. He never did talk to me for long, it was just pangumusta.  But I value those snippets of conversation and memories because i felt I belonged to a bigger family.  It was always comforting to have grandparents, at least in my experience.

When my Lola Bene' and Lolo Juan and Yaya Ladie was still alive, I still can feel the filial bond that ties me with Bohol.  I still feel it now although not as much as it was before. Somehow over the years, and the passing of these three people whom i love has diminished my affinity for Bohol.  Because the happiest parts of my childhood, the vacation parts were spent almost always with them, in Bohol. It's a sad thing really because I still know some people back there and they are my extended family, one way or another. And now Lolo Anoy is gone also.  So at least for me an era was gone with his passing. Wala nay katigulangan sa Bohol.

Rest in Peace Lolo Anoy..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Body Aches and what have you's

I don't really know what is happening with my body.  Is this a reaction because of a loveone going away ? I am neurotic that way. Perhaps the parting is causing these aches in my body that somehow i just feel now or perhaps it's only now that i have allowed myself to feel it.

It has been a long time since i have exercised. Or even danced. Seriously, i need to have activity aside from walking. I also need to lose at least five pounds.  I also need to be healed of my hyperacidity. So what should I do? I seemed to have pulled it off before, losing weight to just being 105 pounds.  I lost appetite but I do not want to become that person who was always afraid of what was happening with my body and thinking about diseases that was not there.

I am not getting any younger and I truly would like to look up to Jeniffer Aniston and all other gals who are fabulous at forty. And one thing that they have been doing is taking good care of their body by exercising. Hmnn, so am going to do that. And controlling what i eat or rather portions.  But right about now, all i can think about is how delicious it would be to eat a bananacue.  O self-control, where art thou?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Sometime April, the battery on our vehicle gave up.  We needed immediate replacement. It's a good thing there's already this service pioneered by Motolite:

After about 45 minutes, the delivery/technician arrived at our doorstep and attached the new battery. Panalo!

Under the weather lately

These past few days, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. Don't know. Probably because it is that time of  month when hormones rage.  My legs bother me constantly especially at night. I put pillows under it, put pain relievers like efficascent oil and salonpas patches.  Sometimes, it helps sometimes it doesn't.  I've been to the ortho doc to have it checked liked last year but he said i'll probably just need to have to walk and stretch more than usual.  I did that. I usually walk going to work and going home but it's still there.  I don't wanna take pain relievers all the time because it's not really the solution. Just this week, been to the megaclinic ortho again and this time I was entertained by Dr. Martinez who prescribed me myonal , a muscle relaxant to ease my stiff neck, back and shoulder pains.  I was also given 6 sessions of physical therapy, it's just that my first session will be on June 6 pa because the therapists are fully booked already.  He was really nice and very accomodating. If you ever need to see an ortho for your pains, you might want to ask for Dr.  Martinez whose schedule is from 12-4. I digress,I will have to say that it really pays to be employed by a company with a good health card as benefit.  As for us, we are under Icare and so far all my consultations and my children are free.

Anyway, just yesterday i finished the last tablet of omepron which is supposed to cure or at least control my hyperacidity.  Also, I still have to start on taking the antibiotics prescribed by my obgyne.  This morning when i stepped on the scale i tipped at past 120 lbs when I should have been below it.  My target is 115 lbs but i do not seem to be getting headway on losing pounds.  I figured if i could lose just 5 pounds, I will be able to reduce my waist measurement.  Really it matters to me. But what i lack in control, I also lack in resolve. Hayy..What is happening to me.  Probably have something to do with the husband going overseas for work.

I had a haircut but it didn't give me the confidence boost that i expected.  But  it's ok.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let there be Sun

When we transferred to our "New" home, we were shopping for a reliable internet connection.  We initially applied with PLDT's MyDSL but we were told that there is no spot yet available in our area, the same response that we got from Globe.  We did try Wi-tribe, they allowed us to bring home a kit overnight for us to try but because it was Holy Week we had the option to returned it Saturday morning. We had 3-days to try if we have good signal but there was absolutely none.

When we went to Edsa Shangrila to return the Wi-tribe kit, we passed by Sun's store.

 We immediately signed up, brought the unit home and now we have become Sun subscribers, at least for the internet. It's not as fast as we want it to be, but it will have to do for the meantime.  It allows us surfing sites, social networking, some online gaming, a bit of downloading for P799 per month.

Some of the photos i took while waiting for them to verify my credit card which took so long we ended up paying cash anyway.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mighty Ambuklao

One of the things I liked about the husband is his spontaneity.  Most of our travels are spur-of-the-moment decisions like when we are invited to friends' birthdays, baptismal, even funeral and weddings.  Usually though, our trips to Baguio are made to show family and friends Baguio itself. This time we went there to sort of treat  two of his friends who has helped in the repair of our home through their time and efforts in painting and doing a bit of carpentry works Sande and Laping.  Sande brought with him his wife and their baby. Laping's girlfriend was not able to come with us because of a prior commitment.

We had lunch at Coran Ihaw-Ihaw in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.  We dropped by our previous landlady, the owner of the apartment we had rented in Mandaluyong to get our deposit. She was glad to have us for a visit.

So we stayed again at what has become our favorite inn , The Villa Princess Theresa along 221 Session Road.  They have a family room(P2,500) with 2 queen size beds, clean bathrooms with heater plus big enough space for extra beds.

We could have found a cheaper alternative by renting an apartment on a daily basis where we could do our own cooking but it does not make sense if we stay only overnight. Still,  we did get value for our money at this inn. So we toured Baguio and got lots of photos and on our way back the husband decided we take the Ambuklao Road because we haven't pass that road yet.

Well , the road to Ambuklao is zigzagged and stopped only when we descended onwards to Nueva Vizcaya.  our travel companions who were seated at the back of the fortuner were dazed and didn't enjoy the view. Maggie, our youngest threw up and i had to change clothes. As for the rest of us, we wondered at how mightly Ambuklao was and how magnificent God's creation is! We stopped just barely to take in the beauty of Ambuklao and then proceeded to Nueva Vizcaya and arrived at past 2 in the afternoon. We visited a friend of the husband, sang a few songs on the karaoke and travelled on to manila arriving just past midnight.  All credit to husband's driving and to God Almighty's Guiding Hands. We did this in less than 48 hours, yes that's the kind of road trip we do, almost always in the road. :)