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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

See You..Meet Up

This is an original post that i received from my good friend "Tina VL" through email. I asked her if i could post this on my blog and she said that she liked the idea. I take it to mean that she approved. So here it is...

my mobile phone beeps...
did not have seconds to look who is sending a text message
I was in a meeting and had to hurriedly silence the unit.
reading and re-reading the message, I did not feel any joy.

yes, I've been waiting for this message, for this reply.
had sent a text message to this person yesterday morning
and though, after 24 hours having heard nothing, I began to
feel happy. the week ended and half expecting a word from him na.
he said to meet up this week, have dinner and talk about work
or just talk

so if I am waiting for his reply and now that it came why I feel unhappy.
was it because were not for my text message yesterday, Friday,
I will not hear from him?
I already proven for many times that his "see you"
"see you around" and "see you over the weekend"
has no weight, is nothing to him

We see each other because the work draws us to meet,
the Saturday evening social gathering we both go to
has been one of the venue for us to see each other,
the birthdays, night life and dinner invite had been opportunities
to be both together in the same place.
so, you see Cristina, there is really no great effort from him
in all those times that you bump to each other

so why the fuss on this "meet-up"?
was it because since January this year that you heard
him talking about dinner out, talking over dinner and drinks
is becoming a reality?
and it was around this month last year that he also
asked you to meet up for the first time

can you not take it as one of those meetings
with friends at work? meeting with a colleague?
can you not take him as one of the boys needing attention
and someone to talk to?
can you not take the situation as it is?

guard yourself and be careful not to fall to his charm
and to his handsome face and to his kabuotan.
because there is nothing to all his "see you...",
"when was the last time that we meet"
and his "when are we going to meet"

I've been thinking to cancel the meeting.
anyway, we surely will meet this week.
though, we might have no time to really talk
it will be a quick "how are you doin?" question from him
a quick exchange of what we have been doing over the weekend.
a quick exchange of "feeling check" on each other's work.

I still have 9 hours to decide whether or not to cancel the meeting :)
or you can also think this way:
enjoy the time being with a handsome man by yourself,
with a free drinks, you can practice your English conversational skills
and who knows, he will buy you dinner.

Tina VL

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