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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bugger This!

It is true at least for me the saying that women cast long shadows on small things. In the not-so-distant past, year 2007 actually, i was having milk secretions when i already stopped breastfeeding several months before that. I actually thought i had brain tumor when my doctor ordered me to have a prolactin level test. Yes, it is a test to tule out brain tumor but i was already depressed just thinking that i may have it already. Thank God that it was not the case. The milk secretion was a side effect of long term use of motilium. When i stopped taking it, the secretions stopped.

Fast forward to now. My back aches most of the time. I noticed this kind of pain back in december of 2010. I did't think about it much but i did have it checked. I had chest xray because i had also terrible dry cough at that time and the results showed something which prompted the doctor to 3 other xray views. I have been praying for it to be normal and Thank God, it was.

And now, i'm feeling it again. The back pain that seems to press on a certain spot in my left side. My doctor said it's probably muskulo-skeletal and ordered me to have a spine xray. And my aunt came to mind. She had back pains and it turned out to be cancer. I know, i am stressing myself over this kind of thinking and it't not helping me. It will probably just trigger my hyperacidity but i have these to think of.

But i can always pray. Praying has always been my solace, so bugger these fearsome thoughts!

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