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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I won't care who moved my cheese...

I wonder if there ever is a person whose got no problem. Even the rich, the famous, and the beautiful have problems known only to them. No one person has it easy, some just know how to carry their problems well. A positive outlook certainly helps a lot.

Lately, i have been feeling a bit overwhelm by my own concerns. I wanted somebody to change, to conform to the way i expected him to be. Deep inside, i know that real change can not be forced. But still i persisted, i used reason and morals and promises given long ago. Now i know, that the only person i can really change is me. If i continue to look at things, and person and circumstances as the culprit there will be no real progress. I can only lead the horse to the water, i cannot make it drink. And so i will focus on me, changing those things and perception and attitudes that needed changing to make me a better and healthier and more effective me.

Hopefully, and with a lot of prayers, these same realizations will also come to him and change him.

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