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Thursday, June 19, 2014

If I Win the Lotto

 A girl can dream and this girl has her share of improbable dreams.

First of, i will pay all our debts. (7m)

Then, i will renovate our house to make it less energy consuming and more airy so that we won't rack up huge power bills for the upkeep.(10m)

I'll set aside trust fund for my children.(20m)

I'll also set aside a scholar fund for other children i intend to send to school.  I've already identified them but not here.(10m)

I will buy a land and donate it to the church so that we will have a bigger church here in Rizal and appropriate parking. (30m)

I will give my sisters seed money to put up their businessess.(5m)

I will bring my family and my in-laws to a Pilgrimage in Rome and the Holy Land in Israel.(25m)
And i will set up my trading business, so that i won't be stuck in an 8-hours job and will have time for my children and other worthwhile pursuits.

God willing, this is what i will do.