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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Korean Hair Salon Experience

Here's the photos which perhaps tells a better story than i could with words. What do you think?
Mr YG has a way of cutting hair that was very different from all that i have ever experienced before.  And i think that it's good that he doesn't sugar coat everything especially when you ask what will better suit a round face such as mine.  My hair does look good under his styling but it's not something that's wash and wear. Well, it could but my hair would just look like i've been ravaged by a tornado.  His fee is a thousand pesos while his wife five hundred while their Filipino hairstylists costs 350.  Really steep but I just had to try. You know!

1 comment:

  1. My experience at this salon (went yesterday) is the WORST I've had in my entire LIFE. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, HORRIBLE DIGIPERM RESULT (there is NOT a single change in my hair at all). I HATE THIS SALON TO DEATH I might post hate reviews everywhere and blog about this miserable excuse for a "salon". Puro mura naririnig ko sa hairdressers, backstab sa katrabaho, masungit sa counter palang--tinandaan ko mukha nilang lahat. And when I thought it couldn't get any worse, my digiperm ended up like trash. BASURA ANG GAWA, SERVICE, para sa singil nila. Pag-alis namin ng friend ko, lahat sila nagpapaalam akala mo kanina hindi nagsusungit, pati yung lady at the counter sobrang bait bigla. Well hindi ako magbibigay ng pamasko dahil sinira niyo Christmas gift ko sa sarili. I will definitely go back to this salon, but only to have my perm fixed. FOUR THUMBS DOWN.