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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How do you turn it off?

I miss my husband very much. Or this is just me coping with all the stress work has given me. I am not complaining about my work mind you, just that i haven't been able to tell somebody close to me how stressful it is to work for two companies at the same time.

I don't know. Maybe this is something hormonal. I do know that if the husband is here i sleep 5 hours straight, nows i usually get only 3 at the most. I'm feeling sick. My back aches all the time. I feel like vomiting now. And i think the muscles in both arms shivers.

I hope the husband comes home soon. I pray that he finds another company whose ships have internet so we can communicate all the time. I hope he finds another company who will appreciate the man that he is.

I pray he is safe and healthy whereever he is this moment. I pray the same prayer for myself, for each of my daughters, for every member of my family. Amen.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Visita Iglesia

Since transferring to our home here in Makati last year, we started a tradition of visiting churches for each of the stations of the cross. Last year, we started around 8pm on holy thursday and got home just about 2am. This year,  we started a little after 1pm since I will be the one driving and we are not really familiar with all the streets here in makati and manila area.  Luckily, the husband has a friend who has become like a brother to us and who went with us on our visita iglesia. 

I have already picked the churches ahead so that the trip wouldn't take us too long going around but when we can't locate the ones we originally intended to visit, we discovered other churches instead which are nearer.  Earlier that day, i have been  complaining of irritable bowel syndrome and stomach flu and my aunt has been disuading me on doing visiting 14 churches. Ordinarily,it would have been easier to just give in anyway i had a perfect excuse but thankfully, I didn't.  It wouldn't have been as fulfilling. Well, with my ibs and stomach cramps it's actually more like a wait-and-see attitude. I prayed that i get healed so that we can finally do our visita iglesia.Also for a safe and uneventful one. And God answers prayers so we were good to go.

So here's the churches that we visited this year:

1.  St. John of The Cross
     Pembo, Makati

2.  San Roque Parish

3.  Mater Dolorosa Parish
     East Rembo

4.  Santuario de San Antonio
     Mc kinley Road

5.  St. John Bosco Parish
     Pasay Road cor. Amorsolo

6.  The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart
     Bagtikan St. Makati

7.  Our Lady of La Paz Church
     Onyx, Makati

8.  Holy Cross Parish
     Nazario, Makati

9.  Holy Family Parish
     Faraday St., Makati

10.Malate Catholic Church

11. Ermita Shrine

12.Our Lady of the Assumption Parish
     Actually, we didn't find this one on Quirino Ave. cor Asuncion but instead we found St. Andrews Church

13. St. Francis Church
      St. Francis St., Mandaluyong City

14.  Sacred Heart Parish
       Acacia Lane, Mandaluyong City

It was already past 8pm when we were done with the last station and so we just drove-thru Jollibee Acacia Lane for our dinner and got home to a very lonely Metal who was incredibly happy to see us.