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Monday, October 26, 2009

Bulag, Pipi, Bingi

Yesterday's homily inspired the officiating priest as St. Francis Church(10 o'clock) to sing to the parishioner. This was because the reading was about Thaddeus, a blind person who was so noisy and who kept on shouting even when the crowd wanted him silenced. He was calling Jesus so that Jesus will hear him and heal him. Thaddeus persisted and when Jesus told him to come to him, Thaddeus throw his cloak immediately which shows much of his faith in HIM. The cloak was his security blanket and to throw away your security blanket in exhange of the unknown speaks so much of your courage and the faith .

Anyway, the reading and the homily would not have so much impact on me if it were not for this song which the priest sang. Yeng Constantino has a version of this song, but i still like the original version:

Sa bawat yugto ng buhay, may wasto at may mali
Sa bawat nilalang ay may bulag, may pipi at may bingi

Madilim ang 'yong paligid,
hating-gabing walang hanggan
Anyo at kulay ng mundo sa 'yo'y pinagkaitan
H'wag mabahala, kaibigan, isinilang ka mang ganyan
Isang bulag sa kamunduhan, ligtas ka sa kasalanan


Di nalalayo sa 'yo ang tunay na mundo
Marami sa ami'y nabubuhay nang tulad mo
'Di makita, 'di madinig, minsa'y nauutal
Patungo sa hinahangad na buhay na banal

Ibigin mo mang umawit, hindi mo makuhang gawin
Sigaw ng puso't damdamin wala sa 'yong pumapansin
Sampung daliri, kaibigan, d'yan ka nila pakikinggan
Pipi ka man nang isinilang, dakila ka sa sinuman


Ano sa 'yo ang musika, sa 'yo ba'y mahalaga
Matahimik mong paligid, awitan ay 'di madinig
Mapalad ka, o kaibigan, napakaingay ng mundo
Sa isang binging katulad mo, walang daing, walang gulo

[Repeat CHORUS]

'Di makita, 'di madinig, minsa'y nauutal
Patungo sa hinahangad na buhay na banal

Actually, the priest only sung the lyrics pertaining to the blind and then stopped. I wish you could have heard him sing. Not especially because he has a beautiful voice but because the song was old and yet its significance remains true to this day and age. Maybe you'd like to sing it yourself. I had goosebumps when i heard it and was teary eyed. But i'm such a cry-baby so...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going home

Even though we've been living here in manila for about more than 6 months now, i still consider mindanao my home. It is primarily Iligan but zamboanga is also home to me because of my husband. September 29 is the feast day of St. Michael the archangel, patron saint of iligan. We have been planning on taking a much needed vacation and since we will be going home we might as well go to my other home, lila, bohol. Feast day of Lila is october 7, feast of the Lady of the most holy rosary. It was a two-week vacation which my children never wanted to end. When we left zamboanga, aj cried and didn't want to leave because she likes to be with her cousins. Suddenly, they are sorrounded by kids their age who speaks their language. When we left bohol, they echo the same sentiment. I remember, i had the same sentiment back when i was still a child. I never wanted vacations to end. But being an adult changes things and you know that you can't take vacations if you don't have money to spend.

September 26 was when typhoon Ondoy made a landfall. It was a quiet but rainy saturday for us all at the house. Hubby went to work that day but he said that we should already prepare our things so that when he arrives we can immediately leave. I was a little bit skeptical, after all a typhoon was raging. I didn't know that flooding in certain areas in central luzon including parts of metro manila has worsened. There was no power starting around early afternoon, so we were clueless about what's happening. I was only alarmed when we ran out of lpg for cooking our food. I asked my household help to buy food at nearby jollibee but they returned saying it was closed , so i said just buy any food that you can find. Later that evening, hubby called me to say that he can't go home yet since all the roads leading home is flooded. Finally, he came home around 10pm with chowking-to-o meals already cold. I am just happy he is able to come home. Typical of his nature, he said to pack up because we're leaving manila for home. He is tireless.

Shaw boulevard is already bereft of vehicles except for those going to kalentong, there were still traffic there. c-5 is deserted except for occasional light vehicles being stranded. We spent longer time at SLEX because there was still flooding there along with several light vehicles being stranded. I think i may have dozed off a little bit but i try not to because i wanted to keep hubby company. I could always offer to take his place when he feels sleepy but i could not equal his speed nor his concentration while driving. Besides, i am more familiar with manual rather than automatic transmission. And so he drove all the way to bicol until 4am in the morning until we stopped so that he could take a nap. We just parked on a shell station, forgot the name of the place. We slept for about an hour and then we proceeded to his friend in Pili or was it Naga who invited us to have breakfast. We went there, we freshened up, had a hearty breakfast and we were even given packed bicol delicacy for the road. Thanks very much, you know who you are. I learned during that visit that his wife has rheumatic heart disease and so the pregnancy has to be monitored also. But that's another story.

When we reached the port of Matnog, sorsogon, it was indeed time for lunch and we ate at eatery just outside the port's gate. We boarded the ferry and just stayed inside the vehicle for the duration of the 2 hour trip. Hubby slept the entire ferry trip and the kids where just playing. Since we can't get out of our vehicle, and i needed take a pee , i peed on a plastic cellophane. ha ha ha

We reached the port of Allen, Samar it was already dark and hubby decided that we take the Calbayog road instead of the road directly to catbalogan because the catbalogan direct is mostly rough road. I had stomach upset. We stopped at a restaurant in calbayog so that i could relieved myself. We passed by San Juanico bridge around 2 am and reached the port of leyte around 4 am but we had to wait a while because the ferry leaves at 6am. We paid for the airconditioned accomodation so that we could get some needed sleep but the kids were just running around that only hubby was able to sleep. We had brunch at a roadside eatery in surigao because we were really hungry, we've eaten nothing but instant noodles and biscuits while on the ferry. We dropped by our ninong at Butuan and we were served delicious buko pandan and sweet buko straight frim the shell. We even brought home 2 seedlings for planting.

We arrived in Iligan tired but safe and happy. All thanks to hubby and God Almighty!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Were here at tagaytay just to hv dinner and a breath of fresh air. With us is ate net,jojo,the yayas and us. Wr currently at Dencios tagaytay.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I hv bn awakened by a chest discomfort.also,at d moment d 2 yayas i hv decided not 2 come back anymore notwithstanding d cash advance they got.i hv prayed na