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Monday, October 4, 2010

Of Yayas..

Ever since I gave birth to my eldest child AJ, there have been nine yayas in our household excluding the two that we currently have now.

This is michelle montenegro, she has been with us for more than a year and she is very capable, kind, intelligent and doesn't need much supervision.  But she left abruptly with Yaya Merlyn who has been with us for only 3 months.  I suppose, they do not like to be saddled with an additional baby to watch over.  I can understand that. But to leave us with unkind words? Ha, i am not such a good judge of character.

Yaya Grethel is liked by Abby but hated by AJ.  Abby likes those who conforms to all her whims.  AJ dislikes her because she can't watch her favorite shows on cartoon network and disney because Yaya Grethel likes to watch willie's wowowee.  And she has a tendency to spank AJ even when i already told her not to lay a hand on the kids and leave the disciplining to me.

They go with us whereever we go, they sleep in hotel rooms and in proper hotel beds whenever we go out of towns.  They eat what we eat. We send them to the dentists and OB-Gyne when they complaint of pain, free because that is what we are.  We treat them with kindness, hoping that they would also treat the kids and us kindly and faithfully and because that is the Christian thing to do.  And yet...

These are the yaya's who left without honoring the verbal condition that they give us one-month notice when they no longer want to work with us.  Regardless of the plance fare, i spent for them coming to Manila.  I think, I am a generous employer and understanding too. And they seem happy too, and yet one wonders.

This is Yaya Jhoanne Teopiz.  I am reserving my assessment of her. She's a more open person, a bit loud but i think what she lacks in knowledge she makes up for in kindness. Hopefully. No one is perfect after all.

I do understand that these kind of jobs are merely transitory considering the meager salary that they are receiving compared to the responsibility that goes with the job and the emotional investments on both our sides.  So when any of them tells us that they want to leave already, there really is nothing we can do except to ask them to respect our agreement that they give us one-month notice in advance.  They leave for different reasons, some pregnant, or going to school, or they had saved enough for business.  It's commendable for them to aspire for a better life and i encouraged them in that direction.  We never hold on to them, not that we can.  Most leave with kind words for us, but there are those who just leave and invent stories regardless of the kindness we have extended to them. I don't waste my time anymore with that kind of people. So yeah, they are important to me but i can also managed without them.

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