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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Asked For It You Know

You totally deserve it if you're suffering right now. I mean, really acting shy but really sly. Feeling good about yourself, and thinking everything is just fine. But then, what can we expect? Your mother was just like you, and your sister's are not really models of good behavior themselves. The only good thing that lifted you out of the muck was your husband and your children. But you endangered that when you chose to have warmth on your bed over your own family and honor. Hopefully, you've learned your lesson. Time has a way of exposing frauds like you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

50 Shades of Good in The Walking Dead

I used to avoid watching horror movies back in the days. In fact, i would scoff at others who like watching those scary movies especially zombies. I mean, what for ? Why would someone watch something that's gory and unreal and dead bodies coming to life again in a bad way because they are going to eat you? What lesson can you possibly get from watching scary movies except to make you already fearful of life?

Well, in one of those downtimes where i had nothing better to do, i decided to watched The Walking Dead intending to just scan through the video. What do you know, i was hooked. And so does my husband and my sister. The series has currently 3 seasons and the midyear season premier of season 3 has about the biggest viewers so far on television. I can't exactly pinpoint the fascination! It could be because the viewer is compelled to root for these people to survive. The mix of conflicts and emotions and goodness prevailing despite all the ugliness that the characters encountered is just so varied and real despite everything being so unreal. There's a lot of goodness in the various characters too in differing shades. I like Rick and Glenn but you can not help but fall in love with Daryl. He is just good in a rough sort of way, someone who sticks it out. I don't know. The writers on this series are pretty amazing. Can't wait for the next episode.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

When Dreams Are These Scary

I woke up these morning coughing. I remember dreaming that i was in a beach house with my daughters. At first the see was so calm and then on the horizon i saw a bunch of white clouds hovering near the surface of the sea and getting to us a little bit faster. They seem to have little feet to prance on the water and come to us. At first , i said it looks like a scene from the life of pi where the sea was so calm and then a tsunami just hit us but miraculously we were not harmed. Acting out fast, i grabbed my 3 daughters and walked out of the beach house and ran inwards towards higher ground. When i look back i saw that there was going to be another monstrous wave coming towards us that when i saw a tree house, i sent my 2 eldest scampering towards the tree house and slung over my shoulder maggie so we could climb faster. When we got to the top, i could not remember where my cellphone was so i could call my husband who was waiting on the other side of the street. I was going to tell him where we were so he wouldn't worry. That's when i saw 2 glasses of water and that i just notice that the tree house was already occupied by kids who seemed to be eating and moments later their father went up and brought food. I woke up shortly after that because i seemed to be so tired from running and i was coughing.

I certainly hope, that dream was just a product of watching too many movies. I was certainly shaken to the point that i'm blogging about it. It is scary having to face calamities or life threatening situations with only you and your children. Oh well, God is mightier than all these fears. So, i won't think about that kind of dream any more and just lift it all to The Almighty.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet Tom

We have a new member in the family that came to us early January of this year, Tom. Tom is a mixed Labrador puppy that i asked sight unseen from my officemate last year. According to her, the mother gave birth to a brood of ten all black and the owners are unwilling to care for so many dogs. Tom's name is short for Itom, Visayan word for black.

We have been feeding him from the bottle but he much rather lick it from the saucer than suck. Now, he already eats pretty much what we eat.