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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rebond experience at Freshaire

June 24, 2011

The sporadic rain brought about by tropical storm Falcon brought down my office building's main circuit breaker and so we did not have power.  We also did not subscribe to the generator's service so we  really can't do anything.  As I was the only one who went in early, i texted my officemates and my boss kindly replied that I should go home anymore since nobody really intended to work that day.  Typhoon tends to make everyone lazy.

And so this could be the oppurtunity to have my hair done, as in rebond.  Rebonding takes at least 5 hours and the mall was still closed so i had breakfast at Jollibee.  Better to put food in my tummy first, there's no telling what time I would have lunch. So I had this:

The only question i asked the hairdresser was if the products they are using was free of formaldehyde.  They said only Loreal is free of that and so I went with that.

I should have posted a before and after photo no? I will have to find two in my chest of photos and post it in here.  The attendant(forgot the name again since this post was several days late) was really nice and very thorough with her services.  Nice one.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marciano Lagria aka Lolo Anoy

I am not a direct descendant. Lolo Anoy as he was fondly called was the older brother of my paternal grandmother.  He was a handsome man but more than that he was a good man. He brought up very fine daughters, women i admired even when it's at a distance. When I think of him, I think of happier times because every time I see him it was always in Bohol where for me was always where my childhood vacations were spent. In fact when my grandparents were alive, he would always come by our house and just chat a bit with my Lola or when Yaya Ladie was sick , i remembered he would go into Yaya's room and ask how she was doing and comfort her. He never did talk to me for long, it was just pangumusta.  But I value those snippets of conversation and memories because i felt I belonged to a bigger family.  It was always comforting to have grandparents, at least in my experience.

When my Lola Bene' and Lolo Juan and Yaya Ladie was still alive, I still can feel the filial bond that ties me with Bohol.  I still feel it now although not as much as it was before. Somehow over the years, and the passing of these three people whom i love has diminished my affinity for Bohol.  Because the happiest parts of my childhood, the vacation parts were spent almost always with them, in Bohol. It's a sad thing really because I still know some people back there and they are my extended family, one way or another. And now Lolo Anoy is gone also.  So at least for me an era was gone with his passing. Wala nay katigulangan sa Bohol.

Rest in Peace Lolo Anoy..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Body Aches and what have you's

I don't really know what is happening with my body.  Is this a reaction because of a loveone going away ? I am neurotic that way. Perhaps the parting is causing these aches in my body that somehow i just feel now or perhaps it's only now that i have allowed myself to feel it.

It has been a long time since i have exercised. Or even danced. Seriously, i need to have activity aside from walking. I also need to lose at least five pounds.  I also need to be healed of my hyperacidity. So what should I do? I seemed to have pulled it off before, losing weight to just being 105 pounds.  I lost appetite but I do not want to become that person who was always afraid of what was happening with my body and thinking about diseases that was not there.

I am not getting any younger and I truly would like to look up to Jeniffer Aniston and all other gals who are fabulous at forty. And one thing that they have been doing is taking good care of their body by exercising. Hmnn, so am going to do that. And controlling what i eat or rather portions.  But right about now, all i can think about is how delicious it would be to eat a bananacue.  O self-control, where art thou?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Sometime April, the battery on our vehicle gave up.  We needed immediate replacement. It's a good thing there's already this service pioneered by Motolite:

After about 45 minutes, the delivery/technician arrived at our doorstep and attached the new battery. Panalo!

Under the weather lately

These past few days, I have been feeling a bit under the weather. Don't know. Probably because it is that time of  month when hormones rage.  My legs bother me constantly especially at night. I put pillows under it, put pain relievers like efficascent oil and salonpas patches.  Sometimes, it helps sometimes it doesn't.  I've been to the ortho doc to have it checked liked last year but he said i'll probably just need to have to walk and stretch more than usual.  I did that. I usually walk going to work and going home but it's still there.  I don't wanna take pain relievers all the time because it's not really the solution. Just this week, been to the megaclinic ortho again and this time I was entertained by Dr. Martinez who prescribed me myonal , a muscle relaxant to ease my stiff neck, back and shoulder pains.  I was also given 6 sessions of physical therapy, it's just that my first session will be on June 6 pa because the therapists are fully booked already.  He was really nice and very accomodating. If you ever need to see an ortho for your pains, you might want to ask for Dr.  Martinez whose schedule is from 12-4. I digress,I will have to say that it really pays to be employed by a company with a good health card as benefit.  As for us, we are under Icare and so far all my consultations and my children are free.

Anyway, just yesterday i finished the last tablet of omepron which is supposed to cure or at least control my hyperacidity.  Also, I still have to start on taking the antibiotics prescribed by my obgyne.  This morning when i stepped on the scale i tipped at past 120 lbs when I should have been below it.  My target is 115 lbs but i do not seem to be getting headway on losing pounds.  I figured if i could lose just 5 pounds, I will be able to reduce my waist measurement.  Really it matters to me. But what i lack in control, I also lack in resolve. Hayy..What is happening to me.  Probably have something to do with the husband going overseas for work.

I had a haircut but it didn't give me the confidence boost that i expected.  But  it's ok.