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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bolinao, Pangasinan

Woke up at 4 am today in a different but welcomed sorroundings. Several specks of light dotted off the coast off Bolinao. Fishermen! We've rented two airconditioned cottages at Patar, a sleepy barangay of Bolinao, Pangasinan. As a seasoned spur-of-the-moment local tourist, we try to stay away from known and established beach resorts for two reasons: Cost and the joy in discovering something new and beautiful that we can share to others.

We left Manila after lunch and reached Bolinao around 6 pm. We drove to the the Nabi side but the husband decided that the other side of the coast has the more beautiful beaches. Apparently, sometime in his earlier seafaring days touring Asia, they would pass by This side of Bolinao on their way to Singapore. I can just imagine the inner sense of fulfillment he had upon reaching this place when before He was just on a ship looking on this strip of sandy beaches dotted with low lying coconut trees.

We rented the 2 cottages for only 4,500. The cottage occupied by the Insigne family has twin beds wide enough for the couple and their 2 girls. Our cottage is bigger since it has three wide bamboo beds. The husband and i along wit maggie occupied the leftmost bed, the one on the center was claimed by Aj and Abby, the remaining bed by my auntie Net with Yaya annielyn. We asked for an extra bed for The hubster's nephew who also cane along with us.

The rooms are tiled, so they were easy to clean and maintain. We didn't expect that we were cooking so we didnt bring tools with us. Not to worry though because the caretaker lent us theirs so all we needed are the produce to cook for. We went to a little store 3 kilometers away just before the bridge going to Patar. That little store almost have anything we wanted for a cook-out meal. The ice, kerosene and rice we bought at a bigger store just after the bridge.

Dinner consisted of fried yellow fin tuna, tinolang yellow fin tuna, and lechon paksiw. The men had beers while us girls tested Arbor Mists' blackberry. It really is nice sharing meals with friends and family. I am deeply thankful God for this immeasurable blessing. Thankful as well for blessings past and yet to come.

So am gonna post some of the photos taken soon.

Here's the address:

Liberty Beach Resort
Ilog malino, Patar
Bolinao, Pangasinan
Mobile no.09286153017

Where Art Thou O Pain Reliever

I may have pinched nerve or muscle again on my right shoulder. It is giving me soreness and pain. I over-exerted on the Wii without any stretching. Who would have thought i get this from playing Wii? Well, here's a thought for me: stretch before every physical activity that requires a bit of force. Even sex, I suppose.

So, am back to applying salonpas patch on my sore muscles. I suppose, i will have to buy a liniment or something to somehow ease the pain. I have discontinued buying efficascent for sometime since it is no longer safe for it to be around in our household, methyl salicylate being poison. Maggie has taken to opening small bottles she can get her hands on and although we try to put everything out of reach from her, you can never be too careful with toddlers.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blue Bay Resort, Laiya, San Juan , Batangas

Would you like to spend a night or several nights at Laiya, San Juan , Batangas together with your family and friends in an airconditioned cottage all by yourself for only P1,500 ? Yup, that's the amount we paid when we went for a day in the beach at Blue Bay Resort, Laiya , San Juan Batangas.  The cottage that we rented accomodates about 15 people, with clean bath and comfort rooms.  Also, you can bring groceries or buy at a nearby talipapa and cook everything yourself. By the way, it's the same clean beach anyway but cheaper.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sorry Eyes

After the Christmas vacation, we've been hit by conjunctivitis or commonly known as sore eyes.  Maggie, the baby in the family was the first to contract it. It just started like she was having low-grade fever and then the following day, her eyes started to have mucus-like discharges and then on the third day she already had red eyes.  Initially, it wasn't really a cause for concern because she just sleep it off.  What was alarming was that her fever has been on and off for about 5 days now which really peaks at night. On the fifth day, I had her checked up at a Pedia doctor at SM Megaclinic together with Abby who also has sore eyes about a day later than Maggie.  The doctor prescribed maxitroll for both of them differing only on the dosage given.  That night, i noticed blood already on Maggie's tears.  When I told the husband about it, he said it probably because she scratched her eyes or that she had a little cut near her eyelid.  I didn't want to appear like an alarmist( which I probably am!), so i let it be.  The following morning, she woke up really with dried blood around her eyes.  The husband left early for his morning bike so there was no one to tell me to calm down.  I went to the ER of Makati Medical Center and had Maggie's eyes checked.  Initially, one of the Pedia-On Call told me that it was nothing out of the ordinary and just told it's viral and proceeded to rattle out the things i needed to do with persons afflicted with sore eyes.  Maybe she missed the initial interview i had with the attending nurse, so I told her that there was blood in her eyes.  That caught her attention.  We really should do that.  Doctors should sit down and listen with each of their patients even when they have many and especially when they are at the ER.  That said, they called for an Opthalmologist consult and the diagnosis was that it really was conjunctivitis and the one that got both my daughters was the hemorrhagic type. I got the feeling that it had something to do with the application with the medicine  so i stopped giving it to them and instead just washed their eyes with water.  Anyway, they wouldn't open their eyes also when it's time to give them the medication. Also, i read somewhere on the internet that there really is no need to give any medicine for conjunctivitis.  Right now, Maggie and Abby still has it although Maggie showed signs of clear eyes except for the side which still show red portions.  Abby's eyes are still a bit swollen and still with discharges.  A week after Maggie and Abby, Me , AJ and Yaya are infected.

Hopefully, this viral infection will clear up in the next few days. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tastiest Spanish Bread That Side of Visayas

If you ever find yourself at the Ferry Port in Allen , Samar locate Larlene's Bakeshop and try their newly baked Spanish Bread.  I swear, they have the tastiest Spanish Bread that side of Visayas or even the whole of Philippines. Exagge much?! Go on try it and see if I am not telling the truth.  Between me and my three kids ages 7, 5 and 1 we managed to gobbled down P100 worth of spanish bread and that's 50 pieces.  I tell you, they are addictive!

Benit Port, Southern Leyte

It has become a sort of tradition for us to go home to Mindanao by way of a land trip starting from our home here in Luzon, then through Visayas and then finally Mindanao.  So yeah, we pretty much get to use the Maharlika or the Nautical Highway started by then President Erap and then later on improved by GMA.  Whatever GMA may have done, she really did a good job in connecting our islands through ports and ferries with improved services.  And i digress..

Anyway, we left makati around 11 pm December 22, 2011 and reached the Port of Matnog, Sorsogon just enough to catch the 12 noon ferry bound for Samar.  The ferry boat took us just below 2 hours and as with time well spent, we barely even mind that we were on a boat.  One thing that could be said about Montenegro ferries is that they have faster boats and cleaner too. We dallied a little when we reached Catbalogan because we had to freshen up, washed or take a bath.  Somehow, me and the kids have adjusted to life on the road finding out those roadstops that have abundant water and clean restrooms.  We also make it a point to call ahead , friends and acquaintances on our way so that we could visit them and get invited for a meal ha ha ha.

Update: Boat fare is P 140.00 per adult + P 17.00 Terminal Fee = P157.00
                                       70.00 per child +    17.00 terminal fee  =     87.00
Kidding aside, it's a good way to renew friendships especially those whom we barely see because of the distance.  Anyway, we had dinner at the home of such friend when we arrived at Tacloban, Leyte. And on our way to Liloan, we were also met by the lovely Maritess Bactindon, wife of the husband's good friend Capt. Allan Bactindon of Bato, Leyte who gave us lots and lots of Suman, and other goodies to enjoy along the way. Really, there is no shortage of good and generous people along the way.

The ride to Liloan was as usual in the dark of night and ashamed to say only the husband was awake since he was the only one driving and it was raining too.  When we reached Liloan Port, we were told by the guard that the next sched will be at 4am yet but along the way, the husband saw a new ad about a new port at San Ricardo, Barangay Benit and decided to try it.  It's good thing because, the ferry ride took us only less than two hours which is way better than being in a ferry for about 4 hours at Liloan Port.  And the terminal is way much cleaner and the ferry boat also. Thumbs up for Montenegro Shipping Lines!

I have to say though that the road going to San Ricardo although well cemented has lots of sharp descending and ascending turns. Not for the faint-hearted driver.  Infact going back to Manila, we saw a fuel tank vehicle being hauled up.  It must have miscalculated and fall off the ravine.  As with all dangerous undertakings, the view makes up for it. Well not exactly makes up but somehow it takes the edges off the danger because really the trip is shortened and you pass through really interesting quaint places that seemed untouched by modernization.

This time, our trip was less tiring and more fulfilling. Although, the husband will probably disagree on account of much needed road repair along Surigao-Butuan stretch and a little bit in Misamis Oriental-Iligan road. Anyway, this time I was able to drive long stretches. So would I recommend San Ricardo Port? Definitely Yes! But always be careful!

Montenegro Shipping Lines
Batanga City Tel #723-8989

Satellite Office: Batangas (043) 7238294
                           Lucena   (042)  3737084
                           Masbate  (056)  3335535
                           Bacolod  (034)  7081322
                           Caticlan  (036)  2887373