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Monday, September 12, 2011

Commuting On Our Own

Been awake since 2:00am. Maggie has trouble sleeping due to coughs and colds and mosquito bites. I suspect the mosquito enters our home via a roof vent in the kitchen. There's probably some rainwater left somewhere in the gutter. I've sprayed the house twice last august eventhough I am not comfortable with the idea of spraying. The best would be to clean all breeding grounds. I have tried climbing on the steel ladder but my hands and feet gets cold and clammy. I ended up sweeping only that which i can only reach.

I've been straying off the topic thus far. This was a picture taken while we were onboard a bus from Iligan City to Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay. I remember Maggie is just barely 2 months old. We were on vacation from Manila and i thought it was a good idea to visit my inlaws and let them see Maggie. Buses going to Pagadian are always full and there was a held up in some of their buses so that we were scrambling for our seats. I think my sister was with us. In the mad dash for seats and switch of bus from the regular who arrived first to the airconditioned that arrived not long thereafter, we left the bag containing the Maggie's milk and water and the older kid's food and my toiletries. We reported the incident to the dispatcher and he must have relayed it because when we arrived at Pagadian, we got the bag back. God is awesome. Praise Him for even for the small things.

So we arrived at Buayan already dark and raining. We didn't stay long we went there friday and by sunday morning we're on our wayback to Iligan. It was a time when we were having difficulties in our marriage. The father-in-law thought i needed money and so he wanted to give me some. And the man told me on one of our many fights that i shamed myself on that one because I forced myself on their family. I didn't think of my visit that way, I just thought i let them see their newest grandchild. It wasn't a waste of a visit. I learned something there. The husband's nature of slaving it out in work and his disdain for freeloaders, he got it from his father. It's a good trait most of the time and even I want that for my children. But more than that, I will always want my children to know thay they can always rely on family anytime, and prayers also. That closeness knows no distance.

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