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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Who would have thought fearful,cheapskate me would try para-sailing in Boracay? Well, I did. Primarily because the husband wanted to try it, second is he is footing the bill and i didn't want to miss the opportunity to try something a little bit daring than my usual vacation activities.

At 41, if i wouldn't do it now i probably will not have another chance again. If my children are trying it, why wouldn't i? It's not like i'm jumping out of an airplane. Seriously, when we are already being lifted up i felt like signalling the boatman already to take us down. But abby was so excited that i didn't have the heart to be the one to end his enjoyment. So i just bear it. Surprisingly, being up there in the sky felt peaceful. And i actually enjoyed it. I must say that it's all thanks to the husband. Really, i get out of my comfort zone because his can-do attitude rubs on me. I'd say further that i am a little braver and stronger because of him.

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