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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My eyes want to sleep but thougts are whirling in my brain. That and my right leg is acting up again. I'd really like a massage right now, that would help me sleep. The discomfort on my right side just below the breast bone is bothering me, conjoring not fearful thoughts. Haah. Dear God, please help me. Heal me.

Always at a cost

I've been thinking about how fortunate we are to have found this place we have now that we call home. Fortunate in the sense that we found a place that's right within Metro Manila, in Makati nonetheless where residents have better benefits in comparison, the cost of which is within our budget, and there is ample space for a garden. For those of us who have been living in the city, we always appreciate space because it's an expensive commodity. Of course, if you are super rich it would not be a problem. Infact, nothing would be a problem if you have the money. But to us who belongs to the working class who depends on loans to be able to acquire properties, it is terribly difficult to find such a place. One could buy properties in the outskirts of metro manila with sufficient frontyard for a garden at a price we could consider affordable.

So anyway, you'd ask at what cost? Let me just say with a lot of headaches. We didn't know it would be this hard to purchase a property the title of which has not yet been transferred to the heirs. We are still working on it now and it is still giving us headaches since the bank is taking it's time releasing the Proceeds of the loan. But i refuse to let it affect me. I can always pray.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lets Face It

I had a whole body massage at Let's Face It - SM Megamall for an hour which costs 560. I specifically asked the therapist to use only soft massage since i've been feeling pain on my right ribcage or somewhere there for sometime now. I prefer aromatic oils to lotion and i didn't bother to ask what the oil was coz i liked it anyway. It seemed like a combination of lavender and peppermint. The massage is good but i would have liked it if she concentrated more on the upper back and the shoulders. Perhaps, i should have extended the session just for the hands. I specially liked the 3 rolls of hot towels they give at the end of the massage since i used them for hot compress on my feet and hands.

It is expensive compared to massages offered outside of malls. Hanuel Spa located at acacia lane in mandaluyong offers body massage at 250 only inclusive of shower and sauna. Am just not sure though if they change beddings after every massage. Maybe they do, yet the last time i went there i felt itchy. Also, Asian Massage offers the same service whether in their various branches or at home at the same cost 250. But the last time i called them up there was no reply, hence.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Thanks for the ithings. It has helped me through some of my rough days. Now, i am sharing the joys of the Ipod with my children.

40 Dream Destinations

I'm sort of in a roll to write today and for sometime now i have been thinking of writing a piece on the places I would like for me and my family to go to. Originally, i thought of it as places to go before turning forty but well, oppurtunity and money wise, it wasn't possible. So instead, the following places are the ones I would like to visit together with my family(eventhough some of those i already visited myself) after all it would only be half as much fun if i do visit these places alone.

1. Rome, Italy

2. France

3. London, UK

4. Spain

5. Palawan, Philippines

6. New York, USA

7. Washington DC,USA

8. Seoul,South Korea

9. Tokyo, Japan

10. Thailand

11. Hongkong

12. Singapore

13. Scotland

14. San Francisco, California

15. Los Angeles, California

16. Washington State

17. Incheon, South Korea

18. Nice, France

19. Malaysia

20. Copenhagen, Denmark

21. Germany

22. Taj mahal, india

23. Ho chi minh, Vietnam

24. Boracay

25. Iloilo

26. Camiguin

27. Cebu

28. Bohol

29. Disneyland, anywhere

30. Florida

31. Davao

32. Thailand

33. Dubai

34. Grand Canyon (USA)

35. Niagara Falls, Canada

36. Australia

37. Amsterdam

38. Great Wall, China

39. Rio de janeiro, Brazil

40. Las Vegas

My basis for choosing each of those places are arbitrary. Some of those i have included are infact world famous destinations while others are settings of novels i have read. I am already exciting to embark on our first place on my list!

Murder of Mila Dumaguit

I was at Makati City Hall yesterday to process much-needed documents and so i personally witness the place a-buzzed with the death by ambush of asst. Administrator(?) of makati social welfare department. Whatever department you go to, there were groups of 3 or 4 huddled in the corner or in someone else's desks talking in hushed tone about the incident. The noon time mass was offered for her soul and the safety of her driver who was said to be still alive but in critical condition.

Indeed, there are many reasons that will drive a man to kill but in her case what could it be? Why kill a 52 year old woman who is not even the head of a department? I heard snippets of conversations yesterday about possible motives which probably why am writing about it now. A case of wanting to immitate murder she wrote but failing miserably. News stories about her fail to write if she left a husband and children or any family she had. It is time, news should be comprehensive in its reporting.

Whatever the reason, i do hope that she gets the justice due her and may she still rest in peace.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

40 and Fabulous

It's not everyday that you get to turn the big 40 and so i took the day off from work. Well, not exactly the whole day because i did went to the Assesor's office at makati city hall, gah but that's another post.

So I attended the 6 o'clock mass as was my birthday tradition eversince and got singularly blessed because Father Roy asked if there is someone who is celebrating their birthday that day and only i was raising my hand. I walked all the way from the back pew to the front to be blessed and got a round of applause from all the other church-goers. I chose to think that God made that for me because I was secretly hoping that the hubster would atleast give me flowers to surprise me or whatever never mind that he's million of miles away working on a ship drifting at sea. I suppose, it never came to his mind to surprise me knowing it's my 40th and all. But then that is not cause for despair and i chose instead to treasure his message to me. Be that as it may, i resolve to look at the brighter side of things now.

These 40 something celebrities like gwyneth paltrow and jennifer aniston inspire me to also take concrete steps to be fabulous. I declare that I will be a better and sexier version of me now. He he kidding aside, looking good also makes me feel good. Now is the time that i will make use of make up to my advantage, the barely there type that is. Choose outfits carefully which accentuates my best features and hides the flabbies. He he. And it is now the time to work on regularizing any physical fitness that i can think of. At the very least, i need to shed off 5 pounds.

Beyond that, God is simply amazing. When i looked back and contemplate on what i went through, there is nothing but gratefulness in my heart in God for the people in my life, my family mostly the husband and my three pretty daughters, my parents and aunt, my sisters. I was never big with friends but with the little that i have, these are the nicest set of friends anyone can ask for. It helped a lot that i get to work with nice people too. Next to people, i'd say I am fortunate that i have work and work that i actually enjoy never mind the fact that it involves accounting for money that is not my own. And answered prayer requests ranging from good health to pacifying inner demons to everything in-between that makes life interesting. So, i am really just thankful. To God.

It is true that when you take everything as if it is a miracle rather than part of everyday routine, you'll have a more sense of calm and awe. Well, there are days when the blues come a-visiting but largely for the most part, it is up to you how you take things. This mindset will probably help me on the road to a more fabulous life.

So anyway, people say 40 is the new 30. I think that is true. I find grey hairs every now and then but i don't feel old at all. Perhaps old is just a mindset no?Madonna doesn't look like she's aging. Demi Moore also. These are the pop icons of my youth and so i naturally admire them for cultivating the youthful attitude. I hope, i do not sound vain or that i put too much emphasis on the physical. Not at all. I am only blabbing on something that has taken a backseat before. I was never that concern for physical appearances and so now,i'm just saying it also helps if you're look good and fit.

That said, i say yes to a more fabulous life.