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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Musical Fountain Show @ Manila Ocean Park

We really enjoyed the musical fountain show at Manila Ocean Park tonight. I saw the promo at metrodeal which sells the 30-minute spectacular of lights, sounds, water fountain and fireworks for only Php 150 per head. Since my parents and siblings were coming to manila in july, this would be a good show for them and for the kids. I actually was lining up on activities for them to go to so that their time here won't be spent entirely at home.

We actually left home about 3:30 pm just to give allowance for traffic. Indeed, when we were at the southdrive of tm kalaw for the entrance to the park, we were stuck for a time. Somebody told us to just go in through the Manila Hotel entrance. Even there, it still took us sometime because there was a nationwide gathering of couples for Christ.

Anyway, we were allowed to get onside the viewing area around 6:30 pm already and were quite pleasantly surprised that everyone of us who watched the show was given a raincoat.

I won't spoil everything by giving you a minute by minute account of the show but let me just assure you that it will be fun in a simple, unexpected kind of way.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Face It!

I will never be a beauty. Certainly, i could go to treatment salons and undergo those expensive treatments but even after all those things, i'd still be me physically. Well, my face would probably be a little bit fairer with less pimple scars or that my over all akin toned will become whiter.

I will never be able to eclipse someone born beautiful with all these beauty treatments. Still, i have to try. No, not eclipse them. But i need to try to bring out whatever best feature in me physically. You could say that's a bit shallow. And it probably is. But it's no longer enough for me to be comfortable with what i have. And it isn't a crime to improve yourself. As to what limit of improvement, you can do for yourself that is up to you.

Let's face it is a cheaper alternative. Facial Care Centre would have been my choice but it is very expensive. I don't know about Belo. So yes, i'l probably give Belo a try one of these days.

I Wonder

I truly wonder why there are people who do the most hateful of things yet act as if they are the offended party!

What is it about sweet and shy and seemingly religious married women turning out to be having an affair with equally married men?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Self control vs integrity

I doubt if you need much self-control if you have integrity right? If you're a person possess of integrity, i doubt that you will be in a possession where you need to put your self-control to a test. If temptation comes knocking at your door, you don't open it right? You run the opposite direction!

Or then again, if you have self control you must have tons of self control. How can one live without values and ideals? What makes a person so depraved and corrupt as to plan evil and bring so much unhappiness especially to those closest to him?