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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Of Painful Legs and Other Concerns

I've never been the sporty type. Truth of the matter is, my wii fitness age just goes back to 80 from a hight of 78. I'm thinking this because I Have so many aches and you could even say that my favorite nighttime lotion was efficascent oil. Yup, that's true until I read an article about mythel salicylate being poisonous and therefor harmful over time especially when applied all over the body and with cover. So now, as much as I can endure, I don't use it anymore.

Can't sleep. I don't know why. I mean, i've never really been a sleeper. The most number of hours that i have nowadays straight is 3. I used to be able to sleep soundly for 5 houts when the husband was around. Guess, too much on my mind. And i did nap late this afternoon. It didn't help that my right leg is bothering me again. It feels so good to stretch my legs and massage it. And I am also bothered by the fact that i feel this involuntary muscle twitch everywhere in my arms and legs. What is happening to me?

At any rate, I am still thankful to God despite all these concerns. I just have to yack about it, let it out of my system. After all, there is really so much to be thankful about. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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