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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My phone is starting to give up on me..

Just last sunday evening, i found out that my phone's speaker doesn't work anymore and so does the camera.  I can still use it to call and be called if it is attached to the headset so it really is still usable but i have no camera to capture those bloggable moments.

It's a pity because i really like my phone, the samsung s7330.  It takes clear enough pictures and i have had no complaints so far with regards to reception and internet connection.  In fact, it's my main tool for taking photos and updating my social network accounts and so it really is more than a phone to me.  I am thinking of having it repaired.  However, if it's beyond repair i already have mobile prospects in mind. Or i can choose to stick with it and just buy  a cheaper digital camera that works underwater.  Which do you think is a better option?

 Hubby has a blackberry courtesy of his employer and hsbc has a 0% installment plan for it but I am not so inclined to get one.  If i get this prepaid, it costs less than P 14,000. Ouch!
This beauty from my!phone is dual sim and costs only PhP 5,990 and is feature-packed.  Infact it claims to do what blackberry does in a cheaper manner.  I like this one better if only it comes in red. It boasts of a 3.2 megapixel camera, bluetooth connectivity, and wifi.  What else would you need? 

But really i have been itching to buy an underwater camera for sometime.  Not that, i have any plans of scuba diving soon.  My children are mermaids.  Abby particularly, sometimes wears her pink necklace, touches it and says " I want to be human." During our ferry boat rides from liloan ,leyte to lipata, surigao city when we were sailing beneath the stars and i told them to make a wish because i saw a shooting star, they wished that they become mermaids.  And i told them to shut up( He he).  Good parenting huh?! Seriously, they take to water like ducks. If it were upto me, i would spend every other weekend near a body of water just so they would really swim and play to their hearts content.  So an underwater camera would really be a dream right?

According to Kyle Schurman of, the G5WP includes 12.2 megapixels of resolution, a 4X optical zoom lens, a 2.7-inch LCD, and the ability to shoot video at a limited resolution. The G5WP measures only 0.8 inches in thickness, and its lens does not extend outside the camera body. With an expected price of about $180, which is about the same price shown in SM Appliance cemter, the G5WP is one of the least expensive waterproof point and shoot cameras you'll find. The G5WP is available in three stylish colors: Graphite gray, ocean blue, and raspberry red.


  1. Ano po unit nung my|phone?

  2. Hi, i wrote this a long time ago that i forgot already the myphone unit. But If I may suggest, get the samsung punch because it is also dual sim and is being sold at the same price around 5K plus samsung has the track record of producing quality products.

  3. hi there,do you have any suggestions on nice phones that are least expensive?and is it true that having a dual sim phone is hard because they tend to block the other sim's signal?

  4. Right now Nokia has a model that's dual sim and a host of local brands like myphone, etc. I couldn't vouch for them since i've never actually tried them. But if i were to buy a dual sim phone, I'll probably chose the one from Samsung or the one that's newly released by Nokia where you need not need to power off just to change sims.Nokia(C2-03) i think sells for P4,500.00

    Samsung Punch GT-C3222 Specs:

    2G: Dual – GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    2.2” TFT display (220 x 176, 256k colors)
    QWERTY keypad
    1.3 megapixel camera
    Internal memory: 54 MB
    Expandable up to 8GB microSD
    Bluetooth 2.1
    FM Radio
    1000 mAh battery
    Samsung Punch Price: Php5,199