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Monday, September 19, 2011

People Person

Given the choice between entertaining friends and dvd bonding with the kids or reading a good book, i'll take the bonding with the kids everytime. Or reading a good book. I don't like listening to other people's stories or entertaining them especially if they are not my friends and especially not in my home. My home is a place for relaxation for me and my family. No negativity, please. If you come to visit to vent your anger over someone, don't come to me. Don't come to our house. You are bringing so much negativity into our home.

Of course, like an intelligent person i am treating this weekend as a lesson in human relations: Pacifying Conflict. So i listened. I really tried. If you know me, you would have shoutef hurrah for my achievement. I tolerated listening to you and your selfish rants and accusations over someone i really don't have any connections with except for a purely business transaction. I guess i could give myself a pat on the back for a job well done. Listening to your rants and rave is no mean feat, you know.

I suppose i could just tell you to keep your conflict between you. I could but i didn't. I let you blow off steam. I do hope that you felt a little less burdened, a little less angry, a little more understanding and a lot more discerning.

Please don't come visit again with your problems. I've had enough of it.

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