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Friday, September 23, 2011


I marathon-watched the xmen movies lastweek and one power that would have been wonderful to have is the capacity to heal yourself, the one wolverine has other than his adamantium claws. Seeing how i seem to have all this aches and fears, it would probably be a comfort in a way. But i suppose, if i have that then i would have a host of other problems to worry about. So then, i'm better off with what i have.

Yep. I think that we do have powers within us which borders on the supernatural( very wide border, that is). People say that love wanes or fades slowly in time. I don't know about you but i am like those people whose love just persist no matter the season, and even when there is no more reason. I suppose, not loving could be learned but it would be extra difficult for someone like me. Plus, i can emphatize with almost everyone.

The husband's personal power is like that of mystique. He is a chameleon but a lot more subtle. It serves him well and he knows how to use his power to his advantage. I actually envy that part in his psyche that knows no fear or limits. There is so much of him that he does not let on.

I don't know which personal powers would be great for my children. As a mother, i don't want for them to be hurt in anyway. And i sure would like for them to lead happy and comfortable lives. But i do want for them to walk seeking always God's guidance.

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