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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bugger This!

It is true at least for me the saying that women cast long shadows on small things. In the not-so-distant past, year 2007 actually, i was having milk secretions when i already stopped breastfeeding several months before that. I actually thought i had brain tumor when my doctor ordered me to have a prolactin level test. Yes, it is a test to tule out brain tumor but i was already depressed just thinking that i may have it already. Thank God that it was not the case. The milk secretion was a side effect of long term use of motilium. When i stopped taking it, the secretions stopped.

Fast forward to now. My back aches most of the time. I noticed this kind of pain back in december of 2010. I did't think about it much but i did have it checked. I had chest xray because i had also terrible dry cough at that time and the results showed something which prompted the doctor to 3 other xray views. I have been praying for it to be normal and Thank God, it was.

And now, i'm feeling it again. The back pain that seems to press on a certain spot in my left side. My doctor said it's probably muskulo-skeletal and ordered me to have a spine xray. And my aunt came to mind. She had back pains and it turned out to be cancer. I know, i am stressing myself over this kind of thinking and it't not helping me. It will probably just trigger my hyperacidity but i have these to think of.

But i can always pray. Praying has always been my solace, so bugger these fearsome thoughts!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Work

I am working in a different industry now. It's still 9-6 just like my old one but this time, it is a lot stricter. There never did much structure to begin with in the old one. In a happiness meter scale meter of 1 to 5, i'd say it's a 4. I like the people, well not everyone but most( ha ha).

Anyway, i never did asked for much. I wanted a higher salary but I also wanted workdays without weekends and overtimes. So this work is good for me really. I am thankful.

The Bohol Trip That Never Was

Last night the husband told me that i should go to Bohol together with the kids to attend a cousins wedding. Truth be told, I wasn't that excited but in my mind I was already making plans. I am not exactly fond of flying but that i can overcome. When i searched for the cheapest plane fares for the 5 of us, it amounted to 25k!

Right now, it's not practical for us to spend that amount when we could use that for tuition fees. Besides, there is another matter which is better left undiscussed here.

So, i wish the soon-to-be wedded couple a lasting and happy marriage. But we won't be there.