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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Here I Go Again..

My inbox is full of emails from Pinterest.  I can't quite delete it since i might miss something that i may like, like the quote above.  Midlife and still hang up on quotes, pathetic you think right? Actually, i think that.  I'm pretty judgemental on myself, more forgiving of the faults of others.  

Anyway, I am on the brink of resigning from my day job.  Yes,  after several months or 2 years give or take several months I still needed the final push to resign.  It's not that easy especially when it affords you financial freedom.  That is mainly the tie that keeps me hanging to my current job, otherwise I am pretty much excited spending most of my days with my children, contemplating what else I am gonna do.

As for the above quote,  I have found peace long ago with myself, with flaws and all and don't give much thought about what others think of me.  What i do worry incessantly is what happens when i no longer have a job.  Where do I get the money to help my aging parents? Etc etc.. The husband assures me not to worry about these things and just hand in my resignation. Still...

Lord help me.


I did hand in my resignation letter. I feel much better now.