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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Batis Spring Resort, Liliw, Laguna

This is actually the second time that we went for an overnight at Batis Spring Resort at Liliw, laguna.  The first time was mother's day weekend and hubby decided to bring us all to 9 waves pool in Rizal but i wanted to go to San Juan Batangas for  beach trip.  Batis Spring resort was a compromise because it's not sea but it's not chemically treated pool also.  I wanted maggie to have her first dip from a chemical-free pool.

As usual. i enjoy the long drive. The water's too cold for me but not for the rest of the family members. Infact, they spend the whole night as in from 6 pm to well over 1 am in the morning in the pool.  The larger pool is not as cold as the smaller ones.  Entrance is only P 50.00 for adults and P40 for the kids.  There are overnight cottages which are airconditioned, has cable tv and refrigerator for P 2,500. Nice enough for a family of 5 like us. You can even rent a karaoke for as long as your stay.

We went there again last sunday with family friends and the kids did not enjoy it as much as the first time because 2 of my girls had a fever and all of them have coughs and colds. But they went dipping in the water nonetheless. Hubby brought his bike and explored Liliw on 2-wheels.

This time we were made aware that Liliw's footwear industry is comparable if not superior to Marikina in terms of quality and price. "Gawang Liliw" is a stamp of quality. It's a good thing I was watching over the kids all the time, i didn't have the time to give in to my impulse buying mode. There's a lot of stalls lined up along the narrow streets selling all kinds of footwear.

If you like old churches, Liliw's Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of a kind.  In fact, the community around the church is like a blast from the past, like a miniature Vigan. It is situated on tallest part of Liliw and so overlooks everything.  I am just sorry my photos and this narrative do not do justice to the place. I took these photos inside a moving vehicle which was why i wasn't able to get a good frame.

Anyway, if you like swimming, nature, fresh air and lots of quality local goods you will surely find it here in Liliw.  It's a good place for families to spend some bonding time.


  1. TAGA liliw po ako.. salamat po sa pag popost nang aming BAYAN..

  2. I enjoyed my stay there and even the espadrille that my husband bought for me has lasted so long when all the others have been repaired. True quality and value for money :)

  3. Hi there...i was wondering if you have the contact number to the resort featured. May i request for iit?

  4. Hi sorry. Everytime we go there it's always been spontaneous. I didnt took the time to get their contact details because the husband was the one paying. Anyways,should you decide to go for it there are resorts nearby if ever bsr' rooms are fully booked. At this time of year, i doubt it.