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Thursday, December 17, 2009

M here at makati med for my follow up chk w/ my took more than an hr frm mandaluyong.on my own,4d 1st tym i took d jp to mrt-shaw,mrt-ayala,taxi to mmc.i seem 2b always d doctor,to gv birth,4 hubby.dont sm 2 hv a life of my own.not complainin.jst stating a fact.if i hv a car,i wud b more mobile,taking more out-of-town trips w/ my children.i do feel dat hubby has a life of his own and he rather spend d holidays w/ other people.its a constant thorn n our marriage.i stopd telling him what shud supplications hv fallen on deaf ears.its not a life dat i want.i want him to stay bcoz he loves me and do all these things i want coz it wil make me happy.i want a family dat sticks together bcoz of d love dat we hv 4 each other.i love him stil.sadly,i dont hear d words anymore nor do i feel d love. Que sera sera

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Salon moment for mom and abby

I am not a vain person but i do enjoy having myself pampered from time to time. It's one way of keeping the stress to a minimum. One find saturday morning, i decided to have my hair treated at a nearby beauty parlor, and i decided to bring abby since she asked if she could come. Of my two kids, abby is more like me. She likes to go with me wherever i want to go, Aj is content to be left at the house and watch tv so long as i tell her where i will be. She also admonishes me to go home early. God is my refuge and He is giving me Aj as my strength and Abby, my comfort. I figured a hot oil treatment for abby hair will be good for her itchy scalp.

I bought her food to munch on while our hair is being treated. I actually had this same experience with AJ when she was also of the same age as abby. I recommend it to all moms and young toddler girls.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Interviewed by Vanity Fair

Sometimes, i do make believe. It seems only famous people gets interviewed more so in magazines of worth. You will get insights into your own psyche when faced with questions you never thought someone would ask.

What is your greatest fear? Nothing for myself, for my children. Anything that would HURT them.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Too emotional.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Dishonesty.

What is your greatest extravagance? Travelling.

What is your current state of mind? Numbed.

On what occasion do you lie? forced to do so by the gods.

What do you dislike most about your appearance?i look like i frown a lot but i don't, it's just the way my face is structured.

Which living person do you most despise? probably the perpetrator of the Maguindanao massacre.

What is the quality you most like in a man? Godly, responsible(in all sense of the word), sexy in that order.

What is the quality you most like in a woman? Same thing i like in a man

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Why, no, expensive

Which talent would you most like to have? INVINCIBILITY

What do you consider your greatest achievement? my children

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? same old me without the emotional baggage

Where would you like to live? Bohol,Iligan,Manila,on the road, out of the country for short periods of time with hubby and my kids.

What is your most treasured possession? not much, i don't put much stock on things but if i have to is suppose it's a watch given by hubby

What do you most value in your friends? DEPENDABILITY IN FRIENDSHIP

Who are your favorite writers? paolo coelho, james allen for non-fiction

Who is your favorite hero of fiction? edward cullen

Which historical figure do you most identify with? gandhi?

What is it that you most dislike? without integrity

What is your motto? love...and love some more

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tread softly

He Wishes for the cloths of Heaven
by William Butler Yeats.

Had i the heavens' embroidered cloths'
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But i, being poor, have only dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because your treading on my dreams.


My dreams are not grandiose and it's all about family.
I wish and fervently hope and pray for a happy and successful family life united always in love. But i am only half of a whole and i am telling you my dreams and laying it at your tread softly because your treading on my dreams

Don't love you no more

Yesterday, a friend of hubby told me that she doesn't mind if her husband goes home late at night or if he doesn't go home. She doesn't ask any questions even if her husband do something out of his daily routine. So i asked her if it's okay with her that her husband just come and goes without telling her, just like a doormat? And she said yes. It's because she doesn't really give 100% of herself to him, she withholds a bit for herself an insurance because you don't really know what's going to happen in the future. Less pain that way.

How is it possible to love someone and not give 100% of yourself? Maybe by slowly telling yourself that you no longer love the person?

Maybe it is possible to shift the focus. Instead of loving him a 100%, love your children 125%, the other 25% you keep to yourself living him only 50%. Does it make sense?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I won't care who moved my cheese...

I wonder if there ever is a person whose got no problem. Even the rich, the famous, and the beautiful have problems known only to them. No one person has it easy, some just know how to carry their problems well. A positive outlook certainly helps a lot.

Lately, i have been feeling a bit overwhelm by my own concerns. I wanted somebody to change, to conform to the way i expected him to be. Deep inside, i know that real change can not be forced. But still i persisted, i used reason and morals and promises given long ago. Now i know, that the only person i can really change is me. If i continue to look at things, and person and circumstances as the culprit there will be no real progress. I can only lead the horse to the water, i cannot make it drink. And so i will focus on me, changing those things and perception and attitudes that needed changing to make me a better and healthier and more effective me.

Hopefully, and with a lot of prayers, these same realizations will also come to him and change him.

Friday, November 20, 2009


This was taken about 2 years ago, i think. Sometimes you miss those times when you still could cuddle them and not feel their weight. That's why every parent should not miss these growing up years. By the way, i am infanticipating. he he he. Is that a word?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before the worst

Before The Worst lyrics
Songwriters: O Donoghue, Daniel John; Power, Glen Joseph; Sheehan, Mark Anthony;

It's been a while since the two of us talked
About a week since the day that you walked
Knowing things would never be the same
With your empty heart and mine full of pain

So explain to me how it came to this
Take it back to the night we kissed
It was Dublin city on a Friday night
With vodkas and coke, I was getting insomniac

We were sitting with our backs against the world
Saying things that we thought but never heard
Oh, who would've thought it would end up like this

But everything we talked about is gone
And the only chance we have of moving on
Was trying to take it back before it all went wrong

Before the worst, before we met
Before our hearts decided it?s time to love again
Before too late, before too long
Let?s try and take it back before it all went wrong

There was a time that we?d stay up all night
Best friends, yeah talking 'til the daylight
Took the joys alongside the pain
With not much to lose but so much to gain

Are you hearing me? 'Cause I don?t wanna miss
That you would drift on memory bliss
It was Grafton street on a rainy night
I was down on one knee and you were mine for life

We were thinking we would never be apart
With your name tattooed across my heart
Oh, who would've thought it would end up like this

But everything we talked about is gone
And the only chance we have of moving on
Was trying to take it back before it all went wrong

Before the worst, before we met
Before our hearts decided it?s time to love again
Before too late, before too long
Let?s try and take it back before it all went wrong

If the clouds don't clear
Then we'll rise above it, we'll rise above it
Heavens gate is so near, come walk with me through
Just like we used to, just like we used to, yeah, yeah

Let's take it back before it all went wrong

Before the worst, before we met
Before our hearts decide it's time to love again
Before too late, before too long
Let's try to take it back before it all went wrong
Let's try and take it back before it all went wrong

Monday, November 9, 2009

About me...

I try very hard to be a wife.
I am not sure i am succeeding.
I am also a mother.
I am confident of my children's love.
I always favor right vs. wrong.
I strongly value integrity, honesty and hardwork.

I believe in God Almighty and the Divine Plan and that there are many roads that leads to Him.

I am one of those who cling on to the idea that love and commitment and fidelity goes hand in hand.

I am strong most of the time but i find that my strength gets sapped when i am attacked not by friends and colleagues but by my better half.

I used to be such a romantic. That side of me surfaces not so often now that i am older.

And oh, i pray often. I have few chosen friends mostly family. And I get by with a little help from my friends...and a lot of prayers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

my 1St attempt at lumpia shanghai.started at 1Am finished at 2am.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bulag, Pipi, Bingi

Yesterday's homily inspired the officiating priest as St. Francis Church(10 o'clock) to sing to the parishioner. This was because the reading was about Thaddeus, a blind person who was so noisy and who kept on shouting even when the crowd wanted him silenced. He was calling Jesus so that Jesus will hear him and heal him. Thaddeus persisted and when Jesus told him to come to him, Thaddeus throw his cloak immediately which shows much of his faith in HIM. The cloak was his security blanket and to throw away your security blanket in exhange of the unknown speaks so much of your courage and the faith .

Anyway, the reading and the homily would not have so much impact on me if it were not for this song which the priest sang. Yeng Constantino has a version of this song, but i still like the original version:

Sa bawat yugto ng buhay, may wasto at may mali
Sa bawat nilalang ay may bulag, may pipi at may bingi

Madilim ang 'yong paligid,
hating-gabing walang hanggan
Anyo at kulay ng mundo sa 'yo'y pinagkaitan
H'wag mabahala, kaibigan, isinilang ka mang ganyan
Isang bulag sa kamunduhan, ligtas ka sa kasalanan


Di nalalayo sa 'yo ang tunay na mundo
Marami sa ami'y nabubuhay nang tulad mo
'Di makita, 'di madinig, minsa'y nauutal
Patungo sa hinahangad na buhay na banal

Ibigin mo mang umawit, hindi mo makuhang gawin
Sigaw ng puso't damdamin wala sa 'yong pumapansin
Sampung daliri, kaibigan, d'yan ka nila pakikinggan
Pipi ka man nang isinilang, dakila ka sa sinuman


Ano sa 'yo ang musika, sa 'yo ba'y mahalaga
Matahimik mong paligid, awitan ay 'di madinig
Mapalad ka, o kaibigan, napakaingay ng mundo
Sa isang binging katulad mo, walang daing, walang gulo

[Repeat CHORUS]

'Di makita, 'di madinig, minsa'y nauutal
Patungo sa hinahangad na buhay na banal

Actually, the priest only sung the lyrics pertaining to the blind and then stopped. I wish you could have heard him sing. Not especially because he has a beautiful voice but because the song was old and yet its significance remains true to this day and age. Maybe you'd like to sing it yourself. I had goosebumps when i heard it and was teary eyed. But i'm such a cry-baby so...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going home

Even though we've been living here in manila for about more than 6 months now, i still consider mindanao my home. It is primarily Iligan but zamboanga is also home to me because of my husband. September 29 is the feast day of St. Michael the archangel, patron saint of iligan. We have been planning on taking a much needed vacation and since we will be going home we might as well go to my other home, lila, bohol. Feast day of Lila is october 7, feast of the Lady of the most holy rosary. It was a two-week vacation which my children never wanted to end. When we left zamboanga, aj cried and didn't want to leave because she likes to be with her cousins. Suddenly, they are sorrounded by kids their age who speaks their language. When we left bohol, they echo the same sentiment. I remember, i had the same sentiment back when i was still a child. I never wanted vacations to end. But being an adult changes things and you know that you can't take vacations if you don't have money to spend.

September 26 was when typhoon Ondoy made a landfall. It was a quiet but rainy saturday for us all at the house. Hubby went to work that day but he said that we should already prepare our things so that when he arrives we can immediately leave. I was a little bit skeptical, after all a typhoon was raging. I didn't know that flooding in certain areas in central luzon including parts of metro manila has worsened. There was no power starting around early afternoon, so we were clueless about what's happening. I was only alarmed when we ran out of lpg for cooking our food. I asked my household help to buy food at nearby jollibee but they returned saying it was closed , so i said just buy any food that you can find. Later that evening, hubby called me to say that he can't go home yet since all the roads leading home is flooded. Finally, he came home around 10pm with chowking-to-o meals already cold. I am just happy he is able to come home. Typical of his nature, he said to pack up because we're leaving manila for home. He is tireless.

Shaw boulevard is already bereft of vehicles except for those going to kalentong, there were still traffic there. c-5 is deserted except for occasional light vehicles being stranded. We spent longer time at SLEX because there was still flooding there along with several light vehicles being stranded. I think i may have dozed off a little bit but i try not to because i wanted to keep hubby company. I could always offer to take his place when he feels sleepy but i could not equal his speed nor his concentration while driving. Besides, i am more familiar with manual rather than automatic transmission. And so he drove all the way to bicol until 4am in the morning until we stopped so that he could take a nap. We just parked on a shell station, forgot the name of the place. We slept for about an hour and then we proceeded to his friend in Pili or was it Naga who invited us to have breakfast. We went there, we freshened up, had a hearty breakfast and we were even given packed bicol delicacy for the road. Thanks very much, you know who you are. I learned during that visit that his wife has rheumatic heart disease and so the pregnancy has to be monitored also. But that's another story.

When we reached the port of Matnog, sorsogon, it was indeed time for lunch and we ate at eatery just outside the port's gate. We boarded the ferry and just stayed inside the vehicle for the duration of the 2 hour trip. Hubby slept the entire ferry trip and the kids where just playing. Since we can't get out of our vehicle, and i needed take a pee , i peed on a plastic cellophane. ha ha ha

We reached the port of Allen, Samar it was already dark and hubby decided that we take the Calbayog road instead of the road directly to catbalogan because the catbalogan direct is mostly rough road. I had stomach upset. We stopped at a restaurant in calbayog so that i could relieved myself. We passed by San Juanico bridge around 2 am and reached the port of leyte around 4 am but we had to wait a while because the ferry leaves at 6am. We paid for the airconditioned accomodation so that we could get some needed sleep but the kids were just running around that only hubby was able to sleep. We had brunch at a roadside eatery in surigao because we were really hungry, we've eaten nothing but instant noodles and biscuits while on the ferry. We dropped by our ninong at Butuan and we were served delicious buko pandan and sweet buko straight frim the shell. We even brought home 2 seedlings for planting.

We arrived in Iligan tired but safe and happy. All thanks to hubby and God Almighty!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Were here at tagaytay just to hv dinner and a breath of fresh air. With us is ate net,jojo,the yayas and us. Wr currently at Dencios tagaytay.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I hv bn awakened by a chest discomfort.also,at d moment d 2 yayas i hv decided not 2 come back anymore notwithstanding d cash advance they got.i hv prayed na

Monday, September 28, 2009

Were here at Petron Tacloban.weve refilled gas and changed tires. we crossed san juanico on flat tires.i also had my 2nd toilet break 4d day 4 upset stomach

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am excited. Although if you know me quite well, you know it would not show. We are going home to Iligan to attend the Feast of St. Michael, the Archangel. It's going to be another roadtrip. It's a much needed vacation for all of us who is not used to living in Manila. The only thing that's bothering me is typhoon Ondoy who is expected to make landfall in the northern part of luzon sometime saturday evening or sunday morning. Got this from PAGASA. Although we will be travelling towards the south, nautical highways are expected to have moderate to rough waves. Uggh... I have been thinking of buying lifejackets for us all. What with the recent maritime incidents...

Praying for a safe trip!

Are you depressed?

DisorderYour Score
Major Depression:Slight
Bipolar Disorder:Slight
Seasonal Affective Disorder:Slight
Postpartum Depression:N/A
Take the Depression Test

I took this depression test when i read it from Topaz Horizon. I did not know what cyclothymia was all about but after reading about it, i don't think i've ever experienced that really super high feeling that was described. Maybe, i misunderstood the question. I don't put much stock on this result. I am content. God is present in every moment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dirt shows...One Classy Lady

The incident in the recent mtv vma where kanye west dissed Taylor Swift for winning the Best Female Video. What was he thinking?

Beyonce truly has class and she can afford to be because she is truly talented. I am a fan of Beyonce once more.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Im here again at makati med for my pre-natal and cardio chk up. Have already eaten lunch early at mmc canteen in anticipation that i might be entertained at 12

Monday, September 7, 2009

We are on our way to manila from nueva ecija visiting hubbys friend.its raining so hard visibility is near zero at nlex past bulacan. We pray for safe trip

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Watching the finals of the world cup of pool over at solar sports. Hoping efren ang jango wins.Difficult not to get stressed.Im microblogging from my cellphone.
I dont feel particularly good these days that i dont have the energy left to do anything else much less blog.I feel nauseaus, my stomach keeps me awake at night

Manila Executive Regency

We visited our new condo unit at manila turned-over to us yesterday. The swimming pool is particularly inviting. Our unit overlooks the manila skyline. Ours is just a studio type with a balcony. We are thinking of renting it out to friends and acquaintances who are vacationing in manila or have some business here. Students and reviewers are also welcome. We will be buying furnitures over the next few days to furnish the condo unit.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I am admitted here at makati med for vomiting,and blood tests showed i am already dehydrated. I am pregnant for about 6 weeks now.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sabangan Beach Resort, San Juan Batangas

We are spending the night here at Sabangan beach resort, san juan,batangas. This is a nice place for a weekend retreat. Clear water, nice cottage houses.

We were there upon the invitation of hubby's good friend along with his family. We left manila around 3pm because he decided to drop by at his office and then we had to pick up another family friend at San Andres, Manila. On our way, we ate pancit and lomi at another friend's house in San Juan before proceeding to the beach. We stayed at the loft which had 3 beds. The whole up and down cottage costs about P12,500 per night excluding meals. It accomodates a party of about 15 people. The drive from manila to san juan, batangas took about 2 hours.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9 Waves Pool Resort at San Mateo, Rizal

When we went to Marikina to look at a piece of residential land at Marikina Heights , we also get to swim at the 9 Waves Pool Resort at San Mateo, Rizal. I had a headache but even so i did wade in the pool because i have to babysit aj and abby. Later, when i really can't stand it i asked hubby to watch those two because they take to water like ducks.

This is in the reception area.

It's a novelty for us swimming in a wave pool. Although Iligan City has lots of fresh water cold pools and cheaper at that, there is a different sense of enjoyment when you play with freshwater waves. And i can watch the kids play with the waves at a bit of distance without hyperventilating when a wave is coming.

Anyway, hubby is not interested because it's too far from where we work and although it's a good place to live what with the much cleaner air and lots of trees, i still think i will get stressed travelling everyday with traffic going home to marikina. But who knows?

If you want to go there, here's the complete address:

Ciudad Christia Resort, Inc.
Resort Site: Earth St., Carrieland Country Homes II
Ampid, San Mateo Rizal

Tels. 997-6009
997-5945 to 46

Fees for adult is 250 , children 225, a kiosk costs about 1,500

Field Trip for Kindergarten Pupils in Calamba, Laguna

Last August 11,2009 the kindergarten pupils together with parents and caregivers, went on an educational trip to Calamba, Laguna. The School said the activity will further their aim in helping the kids acquire greater awareness and appreciation of the world around by way of outdoor activities. The trip include on-board and on-site lectures, plant visit to Gardenia, story-telling and group games which hopefully will enrich their learnings about history, math and science by farm animal's interactions, plant and animal life identification and art activities.

The bus was scheduled to leave by 6 am. But as usual, i really don't know why we as a people won't make it on time. Going to calamba, laguna is a breeze but when we alighted from the bus and toured Rizal's ancestral house, the sun was up and aj was already restless. The bus airconditioning unit can't cope with the heat and most of us were uncomfortable. I really would not recommend field trip to kinder students, probably grade six pupils only. If you want to expose them to animals there's the manila zoo which is much nearer and have diverse animal in their care. And the plant tour with Gardenia was much worse. It was like we were put on an oven. I would have backed out if not for the fact that they said it would only take 7 minutes. Honestly, i did not bother looking on at the processes nor explain it to aj, all i wanted was to get out of there.
But i have to say hats off to the outbound educators of JRU for the activities they provided. I just don't think the kids benefited much as when they went to manila zoo instead.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Heart and Other Scents

I guess I didn't mention here that my youngest sister Bing gave me Clinique Happy Heart Perfume(3.4 fl. oz). I have been wearing it ever since my Estee Lauder Exotic Pleasures Perfume (5ml) was spent. I am really not the type to change fragrances every now and then, not also in the habit of window shopping for fragrances. But, occasionally i do visit The Body Shop just to see what are their latest product offerings. On my wishlist is their range on beauty/sleep-aid products particularly the nighttime lotion which according to them promotes sleep. It's not that i can't sleep, it's just that i sleep late and sometimes i wake-up at the slightest sound but i do get to sleep.

The other week also i bought watson's latest offering the orange expoliating body wash. I have been using it only on weekends so i don't notice any noticeable difference. Anyway, i like the change from my usual johnsons bathsoap. All of us uses the Johnsons bath soap now, which i purchase on promo. Before that, we have been using the white mild soap from Ivory.

Yesterday, i bought a candle burner and chamomille essential oil for our home. It's a pretty relaxing scent but i may have put too many drops that's why i thought it was overpowering. But it's a good thing, rather than buying commercial air freshener. I have been wanting to buy that but the ones i found at The Body Shop were way too expensive, even those i found at Crossings at Shang-rila. Luckily, i visited the Expo at the 5th Level of SM Mega-Mall yesterday and bought a charmer at P150. I am thinking, scents have a way of lifting our moods up, giving our senses pleasures. They are good gift materials, what do you think?

Free Trip To Boracay

I just got a call from somebody said to be a representative of Balai Isabel, a resort from Batangas saying that i won a trip to Boracay. Yesterday, when i attended the Expo at SM Mega-mall, i visited a booth about cocoproducts and somehow i filled up a raffle ticket. I will have to check this out with DTI. Anyway, somebody called me up to inform me that all i need to do is to meet them Tuesday for a free dinner and awarding of the ticket. I have to be their with my husband. What's the catch ?hmmnn. They said that we don't have to bring any cash and it's not transferable and it expires in 6 months.

i don't know, i just don't feel very excited. Probably because, i still don't know what's the catch. I also won a 2-year free computer scholarship from cocolife. They said, I am not under any obligation to purchase anything but when i get at the Rufino Tower to claim my certificate, I was forced to listen to their sales talk to buy insurance policy from them using my credit card. It's a good thing, i still get the certificate. I have been wanting to give it to the yaya Mary of my kids but she opted to go home. If my new yaya perseveres, i will give it to her.

I'll update this blog, if the free trip to Boracay is indeed true.
Aj had her stomach xrayed. According to her doc,the presence of large quantity of feces f dat s d right terminology,s causing her severe vomiting. At least,its not something serious. Thank God!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We are here once again at makati med to have aj checked.She complained of a headache around 2pm and vomited. She has vomited 4x since then.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lesson for us all...

Yesterday, we were going to go to Binangonan, Rizal because hubby was invited by a colleague to become godfather to his child's baptismal. We were really in high spirits because we have not yet been there. On our way, we went to Sta. Ana to fetch an officemate. We were going through makati since hubby decided it is faster that way. There was this road in which one side was under construction which at the end has a traffic light, i think it is sta cruz. When the light went green hubby stepped a bit hard on the gas pedal, just when a crv came out of the left gate of bgy. bel air towards the right gate. There is no way that hubby could step on the brake hard without slamming the kids onto the dashboard,and he couldn't go towards the left because a motorcycle was trying to overtake him. It would have meant the bike rider would go under because he would surely be hit. So instead, we hit the back portion of the 2009 edition crv and the right side of our vehicle was damaged.The kids were still slammed on the dashboard. I tried vainly to hold on to them but it was just too fast, aj hit her face and abby her chest.

We went to makati med emergency room to have the kids checked and spent a total of 5,064 for all the xrays,etc. There's a lesson for me there: no kids in the front seat anymore. And i will buy car seat for the kids. As for hubby, I'm not sure what his lesson was but i did say to him that "walay kumo sa maghinay". A lesson also in humility, probably. The owner of the crv was rich of course since he was a resident of barangay bel-air. It was actually his driver who drove the crv without looking to his right if there are oncoming cars. Just after the incident abby asked her daddy if he doesn't know how to drive. We just looked at each other and i smiled when he said yes.ha ha ha a lesson in humility, indeed. Let me just say, that even though hubby drives fast he is always careful and focused

I am just thankful to God that all of us got out of the accident ok. Well, there are bills to pay and we may have to dig deep into our pockets but it could have been worse.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We figured n a vehicular accident near d gate of barangay bel air.we hit d back portion of a crv.d right side of d fortuner was damaged.aj,abby hit d dashboard.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Home Massage and Dreams...

Yesterday afternoon, i requested for a massage therapist at Asian Massage over Yahoo Messenger to go to the house around 8pm. She was not on time but their receptionist called ahead of time to inform me that they were already out but will be late due to traffic. When i opened the gate, there she was indeed already at the gate waving goodbye to their service.

Her name was Anna and she has gentle hands. I would have been thoroughly relaxed if not for the kids being so noisy asking me questions why Anna was there, is my back aching again, why am not dressed. She was just silent the whole time and very professional about it which i like. I don't want therapist who talks to much except to ask about the pressure.

Anyway, when an hour has passed i gave her a late night snack of goldilocks cake and del monte fit and rite. She waited for a little while at the living room but she said she will just wait by the gate. Their service vehicle was probably near already.

Anyway, i took iterax 10mg as prescribed by my doctor and proceeded to sleep. The kids sleep on their bed but sometime during the night, in moments of wakefulness, i felt that somebody was leading abby and help her climbed on the bed. Abby lay down on my upper thighs and then later on inched up to my armpit them embraced. It's seem like the Lady of Lourdes was guiding a crying Abby to sleep at my side. Not sure if it's a dream or it was just the curtain moving which felt like a dress illuminated by the street lamp outside. I was already awake by the time Abby embraced me. A few minutes after that, Aj climbed the bed next and laid at my right side. Hubby who fell asleep in their bed while watching tv was alone.

Anyway, I have started to attend the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help every wednesday since May of this year. And God has heard my prayer, i believe through her help.It's just this week that i haven't because it was raining the whole day and i just stayed inside the house and later at night , i totally forgot about it. Somehow, i really feel that i am relieved every time that i get to attend the eucharist and the novena. Perhaps, it is also a good idea to do the rosary everyday to ease up on the stress as inspired by President Cory. I really think, prayers has helped in the transition of living in the big city.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't..

It must be very difficult for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo now. Being faced with the allegations that she pulled out the security detail of the very popular President Cory Aquino. Although she did proclaim a 10-day period of mourning, and declared the day of burial as a special holiday and even offered a state funeral, that doesn't seem to be enough for the family. For the most part, it is understandable for the family to get hurt over something like that. But other people outside of the family shouldn't make it a big issue debating it over national television, rehashing the topic on air, it does not help bring about a conciliatory air.

I doubt if it mattered to President Cory. She wants peace for our land, for everyone. Why do we as a people continue to fuel small fires of enmity? I have no affection for President GMA but there is indeed some truth to her SONA. She has never said that she will stay beyond her term. I maybe naive but i think that is the reason why her political enemies are nailing her to the cross. Why can't we believe her and wait until 2010 if she really wants to remain in power? In the meantime, allow her to do her work in peace. If she wants to go to the wake, let her be. Even if she gets snubbed, she's another strong woman. Anyway, it is between her and God. We are only human. I am not saying it as an excuse but a reminder of our reality. We do things that may have hurt others but it doesn't mean that we are completely heartless. I really don't think President GMA is evil. Here is another wife and mother who wants to pay her last respects to another wife and mother. They may differ in so many things, see differently in so many issues, but both are presidents, wives, mothers. President GMA can't help but make it personal when President Cory called on her to resign. The wound is still fresh. The Aquino's battle with the Marcoses is entirely a different matter. Time has passed, the Aquino had already a taste of power when they ended the power of the Marcoses. So in a way, they were even already. The conflict of the Aquino and the Arroyos is fairly recent, the wound is still fresh.

Not everyone could be saint but President Cory is close to being one according to testimonies about her. I do not doubt its truth. President GMA is not a saint, i do not know if she aspires to be one. She is feisty though, and that maybe the exact quality that her administration needs. Let her do what she wants to do. In the end, in the silence of her room, it is between her and God.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Yellow Lady Passes and EDSA Stood Still

Here's some shots taken when President Cory Aquino's funeral passed by EDSA on her way towards the Manila Cathedral...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A tribute to a wife and a mother

I bought Pan de Sal early this morning when I saw on tv that President Cory Aquino passed away. I have been thinking these past few days of featuring a yellow ribbon on my blog as part of the “tie a yellow ribbon” campaign but we’re unable to do so. And so I’m doing it now.

I have never given it much thought until now, but President Cory Aquino is my Ideal wife and mother along with my birth mother and mother-in-law. She is special in a way because I never knew her personally, and yet her strength that helped her raise her 5 children singlehandedly when Ninoy could not be around, the strength that made her accept the Presidency even when she would rather be at the background, the strength of a wife who stood by her husband, that strength is worth emulating.
But more than everything, it must be her faith in God that is the source of her strength and the inspiration to live a principled life. And so I admire her for her faith. I admire her for remaining simple despite destiny granting her the grandest of political office, that of being president.

Her critics during her administration often mentioned her being a wife and a mother and inexperience alongside their criticism. But maybe it was exactly being a wife and a mother that made her a fitting transition president. And being a mother to the last of her breath, her admonition to her children is for them to take care of each other. It should do all of us good as a people to heed her advice.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working and having fun...

In one of my moments of web watching, i came across this article published at Dumb Little Man entitled " Should Work Be Fun? Not if you Want to be Successful."

The author expounds on the idea that what differentiates the A players from the B players is the willingness to do work that is not fun. That for you to be successful and at the top of your field, you should be discipline enough to do those gruelling, hateful tasks that your colleagues are unwilling to do in addition to the hard, smart , work that is normally required of everyone. He maintains that the most successful is reaping the most financial benefit because, he is the person that persists to do hateful tasks. His example was that of two economists of the same brilliance, one earns more, has a bestseller and is more widely known because he took the time to network and market himself, a task clearly un-fun to both academics. But the successful one persisted even though he doesn't like networking and marketing himself, he does it anyway because it is necessary.

Hubby totally understands this concept even though he is not fun of reading self-help books and articles. Sometimes, i think that he learns intuitively and follow-through on ideas and tasks needed to be done in order for him to be top of his field. Which is probably one of the reason why he is successful.

I, on the other hand, has some measure of success but not really what you would call at the top of my game. Precisely because there are some activities that needs to be done and traits needed to be out there. I am not fiercely competitive and a bit shy of my abilities and achievement. Really..

But success means differently to different people. And if there is onething new that I learned about myself, it is the fact that I could go out of my comfort zone if it means preserving those that are of value to me, like family. Right now, it is enough that i have work which allows me to have fun...sometimes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wishes for me from Tina

I just got this email from a friend and i just thought of passing these wishes on to you dear followers :

For you, I wish good health
For you, I wish happiness and peace of mind
For you, I wish success in
your personal life and in your career
For you, I wish the vanishing of hard feelings
among family and friends
For you, I wish laughter and joy
For you, I wish a strong faith to carry you through
the times that are hard
For you, I wish food upon your table
and clothes upon your back

For you, I wish a walk in the forest
For you, I wish friendship, honesty, and fidelity
with your mate

For you, I wish the hug of a child
For you, I wish the morning dew and sunlight
For you, I wish a bubble bath by candlelight

For you, I wish a good cry
For you, I wish the songs of a bird and
a babbling creek

For you, I wish lessons learned so you
will not make the same mistakes over and over

For you, I wish quiet times shared
with the one you love
For you, I wish the innocence of youth
and the wisdom of maturity
For you, I wish the experience of grass
beneath your feet
For you, I wish the receipt of joy in simple matters

For you, I wish the fragrance of a rose
For you, I wish a heart that is at home
For you, I wish dancing by moonlight
For you, I wish the pleasure of fishing

For you, I wish a Mother’s love

For you, I wish a good nights sleep
For you, I wish the laughter of a child
For you, I wish memories of days gone by
For you, I wish a heart nestled in
acceptance with yourself

For you, I wish dancing eyes and a ready smile

For you, I wish compassion and understanding
For you, I wish the appreciation of
a hard days work

For you, I wish safety at all times
For you, I wish insight
For you, I wish a spring rain

For you, I wish simplicity

For you, I wish a day of rest but most of all
I wish you love

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tips on getting work at oDesk

A new friend through Facebook has asked me for some pointers in getting work at oDesk. Since i become an oDesk member, I have been blessed by buyers choosing me for their jobs and so i thought it must be easy for everybody as well. If you are not getting enough work at oDesk, let me share a few tips of mine:

1. Play to your strength

When you register at oDesk you will be ask for your area of expertise or at least those areas where you are comfortable you can deliver the work required. While my background is in finance, I can also write articles and even do data entry and so i include this in my skills listing. In return, I get notifications from oDesk of job listings specifically catering to my skills.

2. Create an online presence

Part of the reason why i maintain this website it to show my potential employers sample of my posts during application and interview so they would get a feel of my writing and the field where i am most comfortable. If they assign me a topic, they will know what style i will employ since they are already acquainted with my writing style through this website. In a way, this blog of mine is no longer just for personal outbursts but that it is also helping me earn money online.

3. Give a competitive rate

Business is always about getting the most out of your investment and so buyers will always chose the service provider which offers the lowest cost assuming all things are equal. But don't give out a rate that is way too low else you might get swamped with job offers which later on you will be unable to fulfill. You will suffer that way because you will have low feedback rating from your buyer. If you set a low hourly rate, you can always negotiate later with your buyer especially for those more difficult assignment. I get a different rate for freelance academic work than for web content with SEO. There is no hard and fast rule to setting up a rate, all depends on how you can market your skills but do take the time to survey the rates offered by similar providers.

After you get job offers, do meet the buyer's deadline. It makes for good working relationship and they will give you priority for future job. If you're unable to meet their demands, please inform your buyer in advance so that they will not be inconvenience by it. Hope this helps you a bit. For further tips, please visit oDesk anytime.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bawal Magkasakit..

Last friday, i got soaked by rain. Although i brought my umbrella with me, I did not use it because i bought abby's birthday cake and so got both my hands full. Early Saturday morning, I woke up with an itchy throat and a heavy head. I tried not to mind it because we were going to go to Laguna hotsprings only to have our destination change at the last minute to Nasugbo in Batangas. We had lunch in Econo Inn at Tagaytay and got serenaded by their resident acoustic band who gave a very good rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. It's the first time that Abby experienced being sung happy birthday by a band and she was amazed and thrilled, i can tell.

Anyway, on our way to batangas, it rained so hard that we were really wondering if our trip to the beach was ill-timed. When we got there, there were only about three groups apart from us who were enjoying the stormy weather. I didn't enjoy swimming, the air was too cold and the sea is too rough. We went home around 9pm and stopped over at starbucks tagaytay for hot cappucinos. Hubby bought again sweatshirts for aj and abby. I puked. I was not feeling well, and was too cold. When we arrived home, i immediately fell asleep. Sunday morning, i awoke with a big headache but since hubby is scheduled to go to bataan that day to attend a baptismal i took biogesic just so we could come with him. True enough, i felt better most of the day. when we got back , I was even able to iron hubby's clothes. Monday was really difficult. I dont seem to have the strength to get up from bed. My body is aching all over, my head is throbbing, i felt nauseaus. I can't go to work. And so i did not, i just spent the whole day sleeping. I've had my check up today and i was prescribed antibiotics,a cough and a cold medicine. And right now, i am having watery stool. I checked my antibiotic's side effect and it includes diarrhea. wheww, that's my i have gatorade on my desk.

Which really got me thinking, how difficult it would be to get sick. You will have no income since you don't go to work. It's diffirent if you have a thriving business that earns on its own because you'll still have money even when you don't work. So stressful just thinking about all these things...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chowking, Intramuros

Two weekends ago, on our way to Pier 15 to look for japanese surplus airconditioning unit, we had breakfast at Chowking, Intramuros. Yes, this is the one closest to the Manila Cathedral. I was dismayed by how slow their service was. I guess it was customary to expect that being a fastfood service would really mean fast. Mc donalds timed theirs, and probably jollibee. Chowking does too in other branches of theirs that i have eaten..but not in Intramuros. When our order was taken, there were only a few customers. We waited for considerably a long while even though we ordered their breakfast offerings of longganisa. After waiting, i found out that the chicken i ordered was not punched. My mistake for not making sure the counter personnel had my orders correct. So i went to the counter again to order. There were already several people coming in and a line was forming so i had to fall in line to be served. Isn't it normal to expect that they should have another counter personnel/cashier so that order taking will be hasten and also so as not to make the customer wait? Am i making sense here? I just remembered how hungry i was that time and how hungry i am this time. hehehe

Anyway, when i went to the CR, i happen to notice the door to the kitchen was open, and a sign was posted that it was supposed to be a hair net area but a staff was going in and out without wearing one. And there were wet smudges on the floor, and an uncovered trash in the kitchen. While the CR for women were clean, the CR for the handicapped smells bad..Ughh

Sometimes, when i encounter lousy service, i just let it pass. Sometimes though when i take the effort to take some photos, i just write about it just to appease my offended sensibilities. Back to the additional order, i waited for it a long time when i notice a tray containing the items i ordered were in the counter probably awaiting a staff to give it to me. I went to the counter, checked if it is the same number that I was given and indeed it was, so i was the one who brought it to our table.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Three and still a baby...

We celebrate World day for International Justice today July 17. Back in 1975 this same day, american Apollo and Soviet Soyuz spacecrafts dock with each other in orbit marking the 1st such link up between spacecrafts from the two nations. About 247 years ago, Catherine II becomes Tsar of Russia. Three years ago on this same date, Abby Claire was born.

2006 was a difficult year for us. It was the year that mama had laparoscopic surgery to remove a stone in her gallbladder, it was the year that my father was diagnosed with Leukemia and the subsequent chemotherapy and trips to the hospital, the year of the accident that involved my sisters,me and my children , and the year that i knew i have MVP,cousin via having tubercular meningitis. It is the first time since living in Iligan that we didn't celebrate the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel with an open house for all visitors. It is easy to remember the hardships of 2006 but even more important is that we were mindful of the blessings that came along with those hardships. The most shining of those wonderful events of 2006 is Abby...

It just seemed yesterday when abby could be laid on my lap in a perfect fit.
She was a colicky child, cries most of the night and wants to be held constantly. I suppose it is true that your child will reflect the state of your pregnancy. I remember, I was always crying during those times. Not cry as in shedding a few tears, but really gut wrenching sob, sleepless nights cry. I thank God, really for helping me out during such difficult times.

Friends and family would say that abby takes on after hubby in looks. I suppose, that is true. Looking at both my children, i can't see any features of mine that they got. Really, I also want them to inherit hubby's guts, drive, passion and self-confidence. Especially Abby. Sometimes, I feel that Abby is too soft, like me. While AJ has a certain softness, she knows how to hide it and appear unemotional. Abby, on the other hand, wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to get hurt that way. This is not to downplay my own abilities. I'm sure God has showered me(and continues to do so) with some which has helped me to be what I am today, and I suppose He will also give my children what is necessary.

Anyway, when abby smiles she's just like my personal ray of sunshine. With her trademark curly unkempt hair, big round eyes and impish smile, she is still a baby to me at 3. Don't you just love her?