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Friday, July 19, 2013

Molded , Melted Pearls

I found the idea of melted or molded pearls sacrilegious. Yes, big word but i really find pearls already perfect and turning them into other unnatural forms and coloring them with dyes is just making them ugly. Until, i found these beauties when i was searching for items to put into Abby Claire's birthday lootbags:
I would like to think that the original pearl that they melted are somehow chipped or damaged. Even when pearl is melted and molded and dyed, it hasn't lost it's sheen and luster. Initially, i thought that these items are just melted plastics but the owner of the pearl shop where i got these beauties swear that these are really pearls. So i'm gonna take their word for it and just enjoy the fact that the Philippines is home to pearl accessories as beautiful as the above for as low as 80 pesos.

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