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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Road Stop: Liloan Port, Leyte

At liloan seaport,leyte there is a ppa operated hostel with airconditioned rooms with double deckers. Clean enough but not enough water to freshen up. It is good enough place to catch up on your zzzzs while waiting for the next ferry.

We missed the 10 pm ferry and the next ferry is leaving at 3am.  It just felt good to lie down even for just a few hours in an airconditioned room. We immidiately fell asleep.  We were awaken by knocks on our door around 2am.  I wanted to take a bath but there's no water so i just took a half bath.  Well, it was enough to feel freshened up. When we boarded the ferry, all the benches that had foam in it were reserved for the bus drivers so i had to content myself with sitting at the deck and enjoy the fresh air.  Most men, i suspect those who are regular ferry travelers of the Liloan route had hammocks on hand.  I felt envious that we didn't have one. It would have been nice to lie down in a hammock being rocked by the gentle waves, sleeping underneath the stars and all that stuff.

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