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Monday, March 2, 2009

Confession of a shopaholic

Confession of a shopaholic

Yesterday I bought the Philip stein mother of pearl watch with a white dial, a Maybelline ultra-rich moisture lipstick in crimson red, a 50ml Clinique happy heart perfume …in my dreams. Ha ha

Even if I want to, I couldn’t afford it..not yet anyway. If I want something for myself, I have to save for it. Everything changes when you’re already married. Suddenly, your husband and your kids needs become more important. I’m not saying, I stopped giving importance to myself anymore. Far from that, it’s just that some things are really just luxuries.

Anyway, the reason I’m hooked on that watch is because that watch is teslar. Teslar Watches were named in honor of Nikola Tesla by inventor Andrija Puharich. In the late 1970’s, Puharich was researching the harmful effects of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves on the body. He developed a Teslar chip which was installed in watches that you wear in order to protect people wherever they went.

The Teslar Chip with Teslar Technology was designed to emit a unique 7 to 9 Hz Alpha wave signal that interacts with and strengthens your body’s own electromagnetic energy field. Similar to the Earth’s natural 7.8 Hz Schumann Resonance signal and the Alpha wave signals emitted by the brain when you are calm, meditating, or doing yoga, or when athletes are in states of high performance, this Teslar Scalar signal also helps reinforce your energy field against the possible negative effects of external, low-energy electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The Schumann Resonance was first used for healing by Dr. Ludwig in Germany, who is known as the Father of Magnetic Therapy. Dr. Ludwig convinced NASA to install Schumann Resonance devices on spacecraft to have a stabilizing effect on the astronaut’s health in space.

Much like listening to a clear radio broadcast free from static, the Teslar Chip helps your energy field filter out annoying and potentially harmful electromagnetic ‘static’ such that your body can stay closer to its peak performance, both physically and mentally.

Based on the work of Nikola Tesla, and named after him ... these watches re-introduce nature's healing frequency to your body. This technology is an active, not passive, approach to EMF protection ... because the chip oscillates at the Schumann frequency. And for further validation, the NASA uses this technology to help astronauts to feel more comfortable in space.

Studies suggest electric fields have increased substantially in the last 20 years due to cell phones, computers, fluorescent lighting, etc. Research shows this negatively impacts our immune system.

Now, using that same advanced technology, a way has been found to locally neutralize the devitalizing electronic pollution in the environment. (source: tools for

Well, if you can be both chic and less stressed out, why not?

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