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Friday, December 7, 2012

Learning to Speak German

Some months back, i discover a great website that allows you to learn a new language, German among a few. The website is and in return you help in their translation efforts. Just recently, i got an email that informs me that they already have the Duolingo available as an app in Iphone and Ipad. I downloaded the app and have been learning German in my downtime. Not bad for anyone wanting to learn a new skill right?

I am highly recommending this one for anyone who is interested in learning to speak another language.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Affordable Deals

The husband decided to buy a new phone since the blackberry that i bought him last Jan doesn't work in Korea and Japan.  Apparently, it's not yet 3G. So he was influenced by my sister to switch to Samsung.
We went to greenhills to find the cheapest samsung galaxy note 2.  But here's what i found out.  Everything is cheaper in Greenhills if you pay in cash, especially the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  You will get it at around 26k cash.  If you opt to charge it to card, the price rises up to 37k for 3 months. That price by the way is at the Samsung store, if you get your unit at other stores in greenhills, the amount varies only a by a little.

If you want to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on a deferred payment , try getting it at SM Appliance Center at the lower ground of SM Megamall, they offer it at 34k zero-interest for 6-months or around 5.6k plus.  If that is still a burden on your pocket but you want to have this amazing smartphone, you can try the Samsung Store at the 5/F of SM Megamall. They are offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at 36k+ for 12 months zero-interest for you.

The cheapskate in me would suggest that you use your current phone and save up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  However, if you decide to buy do register it at SamsungDive and learn the apps needed to fully enjoy your smartphone.  By the way, they have a similar program to Apple's Find my Iphone so when your devices get lost you can still tract it.  And i suggest also to keep your receipt and the MEI number so when it's snatch or stolen, you can report it to NTC and have it blocked so that no one will be able to use it.

Here's your Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

For a full review visit GSM Arena.  As for me, I'll keep using my Blackberry for as long as it working. :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Who would have thought fearful,cheapskate me would try para-sailing in Boracay? Well, I did. Primarily because the husband wanted to try it, second is he is footing the bill and i didn't want to miss the opportunity to try something a little bit daring than my usual vacation activities.

At 41, if i wouldn't do it now i probably will not have another chance again. If my children are trying it, why wouldn't i? It's not like i'm jumping out of an airplane. Seriously, when we are already being lifted up i felt like signalling the boatman already to take us down. But abby was so excited that i didn't have the heart to be the one to end his enjoyment. So i just bear it. Surprisingly, being up there in the sky felt peaceful. And i actually enjoyed it. I must say that it's all thanks to the husband. Really, i get out of my comfort zone because his can-do attitude rubs on me. I'd say further that i am a little braver and stronger because of him.

Sadness Don't Come A-Visiting...

Don't. Especially so because i really haven't recovered from what you have revealed to me midyear. I may be laughing and grinning like i don't have a care in the world but it's really just me lifting myself up. Else, i would be down there in my personal hell.

You're lingering in my door these past few days. Not sure, if you came with the monthlies. If you do, just pass by. I really don't need you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

See You..Meet Up

This is an original post that i received from my good friend "Tina VL" through email. I asked her if i could post this on my blog and she said that she liked the idea. I take it to mean that she approved. So here it is...

my mobile phone beeps...
did not have seconds to look who is sending a text message
I was in a meeting and had to hurriedly silence the unit.
reading and re-reading the message, I did not feel any joy.

yes, I've been waiting for this message, for this reply.
had sent a text message to this person yesterday morning
and though, after 24 hours having heard nothing, I began to
feel happy. the week ended and half expecting a word from him na.
he said to meet up this week, have dinner and talk about work
or just talk

so if I am waiting for his reply and now that it came why I feel unhappy.
was it because were not for my text message yesterday, Friday,
I will not hear from him?
I already proven for many times that his "see you"
"see you around" and "see you over the weekend"
has no weight, is nothing to him

We see each other because the work draws us to meet,
the Saturday evening social gathering we both go to
has been one of the venue for us to see each other,
the birthdays, night life and dinner invite had been opportunities
to be both together in the same place.
so, you see Cristina, there is really no great effort from him
in all those times that you bump to each other

so why the fuss on this "meet-up"?
was it because since January this year that you heard
him talking about dinner out, talking over dinner and drinks
is becoming a reality?
and it was around this month last year that he also
asked you to meet up for the first time

can you not take it as one of those meetings
with friends at work? meeting with a colleague?
can you not take him as one of the boys needing attention
and someone to talk to?
can you not take the situation as it is?

guard yourself and be careful not to fall to his charm
and to his handsome face and to his kabuotan.
because there is nothing to all his "see you...",
"when was the last time that we meet"
and his "when are we going to meet"

I've been thinking to cancel the meeting.
anyway, we surely will meet this week.
though, we might have no time to really talk
it will be a quick "how are you doin?" question from him
a quick exchange of what we have been doing over the weekend.
a quick exchange of "feeling check" on each other's work.

I still have 9 hours to decide whether or not to cancel the meeting :)
or you can also think this way:
enjoy the time being with a handsome man by yourself,
with a free drinks, you can practice your English conversational skills
and who knows, he will buy you dinner.

Tina VL

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Korean Hair Salon Experience

Here's the photos which perhaps tells a better story than i could with words. What do you think?
Mr YG has a way of cutting hair that was very different from all that i have ever experienced before.  And i think that it's good that he doesn't sugar coat everything especially when you ask what will better suit a round face such as mine.  My hair does look good under his styling but it's not something that's wash and wear. Well, it could but my hair would just look like i've been ravaged by a tornado.  His fee is a thousand pesos while his wife five hundred while their Filipino hairstylists costs 350.  Really steep but I just had to try. You know!

Hello Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao

I have been neglecting these blog for several days now primarily because I have been busy with a lot of things lately.  I only have time to update this blog at night and since the husband arrived last October 29, we went on a road trip to Mindanao on the same day.  Anyway, what's new with this trip is that we took the Batangas - Mindoro - Roxas - Aklan - Dumaguete -Dipolog - Ozamis - Iligan - Zamboanga, Sibugay Route.  Lots of experiences to share so, i'll perhaps show you some of the roads we traversed and friend's houses we visited along the way.

This one is at Maninoy Tannie and Maninay Tessie's residence in Butuan City where we had dinner.
 This one was at Lipata Port, Surigao City on our way back already.
 The ever beautiful San Juanico Bridge.  I love bridges and all it represents. And if you ever want to study and get to know lots of bridges, the islands of Samar and Leyte are the best places to go to.  Somehow it just saddens me that the Maharlika Highway that used to be a flagship project of the government under GMA showed signs of neglect. National highway particularly from Surigao to Cagayan de Oro, as well as Quirino Highway in Luzon were terrible for roadies like us.
 In contrast, we never expected the national roads from Kapatagan passing through the interior municipalities of Sultan Naga Dimaporo and Tukuran of Lanao del Norte to be really well. We are simply awed that we have been going to Zamboanga from Iligan City and just discovered this now.
 I think this is Tukuran Port.

That's it for now.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feast of The Holy Rosary,Lila, Bohol

For the longest time, we weren't able to attend this year. Not that we really have been planning. The actual feast day is October 7. It is not the best of dates because of the children's school schedule and airline fees can be very prohibitive if not booked in advance. It doesn't seem cost efficient to spend 20k plus for only two days stay plus Iligan City Fiesta is on Sept. 29. The choice is hands down Iligan since my parents and sisters are there.

I could go by myself, of course or bring Maggie with me since she doesn't go to school yet. But there is no real motivation there. Well perhaps next year. In the meantime, we have these fiesta staples from Bohol courtesy of Nang Betis.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

National Seafarer's Day

Today September 30 is National Seafarer's Day. I think that it's nice to designate one day in a year to celebrate one's importance. Of course, we do have birthdays to do that but then it's always nice to celebrate the contribution of a group of people who has a significantly contributed to our economy and to their respective family not counting the risk and sacrifices that they have to endure.

Thank you hubster. And we love you.

For Me

For awhile now since the iPad was introduce, I have been entertaining the idea of buying one for myself. I never really got to doing it until yesterday. For several days now ever since I was able to meet with the girls' teachers over their report cards, I have been seriously contemplating on getting an iPad. Not that I was dismayed over their grades, but that I thought they could do much better if they study more. They're actually very smart in a non-bookish sort of way but I wanted them to have drive and determination to be on top of their respective classes, actually on everything they do.

How to do it? There are several materials on the web prepared by SuperMoms as study materials. I figured I can use those and prepare some of my own. Only, I don't want to spend preparing the materials on the desktop. So the iPad comes in handy. At the same time, I have been wanting to purchase an e-reader but also haven't got around to actually doing it. Now I'll just have to test the iPad if I can really do create review materials from here.

Back to the iPad, the price for a 16g at the apple store in Greenhills is Php 23,990. Quite steep but they offer a 6-month zero interest promo so it would just amount to 4k a month for 6 months. If I pay it in cash, it only be 22k but I figure I am willing to pay 2k extra for a flexible payment plan. This would mean that I will have to go without forced savings for 6 months because I bought the new iPad.

In addition, I bought a screen guard for 250 and a cover for 650. I think this is a well-timed purchase since I intend to use it a lot not only for me but also for the girls. My iPod will always be my music player.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Micro- Manager

I'm not. At home, i don't make menus. Well, i used to just as a guide for Yaya but i don't get angry when she doesn't follow what's on my list. I rarely cook although i buy ingredients for recipes that i want to. I may get around to cooking it if, i have nothing better to do.

As for the kids assignment, i check on their activity books and assignments and exam results. I get disappointed by low scores expecting them to be at the top of their class all the way but i move on. There's more to life than getting straight A's. I'd rather they be smart and wise beyond their years. Hopefully, they are that.

I see no point in obsessing about the details if the thing that you are concern about isn't going to matter in the grand scheme of things.

Bother Me

Yeah. I no longer wallow in resentment or feelings of betrayal as much as I am able. But you know, I wake up early morning, like 2 am early and dreamed of what you both did.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Abundance of Dreams

What is with me nowadays? I've been having dreams these past few days and i remember them in a hazy kind of way as oppose to not remembering at all.

When you dream and you remember your dreams, does it mean you slept soundly or you had a troubled sleep?

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Trouble With Sky Broadband

I have been a Sun broadband subscriber for more than a year now and while for the most part, I was satisfied with the service when it comes to chatting on skype or on yahoo or on facebook, it leaves much to be desired.  If you can't chat with your loved ones abroad because you get the message " Your internet connection is too slow" or that you always appear offline to them, what good does your internet connection do? If that is the main reason for having an internet subscription and you don't get it then I suppose, you just have to find other provider right? By the way, my sun broadband plan was the monthly Php 799.00

So I applied online for PLDT MyDsl but they took so long to get back to me that I get tired of waiting and applied for Sky Broadband instead.  I only have to call them once and they immediately had me upgraded my cable digital box to hd free and installed internet the day after. Everytime, i have a concern concerning my sky cable subscription, the response is immediate.  My subscription with Sky was for my cable to be upgraded to Php 499 per month from Php 280 previously while my internet is for multiple users, downloads and media streaming.  I expected it to be loads better with my sun subscription.  I can't yet make a comparison since, i have been unable to download movies from isohunt since transferring to Sky although skype signal is a lot much better.

However, 2nd week of August was the week of typhoons and thunderstorms and apparently many were affected.  The skycable modem that came with my subscription lost power. As in there is no light in the power indicator, nada. The same happened with our Pioneer Media Player which is another story.  Anyway, when i called up Sky they got back to me only after the 4th day and replaced me with another modem.  That was saturday evening when i had wifi. My desktop connected to dsl has no internet because apparently the lan card was among the casualty of the power surge which most in our area complained. When i bought a lan card, i can't connect anymore to the internet. I called up Sky cable maybe twice and both times, I was entertained by guys CSR who just told me to do a reset which i already did several times, and when i got back on the phone with them only to find that they already put the phone down. I was told that somebody will come by our house in the morrow if the system is not yet fixed but evening came and nobody came. So i called up sky again and this time, I was referred to a woman csr who if i'm not mistaken was named Angie or sounds about the same. She listened patiently to my complaint, did troubleshooting step-by-step, waited for me to finished doing the instructions on my pc which is in my bedroom while our telephone was in our living room and never put the phone down.  In fact when she told me to restart the pc, modem and router, and to wait for the pc to stabilize before connecting the others, i asked her "should i just call back later when everything's reset already?" She said, she'll wait until everything is done.  Kudos to her! I mean really.  If she's not yet the head of Sky CSR, she should be. And others should learn from her.

But that doesn't mean, my internet is back to normal. I'm still wifi-less, so i still have to slay that dragon or help someone who will do it for me.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Intuition and Dreams

Long time ago, i read somewhere that when you dream of a clear glass or any body of water, it means you will cry or you will discover something that will make you cry. There were several instances in the past that it came true for me. Well, perhaps it's coincidental because as life holds equal parts of laughter and tears right, whoever you maybe? Anyway what i was getting on was that every time i dreamt of water, i would be obsessing with the details as to was the water clear or not. Just like now.

I woke up to the ending strains of moonriver in my iPod. As with all dreams, the parts are hazy but one thing that i clearly remember is that we were in a place that overlooks a beautiful white beach at a distance. We weren't on vacation but since the beach was accessible, i thought maybe we could have our picture taken there taking a dip. And there's this couple of guys who where shovelling fist-size stones in our way which delayed us a bit. I assumed that my kids were with me. When we're already there, suddenly it's no longer the white sparkly beach that i saw at a distance but that we were hopping on swamps and there were patches of clear water but with dark things underneath like the ones you see on shore on low tide but this one is like no longer a sea anymore. I woke up, bothered. The last time, i dreamt about something That came true it was not hidden in symbolism but rather as straightforward facts.

Perhaps because i was bothered by certain facts that i have no way of verifying. I certainly hope the dream doesn't mean that i'll have something to cry about in the next few days. Crossing my fingers.

And then i went back to sleep and once again i dreamt that i was looking at man on sea riding on a raft and big waves seeming to come. The scene change and it is in Iligan with me washing a baby elephant from a tub of water. Suddenly, the tub disappear and i washed the baby elephant from a makeshift tub made of old tires. I saw the frontyard flooded but the fortuner was parked on my side where theres no floodwater. Another car that of my officemate was flooded but still it was able to run to parked at the other side. So, what's this? Crossing my finger it doesnt mean anything bad.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Benit Port, Southern Leyte

If you ever want to take a road trip from Visayas to Mindanao passing through Southern Leyte, here's the schedule at Benit Port, San Ricardo.  It's a much shorter route but a more dangerous one....

Wipe it All Out

This cleaning material is very handy around the house. In fact, it cleans just about everything.

Like this window grill, before picture..

After picture...

Zoobic Adventurel

The first time we visited Zoobic...
 The first ever tiger pose..
 The second time to go to Zoobic is the first time I was able to drive to Subic since the hubster is out of the country...

Now, Maggie already knows how to tiger pose :)

Been Living Under a Raincloud Lately

I Like it when it rains just like this. It's such a cleansing act. Not too much though. Just enough for the canal not to overflow.
When the weather is cold and damp, it's the best time to stay indoors, hug a pillow, read a book or just watch a movie.
One can hear the wind bristling, not howling and it feels like December once again. But it's actually August.
And it's quiet and peaceful.

Solane Delivers

During August's torrential rains, we ran out of Total LPG.  The store that we have been buying Total gas was closed and so i called up Solane hotline 887-5555 to check if it's really true that they deliver everywhere  and with a qualified technician.  They did deliver despite the torrential rain, only that it was not by a uniformed Solane technician but by this guy. But it was okay considering that he was very wet and he brought with him a solane mug and a P30 sun load.  Indeed!

Habagat sa Agosto

This is flood water on our street. It's only mid-thigh but towards the end of the street, it's actually already knee high.
 Thankfully, it hasn't really breached our gate.
But underground water seeped through our foyer and inside our house, about 5 inches.
It is scary, thinking the rain will continue pouring and flood water is going to get higher.
But the Filipino spirit is un-floodable. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Nights..

Some days i sleep peacefully, other days 3 hours is good enough. Sometimes, it's a full bladder that wakes me up. Sometimes, it's a dream so real it leaves me thinking all night. Some of the times, i think of the past and how it has hurt me. Then anger builds up and it would affect me negatively through out the day if my sane self would not butt in and positivize me.

Other times, thoughts of the future keeps me awake. Most times, it's just me lacking physical activity during the day. I certainly don't think that it is my conscience that's keeping me awake all night. I haven't done anything wrong to anybody or anyone that deserves a sleepless night. In fact i knew of someone who does a friend wrong with the most hurtful betrayal and yet sleeps like a baby. So no, i don't think
conscience has to do with it. Actually, i am sleepy already but i just ate andfor hyperacidic like me, it wouldn't do good to lie down immediately after eating. In the meantime, i will blog.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tale of A Married Woman Who Cheated.

For starters, I am not that woman. But i do know of a married woman who has been cheating on her husband for more than two years. She looks very conservative on the outside and very shy in fact but when she was being wooed by an equally married man, she surrendered to temptation and even develop an appetite for it finding it easy to lie to the husband, friends and family alike. She even orchestrated to tie the guy to her by claiming that her youngest is his. She cemented the relationship by sending love messages to the guy. If you see her, you wouldn't even think that she is capable of saying all the things that she said to the guy in their messages to each other.

When she was caught by her husband, she promised never to do it again but she persisted in sending messages to the other guy. Lots of married women who are like that.

All that for what? For missing out on sex? For not having the courage to tell her husband that she too has needs of her own and that she wants sex on a regular basis? That she has too much pride to ask her husband for physical intimacy yet shameless in getting into a relationship with another married guy?

Perhaps if she possessed more self control and discipline and values rooted in integrity, honesty and loyalty and really a deeper concept of what is morally right and wrong, she could have resisted. But judging from what she said, she blamed the other guy for courting her when he knew that she is already married. She pointed an accusing finger to the man she claimed to illicitly love rather than accept the fact that she's as much to blame maybe even more so for having an affair.

Honestly, how can you have sympathy for someone like that? And knowing that you presented yourself as very respectable and shy, how can you face your officemates knowing that they are talking about you behind your back? How can you face your daughters? Well, i was told by her husband that she comes from a family which is just like her. How can you face everyone who knows you?

Which leads me to ask the question: how to raise daughters with strong moral values that will protect them from people who will use love and money to lure them into a life of promiscuity?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Should I Pray About?

Dear Almighty God,

How are you able to forgive and forgive fully? You see, i need Your help right now. I've been lied to,insulted and hurt so many times, it would seem i have lost the ability to trust. How do you trust someone who repeatedly lie to you and spread rumors about you to justify their wrongdoing?

Is my prayer correct? Should i be praying instead to have the strenght To leave?

I really wanna know.

Dead Man Walking

Already broken, already gone
Already know you're moving on
Im a dead talking, im a deadman walking
Already seeing someone in my place

My Own Kind of Demon, Then And Now

Here we go again. Here i go again. Sometimes, i wonder if i possess a little bit more pride than i should have, this pain could have disappeared a long time ago, and i would have been peaceful now. If i was braver than i am now, if i wasn't so afraid of struggling financially, maybe i wouldn't be suffering this intensely. Why else would someone stay where she's not wanted. For your sake, what are you doing to yourself. How can you possess so little self-respect and allow someone to abuse you emotionally and verbally?

What kind of upbringing it is that teaches children to persevere in suffering? If i was a metal and this trial of mine is the furnace, i probably am already gold right now.

But then again, i'll probably have other demons to face.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Genius that is Mozart

I was able to download for free the whole works of Mozart. Even now, I still couldn't help but be amaze at how he composed all of it. And that coming from someone who doesn't know anything about piano, at all!

Do geniuses like him have problems as basic as jealousy? Did it make him any happier knowing that he has a talent that the whole world recognizes as simply genius?was he ever insecure?

Am asking because, it seems that the opposite of genius is stupidity. Someone who keeps doing what she is doing and expects different results.!

Friday, July 6, 2012

O This Feelings!

I wish i could feel the love again. Or be secured again. Or that feeling of contentment again. Waking up at 3 am and feeling that hollow feeling inside seems to be the order of the day.

I know, i know , put everything in perspective. Worst things have happened to other people. In fact, i should be thankful right now. And i am, believe me. Yet, i can't shake off that feeling of emptiness. You will never know it unless you are in my shoes.

I thank God for a lot of things, for everyday in fact, for His abundant material blessings and for my family. I am. I truly do. Does it make me less thankful if i say that i am still depressed?

No more drama, please.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exit Wound

I don't think i'll ever gonna be ok. There are days when i don't even think about it. There are days when there's just no stopping the tears and the anger just keep on building up.

How do i get over past it? Is it ever worth my struggle?

Raining Cats and Dogs

Honestly, did you really think it's all just going to go away because i seemed ok?

Nope. You've broken the glass trust so many times, it seemed like when i handed you a new one doesn't really matter because you think my supply is inexhaustible. I thought so too. I don't have to hold on to something that's meaningless to you. In fact, everything would probably just going to be fine without you.

The next time you act the wounded party, Stop! You're not. Sell your act somewhere will someone may yet believe you. As for me, those words out of your mouth are just empty rhetorics meant to hook someone into believing what a good and dignified person you are. Stop the drama.

I hate you. And i never hated anyone before.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Diamond Peel For Less

Last week, i bought 4 diamond peel services at Let's Face It for the price of 2! For only 990, you can already have 2 sessions of diamond Peel. That's 50 % savings! Hurry , you might yet be able to catch it.

The Calm That Fresh Linen Brings

I think everyone agrees with me that one of the things we love about being in hotels is the clean, crisp and matching bed linens.

Last week, SM Megamall hold a Home sale at Tektite and i purchased 2 sets of bed lines at a much lower price! I figured, might as well have 2 sets to avail of the 0 percent interest for 4 months. Daphne linens were not on sale but canadian does and a lot others with thread count of 360.

I figured, our bedroom should be as relaxing as can be so as to help us recharge after a long days work. Itis a good thing to indulge ourselves in guiltless pleasure once in a while.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why I Want To Be Obscenely Wealthy!

Bo Sanchez inspires a lot of people including me. With the values that i have, i figured i needed a valud reason to become rich. If i want to get rich just because it's more fun to have more money than none couldn't just be a reason alone for me. There has to be more.

So these are my reasons for wanting to be wealthy:

1. To provide for my family so well that we can take vacations to anywhere that we want to, send my children to schools without worrying about the costs. Family to me includes my parents, siblings and in-laws in addition to my husband and children and any other member of my household like yaya ann.

2. I would like to adopt a foundation or start one if there isn't one yet that takes women and children off the streets. I want to be able to give them hope for a better life, to have dignity, to be re-educated so that their confidence in themselves will be restored, to train them to be productive and earning members of our society, to give them temporary shelter until they are brave enough to stand on their own. That alone needs an obscene amount of money.

3. To be honest about it, there are somethings in life that i would have wanted for myself if only i have so much money. Like being able to dine
In the finest restaurants, buy all the books i want, a kindle fire, beauty treatments i am not able to afford now.

So i better start now. Hopefully, before the year ends i will already be on my way to becoming wealthy just like Henry Sy.

Another Lesson In Plumbing

Woke up to the sound of water gushing out from our CR's water pipe. It turned out, the faucet was ripped off from the pipe due to the strong water pressure.

I knew that we had a leak somewhere and i particularly know that there is a minor leak in that faucet. When our water bill reached 10k this month, i asked our neighborhood plumber to do a re-piping from the MW line to our house and paid him 3.5k just for that while materials cost about 5k in all.

For the life of me, i didn't think of having the leak inside the bathroom repaired when i see it day after day. I just ignored it. Normally, i could always deduce well. A small leak now could burst any minute over time but i didn't think that way. I should have addressed it while i still could. I still could address the plumbing problems even now that it burst.

As it is in plumbing, so it is in real life. I wonder if the leaks or 'problems' that we have has been tightly addressed.

How does one correct someone who has a serious morality issue? What does one say to somebody who knows that what he is doing is wrong and yet he still plotted and planned until he achieved it? Is it even up to you to punish that person? And how do you punish that person without compromising your own moral values?

As a parent of three girls, i wonder at night if I am raising them correctly with all the proper values that will guide them later in life. I see lots of misguided young women today and women of my generation without a strong set of values. For the sake of small trinkets or even in the name of 'love', they enter into relationships with married men and even justify it. How were they raised? I'd like to know because i do not want to raise my daughters like that.

As for me and my sisters, i'd like to say that my parents trained us well. But i can't recall a single defining moment to become who we are now. I do remember that we constantly go to church every sunday without fail as a family. Sure, they were not perfect and we all have our own issues but i'd like to think that values wise and morality wise, we are properly anchored. It could not have been that i was not tempted. It's probably because i look incorruptible or that i stay away from sticky situations before it becomes one.

Could i be addressing this particular leak in my life just in time? Correctly even?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Musical Fountain Show @ Manila Ocean Park

We really enjoyed the musical fountain show at Manila Ocean Park tonight. I saw the promo at metrodeal which sells the 30-minute spectacular of lights, sounds, water fountain and fireworks for only Php 150 per head. Since my parents and siblings were coming to manila in july, this would be a good show for them and for the kids. I actually was lining up on activities for them to go to so that their time here won't be spent entirely at home.

We actually left home about 3:30 pm just to give allowance for traffic. Indeed, when we were at the southdrive of tm kalaw for the entrance to the park, we were stuck for a time. Somebody told us to just go in through the Manila Hotel entrance. Even there, it still took us sometime because there was a nationwide gathering of couples for Christ.

Anyway, we were allowed to get onside the viewing area around 6:30 pm already and were quite pleasantly surprised that everyone of us who watched the show was given a raincoat.

I won't spoil everything by giving you a minute by minute account of the show but let me just assure you that it will be fun in a simple, unexpected kind of way.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Face It!

I will never be a beauty. Certainly, i could go to treatment salons and undergo those expensive treatments but even after all those things, i'd still be me physically. Well, my face would probably be a little bit fairer with less pimple scars or that my over all akin toned will become whiter.

I will never be able to eclipse someone born beautiful with all these beauty treatments. Still, i have to try. No, not eclipse them. But i need to try to bring out whatever best feature in me physically. You could say that's a bit shallow. And it probably is. But it's no longer enough for me to be comfortable with what i have. And it isn't a crime to improve yourself. As to what limit of improvement, you can do for yourself that is up to you.

Let's face it is a cheaper alternative. Facial Care Centre would have been my choice but it is very expensive. I don't know about Belo. So yes, i'l probably give Belo a try one of these days.

I Wonder

I truly wonder why there are people who do the most hateful of things yet act as if they are the offended party!

What is it about sweet and shy and seemingly religious married women turning out to be having an affair with equally married men?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Self control vs integrity

I doubt if you need much self-control if you have integrity right? If you're a person possess of integrity, i doubt that you will be in a possession where you need to put your self-control to a test. If temptation comes knocking at your door, you don't open it right? You run the opposite direction!

Or then again, if you have self control you must have tons of self control. How can one live without values and ideals? What makes a person so depraved and corrupt as to plan evil and bring so much unhappiness especially to those closest to him?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bugger This!

It is true at least for me the saying that women cast long shadows on small things. In the not-so-distant past, year 2007 actually, i was having milk secretions when i already stopped breastfeeding several months before that. I actually thought i had brain tumor when my doctor ordered me to have a prolactin level test. Yes, it is a test to tule out brain tumor but i was already depressed just thinking that i may have it already. Thank God that it was not the case. The milk secretion was a side effect of long term use of motilium. When i stopped taking it, the secretions stopped.

Fast forward to now. My back aches most of the time. I noticed this kind of pain back in december of 2010. I did't think about it much but i did have it checked. I had chest xray because i had also terrible dry cough at that time and the results showed something which prompted the doctor to 3 other xray views. I have been praying for it to be normal and Thank God, it was.

And now, i'm feeling it again. The back pain that seems to press on a certain spot in my left side. My doctor said it's probably muskulo-skeletal and ordered me to have a spine xray. And my aunt came to mind. She had back pains and it turned out to be cancer. I know, i am stressing myself over this kind of thinking and it't not helping me. It will probably just trigger my hyperacidity but i have these to think of.

But i can always pray. Praying has always been my solace, so bugger these fearsome thoughts!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Work

I am working in a different industry now. It's still 9-6 just like my old one but this time, it is a lot stricter. There never did much structure to begin with in the old one. In a happiness meter scale meter of 1 to 5, i'd say it's a 4. I like the people, well not everyone but most( ha ha).

Anyway, i never did asked for much. I wanted a higher salary but I also wanted workdays without weekends and overtimes. So this work is good for me really. I am thankful.

The Bohol Trip That Never Was

Last night the husband told me that i should go to Bohol together with the kids to attend a cousins wedding. Truth be told, I wasn't that excited but in my mind I was already making plans. I am not exactly fond of flying but that i can overcome. When i searched for the cheapest plane fares for the 5 of us, it amounted to 25k!

Right now, it's not practical for us to spend that amount when we could use that for tuition fees. Besides, there is another matter which is better left undiscussed here.

So, i wish the soon-to-be wedded couple a lasting and happy marriage. But we won't be there.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How do you turn it off?

I miss my husband very much. Or this is just me coping with all the stress work has given me. I am not complaining about my work mind you, just that i haven't been able to tell somebody close to me how stressful it is to work for two companies at the same time.

I don't know. Maybe this is something hormonal. I do know that if the husband is here i sleep 5 hours straight, nows i usually get only 3 at the most. I'm feeling sick. My back aches all the time. I feel like vomiting now. And i think the muscles in both arms shivers.

I hope the husband comes home soon. I pray that he finds another company whose ships have internet so we can communicate all the time. I hope he finds another company who will appreciate the man that he is.

I pray he is safe and healthy whereever he is this moment. I pray the same prayer for myself, for each of my daughters, for every member of my family. Amen.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Visita Iglesia

Since transferring to our home here in Makati last year, we started a tradition of visiting churches for each of the stations of the cross. Last year, we started around 8pm on holy thursday and got home just about 2am. This year,  we started a little after 1pm since I will be the one driving and we are not really familiar with all the streets here in makati and manila area.  Luckily, the husband has a friend who has become like a brother to us and who went with us on our visita iglesia. 

I have already picked the churches ahead so that the trip wouldn't take us too long going around but when we can't locate the ones we originally intended to visit, we discovered other churches instead which are nearer.  Earlier that day, i have been  complaining of irritable bowel syndrome and stomach flu and my aunt has been disuading me on doing visiting 14 churches. Ordinarily,it would have been easier to just give in anyway i had a perfect excuse but thankfully, I didn't.  It wouldn't have been as fulfilling. Well, with my ibs and stomach cramps it's actually more like a wait-and-see attitude. I prayed that i get healed so that we can finally do our visita iglesia.Also for a safe and uneventful one. And God answers prayers so we were good to go.

So here's the churches that we visited this year:

1.  St. John of The Cross
     Pembo, Makati

2.  San Roque Parish

3.  Mater Dolorosa Parish
     East Rembo

4.  Santuario de San Antonio
     Mc kinley Road

5.  St. John Bosco Parish
     Pasay Road cor. Amorsolo

6.  The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart
     Bagtikan St. Makati

7.  Our Lady of La Paz Church
     Onyx, Makati

8.  Holy Cross Parish
     Nazario, Makati

9.  Holy Family Parish
     Faraday St., Makati

10.Malate Catholic Church

11. Ermita Shrine

12.Our Lady of the Assumption Parish
     Actually, we didn't find this one on Quirino Ave. cor Asuncion but instead we found St. Andrews Church

13. St. Francis Church
      St. Francis St., Mandaluyong City

14.  Sacred Heart Parish
       Acacia Lane, Mandaluyong City

It was already past 8pm when we were done with the last station and so we just drove-thru Jollibee Acacia Lane for our dinner and got home to a very lonely Metal who was incredibly happy to see us.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I get sentimental

Waking up early, always gets me thinking about things. My three girls are still asleep. Looking at them sleeping soundly fills my heart with so much peace and thankfulness to You God. And then, swift as a deer my thoughts shifted to the future. My children are still young and so they still listen to me. Later on when they are already grown up they will learn to assert themselves, make decisions on their own, make choices that may not coincide with my idea of what's best for them. It is overwhelming.

So my prayer is that may God help me and the husband raise our children well. May we raise them with values of goodness, persistence, industry, a strong faith in God Almighty. May we also be able to impart to them and mold them how to stand by their principles.

It is overwhelming. But then again, prayer helps.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

S and R, Bonifacio Global City

Yesterday, the girls and I were doing our grocery shopping at S and R, Bonifacio Global City. I would have wanted it to be at Metro, Market Market but the traffic was so bad along the parkway so I drove straight ahead.  Anyway, to cut the story short I left my wallet on the pushcart and remembered it only upon arriving home.  I immediately returned back and told the guard at the entrance that I left my wallet on a cart at the 2nd level parking.  The guard very kindly assisted me to park in the reserved space near the entrance and told me to go directly to membership area. At the membership, the staff who attended my request called up the headguard and lo and behold the guard who earlier assisted me to load up the groceries in my car was actually the headguard.  But he insisted that they did not found anything and that perhaps I should checked my car and the groceries because I might just have misplaced it there. I insisted that it could not be because i specifically remember putting it on the cart while going up the ramp, leaving the car at the covered walkway to get my car. I didn't alight anymore from the car because they were already loading the groceries at the back that's why i forgot my wallet. Anyway, the guard said he will accompany me at the 2nd level parking and that he also called up the other guard who assisted me who also said that he didn't see anything.  I insisted that perhaps they could also ask the employee who is incharge of putting all the pushcart back down.  The guy came up and also said that he really didn't saw anything also but that they didn't return any pushcart below yet. Maybe, my husband's persistence rubbed up on me , I insisted on checking the carts myself.  So I went through all the pushcarts parked on the side and there it is, my wallet!

It's really my fault to be forgetful or careless, however you may call it. But since S and R is a membership shopping store, my expectation was that they would be more polite and accomodating than SM or other department stores. And I was right so this post is a heads-up to the guards, the membership staff, and the one who takes care of the pushcart.  Nobody else found my wallet but me, but every person that I approached was kind and accomodating so again, this post is a thumbs up for them.

Also, I was praying all the way on the drive back towards S and R.  Thank you God.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Battle With the Bulge

The other day, when i went to STI-Delos Santos Megaclinic for a papsmear i spotted the platform scale vacant so i weighed myself.  I gained a pound more at 126.  Yesterday when I was having my hear treated at Reyes Hair Center, I was dismayed by the bulges in my tummy.  It's more like inches now.

I do get the idea that weight loss can only happen when you refrain from eating more than the usual and increase in physical activity.  It has been in my goal list to at be at my pre-pregnancy weight at 115 lbs. Partly to blame is my laziness.  I bought a wii sports but i seldom use it. And i have been eating too many chocolates these past weeks. I mean , I am not complaining. I'm just writing out loud the things that are helping me gain weight. I think eating is not the problem.  It's the lack of physical activity that's really more of the factor.

So, I am setting this publicly that my weight goal is to be at 115 lbs.  To achieve that, I will need to
  • use the wii, saturdays and sundays for at least an hour
  • register at least 4,000 steps on my pedometer daily
  • cut back on my chocolate consumption atleast, only twice a month
  • drink lots of water instead of juice
  • no more carbonated sodas
I really hope this will work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Save at Enchanted Kingdom..

So this should have been the post before the hot air balloon since we went the saturday before the hot air balloon event but well, let's not nitpick. Or me not.

Our youngest sis Bing and her friends were the ones going and we didn't have any plans of going along with them there since the husband has a training to go to. He said that we should and that i should be the one to take the vehicle since he was going to be stucked in training the whole day anyway. I was both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I am finally going to be able to drive on the Slex on my own!!!

So we actually went early around 8am and Slex was a breeze to drive through in the early morning, no traffic at all southbound.

My realizations inside Enchanted Kingdom: it's way too expensive not to bring your own food. I mean, if we had planned it ahead of time i will certaily bring lunch and coolers and leave it at the car. If it's time to eat we could just go out and eat inside the car. Water bottles are allowed inside so that at least is enough savings. Really, for a budget conscious family to have fun at enchanted i say bring your own food and eat at your car. I saw lots doing it.

17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Yeah, we we're among the throngs of people who went to Airport City, Clark, Pampanga to witness more than 20 hot air balloons flying. In reality though, we saw only around 3 or 4 in actual flight from a far even. We decided to watch Saturday but another thing came up and the husband couldn't come with us so we went on Sunday. We woke up around 4 am and left the house at 4:30 in order to catch heating up the balloons and the much-touted flag ceremony but we were stucked at NLrx due to heavy traffic. Thanks to husband's expert maneuvering, we were able to get out of the mess enough to still get some. Anyway, we passed about 3 cases of vehicle collission and one was so bad because it involved 9 vehicles on the overtaking lane. Whew!

Regardless, we still enjoyed going over there. We especially had fun kite-flying. The man seems to me was expert in everything even in kite flying. Many actually bought kites but failed to make it fly but the hubby flown 3! Much can be said about not giving up and the husband's will and perseverance is definitely up there.

So it's dubbed a weekend of everything that flies so there were infact many things to see aside from hot air balloons, so i think it's going to get bigger and bigger every year. The only thing that's a drawback was the Portalets. I'm grossed out even by the memory of it. Hopefully, the event organizer will be able to find a solution for it in the future.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bolinao, Pangasinan

Woke up at 4 am today in a different but welcomed sorroundings. Several specks of light dotted off the coast off Bolinao. Fishermen! We've rented two airconditioned cottages at Patar, a sleepy barangay of Bolinao, Pangasinan. As a seasoned spur-of-the-moment local tourist, we try to stay away from known and established beach resorts for two reasons: Cost and the joy in discovering something new and beautiful that we can share to others.

We left Manila after lunch and reached Bolinao around 6 pm. We drove to the the Nabi side but the husband decided that the other side of the coast has the more beautiful beaches. Apparently, sometime in his earlier seafaring days touring Asia, they would pass by This side of Bolinao on their way to Singapore. I can just imagine the inner sense of fulfillment he had upon reaching this place when before He was just on a ship looking on this strip of sandy beaches dotted with low lying coconut trees.

We rented the 2 cottages for only 4,500. The cottage occupied by the Insigne family has twin beds wide enough for the couple and their 2 girls. Our cottage is bigger since it has three wide bamboo beds. The husband and i along wit maggie occupied the leftmost bed, the one on the center was claimed by Aj and Abby, the remaining bed by my auntie Net with Yaya annielyn. We asked for an extra bed for The hubster's nephew who also cane along with us.

The rooms are tiled, so they were easy to clean and maintain. We didn't expect that we were cooking so we didnt bring tools with us. Not to worry though because the caretaker lent us theirs so all we needed are the produce to cook for. We went to a little store 3 kilometers away just before the bridge going to Patar. That little store almost have anything we wanted for a cook-out meal. The ice, kerosene and rice we bought at a bigger store just after the bridge.

Dinner consisted of fried yellow fin tuna, tinolang yellow fin tuna, and lechon paksiw. The men had beers while us girls tested Arbor Mists' blackberry. It really is nice sharing meals with friends and family. I am deeply thankful God for this immeasurable blessing. Thankful as well for blessings past and yet to come.

So am gonna post some of the photos taken soon.

Here's the address:

Liberty Beach Resort
Ilog malino, Patar
Bolinao, Pangasinan
Mobile no.09286153017

Where Art Thou O Pain Reliever

I may have pinched nerve or muscle again on my right shoulder. It is giving me soreness and pain. I over-exerted on the Wii without any stretching. Who would have thought i get this from playing Wii? Well, here's a thought for me: stretch before every physical activity that requires a bit of force. Even sex, I suppose.

So, am back to applying salonpas patch on my sore muscles. I suppose, i will have to buy a liniment or something to somehow ease the pain. I have discontinued buying efficascent for sometime since it is no longer safe for it to be around in our household, methyl salicylate being poison. Maggie has taken to opening small bottles she can get her hands on and although we try to put everything out of reach from her, you can never be too careful with toddlers.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blue Bay Resort, Laiya, San Juan , Batangas

Would you like to spend a night or several nights at Laiya, San Juan , Batangas together with your family and friends in an airconditioned cottage all by yourself for only P1,500 ? Yup, that's the amount we paid when we went for a day in the beach at Blue Bay Resort, Laiya , San Juan Batangas.  The cottage that we rented accomodates about 15 people, with clean bath and comfort rooms.  Also, you can bring groceries or buy at a nearby talipapa and cook everything yourself. By the way, it's the same clean beach anyway but cheaper.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sorry Eyes

After the Christmas vacation, we've been hit by conjunctivitis or commonly known as sore eyes.  Maggie, the baby in the family was the first to contract it. It just started like she was having low-grade fever and then the following day, her eyes started to have mucus-like discharges and then on the third day she already had red eyes.  Initially, it wasn't really a cause for concern because she just sleep it off.  What was alarming was that her fever has been on and off for about 5 days now which really peaks at night. On the fifth day, I had her checked up at a Pedia doctor at SM Megaclinic together with Abby who also has sore eyes about a day later than Maggie.  The doctor prescribed maxitroll for both of them differing only on the dosage given.  That night, i noticed blood already on Maggie's tears.  When I told the husband about it, he said it probably because she scratched her eyes or that she had a little cut near her eyelid.  I didn't want to appear like an alarmist( which I probably am!), so i let it be.  The following morning, she woke up really with dried blood around her eyes.  The husband left early for his morning bike so there was no one to tell me to calm down.  I went to the ER of Makati Medical Center and had Maggie's eyes checked.  Initially, one of the Pedia-On Call told me that it was nothing out of the ordinary and just told it's viral and proceeded to rattle out the things i needed to do with persons afflicted with sore eyes.  Maybe she missed the initial interview i had with the attending nurse, so I told her that there was blood in her eyes.  That caught her attention.  We really should do that.  Doctors should sit down and listen with each of their patients even when they have many and especially when they are at the ER.  That said, they called for an Opthalmologist consult and the diagnosis was that it really was conjunctivitis and the one that got both my daughters was the hemorrhagic type. I got the feeling that it had something to do with the application with the medicine  so i stopped giving it to them and instead just washed their eyes with water.  Anyway, they wouldn't open their eyes also when it's time to give them the medication. Also, i read somewhere on the internet that there really is no need to give any medicine for conjunctivitis.  Right now, Maggie and Abby still has it although Maggie showed signs of clear eyes except for the side which still show red portions.  Abby's eyes are still a bit swollen and still with discharges.  A week after Maggie and Abby, Me , AJ and Yaya are infected.

Hopefully, this viral infection will clear up in the next few days. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tastiest Spanish Bread That Side of Visayas

If you ever find yourself at the Ferry Port in Allen , Samar locate Larlene's Bakeshop and try their newly baked Spanish Bread.  I swear, they have the tastiest Spanish Bread that side of Visayas or even the whole of Philippines. Exagge much?! Go on try it and see if I am not telling the truth.  Between me and my three kids ages 7, 5 and 1 we managed to gobbled down P100 worth of spanish bread and that's 50 pieces.  I tell you, they are addictive!

Benit Port, Southern Leyte

It has become a sort of tradition for us to go home to Mindanao by way of a land trip starting from our home here in Luzon, then through Visayas and then finally Mindanao.  So yeah, we pretty much get to use the Maharlika or the Nautical Highway started by then President Erap and then later on improved by GMA.  Whatever GMA may have done, she really did a good job in connecting our islands through ports and ferries with improved services.  And i digress..

Anyway, we left makati around 11 pm December 22, 2011 and reached the Port of Matnog, Sorsogon just enough to catch the 12 noon ferry bound for Samar.  The ferry boat took us just below 2 hours and as with time well spent, we barely even mind that we were on a boat.  One thing that could be said about Montenegro ferries is that they have faster boats and cleaner too. We dallied a little when we reached Catbalogan because we had to freshen up, washed or take a bath.  Somehow, me and the kids have adjusted to life on the road finding out those roadstops that have abundant water and clean restrooms.  We also make it a point to call ahead , friends and acquaintances on our way so that we could visit them and get invited for a meal ha ha ha.

Update: Boat fare is P 140.00 per adult + P 17.00 Terminal Fee = P157.00
                                       70.00 per child +    17.00 terminal fee  =     87.00
Kidding aside, it's a good way to renew friendships especially those whom we barely see because of the distance.  Anyway, we had dinner at the home of such friend when we arrived at Tacloban, Leyte. And on our way to Liloan, we were also met by the lovely Maritess Bactindon, wife of the husband's good friend Capt. Allan Bactindon of Bato, Leyte who gave us lots and lots of Suman, and other goodies to enjoy along the way. Really, there is no shortage of good and generous people along the way.

The ride to Liloan was as usual in the dark of night and ashamed to say only the husband was awake since he was the only one driving and it was raining too.  When we reached Liloan Port, we were told by the guard that the next sched will be at 4am yet but along the way, the husband saw a new ad about a new port at San Ricardo, Barangay Benit and decided to try it.  It's good thing because, the ferry ride took us only less than two hours which is way better than being in a ferry for about 4 hours at Liloan Port.  And the terminal is way much cleaner and the ferry boat also. Thumbs up for Montenegro Shipping Lines!

I have to say though that the road going to San Ricardo although well cemented has lots of sharp descending and ascending turns. Not for the faint-hearted driver.  Infact going back to Manila, we saw a fuel tank vehicle being hauled up.  It must have miscalculated and fall off the ravine.  As with all dangerous undertakings, the view makes up for it. Well not exactly makes up but somehow it takes the edges off the danger because really the trip is shortened and you pass through really interesting quaint places that seemed untouched by modernization.

This time, our trip was less tiring and more fulfilling. Although, the husband will probably disagree on account of much needed road repair along Surigao-Butuan stretch and a little bit in Misamis Oriental-Iligan road. Anyway, this time I was able to drive long stretches. So would I recommend San Ricardo Port? Definitely Yes! But always be careful!

Montenegro Shipping Lines
Batanga City Tel #723-8989

Satellite Office: Batangas (043) 7238294
                           Lucena   (042)  3737084
                           Masbate  (056)  3335535
                           Bacolod  (034)  7081322
                           Caticlan  (036)  2887373