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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uppity people

Last week i have been referred to a dermatologist in makati med by my ob-gyn because i have some red and itchy spots in my tummy near my belly button and on my legs. I am writing about the experience not because she is a bad doctor but rather on how i was treated. She was actually very thorough in taking my medical history etc..and reprimanded me on why it has taking me so long to consult about my condition and how it was not safe to self-medicate due to my pregnancy, which i did appreciate.

She was not really a warm person, the type where they make you feel at ease. When i greeted her as i was ushered into her office she did reply without a smile. Maybe she was tired after doing her rounds and hungry.

She asked me to show her my spots and i actually went to stand by her side and proceeded to lift my blouse and exposed my tummy. She was not contented and asked me to take off my blouse while her assistant is standing by the door. Maybe it's the way that she talked with me or her demeanor or her voice but i felt like i was some dirty, contagious, dumb freeloader.

I am a paying patient and i am entitled to a little courtesy if not a warm reception. I will not mention her name just yet because i will be going back to her for a follow-up on friday(she insisted on the day because she said she has so many patients on saturday). Again, she acted like she's the only dermatologist around. Very uppity indeed and high-handed. I'll see if she's really like that or she was just tired. Until then...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Philip Stein Signature Collection

In my one of my earlier blogs, i mentioned of having bought a philip stein watch. Last December 29, i really bought one at the wristpod at SM Megamall. I figured i deserved this particular luxury after the stressful and agonizing moments of 2009. Not that 2009 was particularly stressful, it's just that i made some of my bigger decisions last year and moving out of my comfort zone is top on the list. Really, i felt that i just have to justify my purchases. he he he

Besides, they were having a christmas sale 25% off on credit card purchases on zero installment for 12 months so i felt like it was a good buy. I just have to see it for myself if the natural frequencies technology is really as good as they say it is, that it helps lessen stress and contributes to good sleep. So far, i think it lives up to what it advertise..

By the way, i didn't have to buy the 50ml clinique happy hearts perfume because my sister gave me one and one more thing , cris also gave me the lipstick. So you see, it pays to have a material wish lists published because it will give others gift ideas. If only i can do it for my more personal ones...