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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Barge Fees for Hyundai Grand Starex

Time and again, we go on roadtrips from Luzon to Mindanao and when friends know of these trips they almost always ask us how much we spent for barge fees.  So, i am posting in here the fees we paid last December 2012 when we used the Hyundai Grand Starex.  

We opted to go through Bicol - Samar-  Surigao Nautical Highway since it is much cheaper compared with the Batangas route.  It only involves 2 ferry boat rides from Matnog, Sorsogon To Allen, Samar and from San Ricardo, Southern Leyte to Surigao City.

Montenegro Lines fares is Php 2,100 for the Grand Starex. Roro Port terminal fee at Lipata Port, Surigao is Php 129.00 while terminal fee for passengers is Php 16.00 per person. Regular fare per person is Php 140.00 while children are at half-fare at Php 70.00

Things to do while at Lipata port: Driver does the ff;

1.  Secures a Gate Booking Slip at PCBSI Gate Office.
2.  Pays Waybill at Shipping Lines Counter
3.  With SG signal, proceeds to Lane Meter area or to the weighing bridge for weighing for type 3 and type 4 roro vehicles.
4.  Proceeds to the parking area.
5.  Proceeds to the PPA RRTF Counter.
6.  Proceeds to PICO Counter (for plant/animal products)
7.  Proceeds to the Marshalling area( one hour before etd)
8.  Coordinates with Marshalls / vessels representatives.
9.  Proceeds to the vessel ramp.

Processing time should only take 10 minutes so beware of fixers.