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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tummy Aches and Vomiting WhenYou're 5

Sunday morning around 6 , i woke up to Maggie crying in pain.  She also vomited in bed.  After about 4 vomits later and persistent cry of pain in her stomach, i brought her to the emergency department of Makati Medical Center.  She was injected with Plasil and then about 45 minutes later Benadryl for the vomiting.   Around lunch time we were told to go home without any diagnostic procedures done apparently because, it won't show in the results because it would still be very early.  She was prescribed with Pedialite and hydrite after, e-zinc.  Sometimes, the tummy aches disappear and then comes back but what was consistent was that she would throw up even with just a sip of the hydrite or pedialite.

Since we were told to follow up with her pedia, i had her checked again monday morning with a cocolife accredited pediatrician Dr. Rita Dolendo who specializes in Neonatology.  Had i insisted to have Maggie checked by Dr. Avancena, i would have to shell out for the medical expenses because she's not accredited by cocolife.  Anyway, Dr. Dolendo wanted her admitted because she was weak which was probably due to dehydration. And so here she is ...,
She was visited later in the day by her 2 elder sisters and as expected it was noisy for a time.
Until it was time to go, and it was quite and she misses them.  I miss not seeing Amir who still breastfeeds.  Maggie is a little bit her normal self now and i pray we can go home already.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We're at it again...

We are fighting cancer again. More specifically Papa's cancer is back. It's not anymore Leukemia which i think is still one more thing to be grateful. It is colo-rectal cancer.  He has already been operated and is now using a colostomy bag.  He is also currently undergoing cycle 1 of chemotherapy.

It is a very exhausting.  Not that I am complaining.  I suppose, this is me just letting out steam.  God has always been gracious in that throughout our troubles, He has managed to make things a little bit easier for us to bear.  He has provided us with a distant relative in the person of Dr. Tagab who manages Papa's cancer surgery and chemotherapy almost for free but for a very minimal fee.  Other doctors will charge  an arm and a leg for their services and i understand why they would and Dr. Tagab certainly could and yet he has helped us by lowering his fees.  I would forever be thankful for that and for all friends and relatives who are helping us.