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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who unfollowed you on twitter?

If you have a twitter account, you must be wondering why there are people whom you do not know  personally but follows your tweets.  You may feel a certain bit of high( ha ha), thinking that your tweets are interesting enough to be followed.  Equally interesting is knowing that there will be people who will get tired of following your tweets.  Don't take it to heart, it's as normal as the sea's ebb and tide.  People will choose to follow you for a time and then unfollow you when they think your tweets no longer hold any significance to them. If you want to know the people who unfollow you for the simple reason that you just want to be informed, here are two applications who will let you do just that:

1.  Unfollowr.  All you have to do us follow Unfollowr on Twitter.  When somebody unfollows you, you will get a direct message notification from Unfollowr.

2.  Qwitter.  This one emails you when somebody stops following you and lets you know the last tweet when they stopped following you on twitter.

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