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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Puppy Love

I like dogs...from a distance.  I am not the type to cuddle and pamper them. I do buy the basic accessories for them like the leash and the dog collar as well as their basic grooming kit.  What i am particular about is their vaccination records.  

Here in Manila, we have 3 dogs. Metal, the Pitbull ; Tom and Nom. In iligan, originally there were 6 but Wookee died and so there remains Lamont, Hyi xin, Xin xuan, Xao tung. The latest addition to them is Min ho pictured here with my youngest, Maggie.

She just loves to cuddle him.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bonifacio Global City

When you are at BGC, it feels likeit is another country.
Skyscrapers, clean streets, trees.
Beautiful sculptures, disciplined drivers.
Clearly, urban planning is the way to go and Ayala Corp. has contributed much in creating communities like BGC,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Molded , Melted Pearls

I found the idea of melted or molded pearls sacrilegious. Yes, big word but i really find pearls already perfect and turning them into other unnatural forms and coloring them with dyes is just making them ugly. Until, i found these beauties when i was searching for items to put into Abby Claire's birthday lootbags:
I would like to think that the original pearl that they melted are somehow chipped or damaged. Even when pearl is melted and molded and dyed, it hasn't lost it's sheen and luster. Initially, i thought that these items are just melted plastics but the owner of the pearl shop where i got these beauties swear that these are really pearls. So i'm gonna take their word for it and just enjoy the fact that the Philippines is home to pearl accessories as beautiful as the above for as low as 80 pesos.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homegrown Guavas

My husband has the green thumb. He has planted most if not all of these beautiful fruit trees and flowering plants in our front yard. My only claim to this green ecosystem is a few plants and tending them give or take a few times. He he. My aunt also planted some seeds and stalks of the vegetable kind. These one here is Papa cleaning the car as background while my main focus is really the guava growing.
We could wish for bigger grounds so we can plant more fruit bearing trees but as it is ours is the greenest oasis you can find in our street if not our barangay.

Hope you are inspired to plant more...

Amana Water Park

 We went to Amana Water Park last sunday as a belated birthday gift for Aj. 

Carwash at the Fort

It has been such a long time since i brought the car to the wash, and i decided to try the one at bgc along 32nd st.  It's the Meguiar's VIP Auto Salon and what i like about it is that atleast 2 of the carwash boys will attend to your car so the work is quickly done.  It's also near our place and i didn't wait long to have the service started. In the absence of any other carwash company whose service i have experienced, i think they offer a great service that's value for money.

Here's a menu on their services: