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Friday, September 23, 2011


I marathon-watched the xmen movies lastweek and one power that would have been wonderful to have is the capacity to heal yourself, the one wolverine has other than his adamantium claws. Seeing how i seem to have all this aches and fears, it would probably be a comfort in a way. But i suppose, if i have that then i would have a host of other problems to worry about. So then, i'm better off with what i have.

Yep. I think that we do have powers within us which borders on the supernatural( very wide border, that is). People say that love wanes or fades slowly in time. I don't know about you but i am like those people whose love just persist no matter the season, and even when there is no more reason. I suppose, not loving could be learned but it would be extra difficult for someone like me. Plus, i can emphatize with almost everyone.

The husband's personal power is like that of mystique. He is a chameleon but a lot more subtle. It serves him well and he knows how to use his power to his advantage. I actually envy that part in his psyche that knows no fear or limits. There is so much of him that he does not let on.

I don't know which personal powers would be great for my children. As a mother, i don't want for them to be hurt in anyway. And i sure would like for them to lead happy and comfortable lives. But i do want for them to walk seeking always God's guidance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Not Getting Attached To Things

Learned somethings today:

1. If you buy real estate where the title is under the name of the parents both deceased, make sure that before you transact with anybody you have already seen the special power of attorney authorizing that somebody to sell and that there is already an extrajudicial settlement signed by all the heirs. The spa and the extra judicial settlement should already been notarized. If it's not notarized, it's not legal.

2. Ask for copies of latest real property Tax receipts.

3. If you haven't checked the title, do it. Check if there are encumbrances and what kind. Ask a lawyer to help you. Example of encumbrances could be that it is currently mortgaged. A clean title meaning without encumbrances is always preferable.

4. If you apply for a loan using the property you want to buy, tell the bank loan officer all the details. Don't assume that just because they have an investigator, they know everything. If the owners are dead, tell them. The more they know , the more that you will be protected later on because they will make sure that they have a firm hold on their investment.

5. There's no way you'll get lost if you have access to google map, use it.

6. Be polite to all parties involved even when they are not appointed on the spa, you might need their help later on.

With all the difficulties involved in buying a property, i am telling myself not to get attached even when we already like it to the point of spending so much on improvements. Give it all the effort you can and then more, if nothing comes out of it still then let go. By the way, prayer counts a lot so you might want to commit everything first.

Monday, September 19, 2011

People Person

Given the choice between entertaining friends and dvd bonding with the kids or reading a good book, i'll take the bonding with the kids everytime. Or reading a good book. I don't like listening to other people's stories or entertaining them especially if they are not my friends and especially not in my home. My home is a place for relaxation for me and my family. No negativity, please. If you come to visit to vent your anger over someone, don't come to me. Don't come to our house. You are bringing so much negativity into our home.

Of course, like an intelligent person i am treating this weekend as a lesson in human relations: Pacifying Conflict. So i listened. I really tried. If you know me, you would have shoutef hurrah for my achievement. I tolerated listening to you and your selfish rants and accusations over someone i really don't have any connections with except for a purely business transaction. I guess i could give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. Listening to your rants and rave is no mean feat, you know.

I suppose i could just tell you to keep your conflict between you. I could but i didn't. I let you blow off steam. I do hope that you felt a little less burdened, a little less angry, a little more understanding and a lot more discerning.

Please don't come visit again with your problems. I've had enough of it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Commuting On Our Own

Been awake since 2:00am. Maggie has trouble sleeping due to coughs and colds and mosquito bites. I suspect the mosquito enters our home via a roof vent in the kitchen. There's probably some rainwater left somewhere in the gutter. I've sprayed the house twice last august eventhough I am not comfortable with the idea of spraying. The best would be to clean all breeding grounds. I have tried climbing on the steel ladder but my hands and feet gets cold and clammy. I ended up sweeping only that which i can only reach.

I've been straying off the topic thus far. This was a picture taken while we were onboard a bus from Iligan City to Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay. I remember Maggie is just barely 2 months old. We were on vacation from Manila and i thought it was a good idea to visit my inlaws and let them see Maggie. Buses going to Pagadian are always full and there was a held up in some of their buses so that we were scrambling for our seats. I think my sister was with us. In the mad dash for seats and switch of bus from the regular who arrived first to the airconditioned that arrived not long thereafter, we left the bag containing the Maggie's milk and water and the older kid's food and my toiletries. We reported the incident to the dispatcher and he must have relayed it because when we arrived at Pagadian, we got the bag back. God is awesome. Praise Him for even for the small things.

So we arrived at Buayan already dark and raining. We didn't stay long we went there friday and by sunday morning we're on our wayback to Iligan. It was a time when we were having difficulties in our marriage. The father-in-law thought i needed money and so he wanted to give me some. And the man told me on one of our many fights that i shamed myself on that one because I forced myself on their family. I didn't think of my visit that way, I just thought i let them see their newest grandchild. It wasn't a waste of a visit. I learned something there. The husband's nature of slaving it out in work and his disdain for freeloaders, he got it from his father. It's a good trait most of the time and even I want that for my children. But more than that, I will always want my children to know thay they can always rely on family anytime, and prayers also. That closeness knows no distance.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Missing Church

We didn't hear mass today. Maggie is taking antibiotics for her cough while i feel tired probably because i didn't get my usual 5 hours of sleep. She's been unusually cranky these past three nights. Despite that i was still able to catch the lengthy sermon of Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite on studio 23 which starts at 9:00am enough to know that the Gospel was about forgiving.

Fr. Mario's sharing is always anecdotal and his stories are so varied that it never fails to touch me. I guess it's one of the reason why i always want to hear his sermon first before attending mass in our community church.

I always have this guilt feelings when i can't attend church on sundays. For those times, i try to squeeze in a church visit.

Lazy Sunday

So finally, i can blog through my ipod. Google is so much the better for responding quickly to clamor for bloggers everywhere to be able to blog away without having to bring laptop or even a tablet. So i suppose, there's no more excuse for me to neglect blogging eh?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Globe Center at SM-Megamall

The place is nice and the waiting is not so bad but do i need to really wait for an hour when there are 6 of you customer service representatives and only two are actually entertaining the customers? It's a good thing the one that entertained me when it was my turn was nice.

Me Time

Makati Comelec Office

Have you been to Comelec's Makati office? Been there twice to register as a Makati resident and everytime I  am inside their office I get the feeling that I am not at all in Makati but in a far-flung province where professionalism and cleanliness is not the order of the day.
 The comfort rooms are so in need repair. I think all the second floor are but the comfort rooms are much worse.
 The people who went there to register are made to wait outside when the office inside is big enough to accomodate at least 15 persons if only the arrangement of their table is done with customer service in mind.

I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't what I saw.  At least, I expected perhaps to see order and cleanliness. Not much diba ?

Lazy Day

I've been thinking about the time when I could just do anything i want without thought of anyone.  Those were the days when i could to stay inside my room the whole day, go out only when i eat.  I remember, I could just read the whole day away or write in my journal or clean up.  Now, my free time is not my own.  Not that I am complaining because, I wouldn't want to exchange now for then.  My children can dominate my freetime for all i care.  Still, it would be nice to laze an extra hour on bed.

Anyway, i thought i wouldn't get tired gardening.  It seems, I have.  I still dabble but i don't think it's something that i am passionate about.  Still thinking of cultivating and propagating roses but there's just some other things that are more important.  But I'm not gonna let my plants left to rot.  At the very least, they will continue to thrive that I'm going to make sure.