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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Narcisa Tagab Gamad (1918-2008)


my earliest memories of bohol wouldn't be complete without iya sisa. she was my father's father's sister. because she was unmarried, she lived in the ancestral house fronting the tennis court. back in those days, the tennis court was the center of taug's activities. often, when there's a local dance or baile, we would sit by the window and listen to the gossip that normally accompany such events. occasionally, iya sisa contributes her own. not that i take it against her. living in the barrio, it is a given, that every body else's life is somebody else's business.

i remember she has strong opinion about how young women should dress, about infidelity, about getting pregnant outside of marriage, about irresponsible young men and not-so-young men. to her, black is black and white is white, there's never a gray area in between. she might be labeled today as judgmental but she was a woman with principle to me. she raised as her own the offspring of her sister who got pregnant outside of marriage. that may seem quite ordinary but she has no income of her own, so in a word difficult. some people just give up when faced by difficulty, she persevered. she was moody, saputon in other words, which seems to be the trademark sa mga gamad(at least sa among side sa family tree). irritating at times centainly, but understandable. she lived a very simple life. but she was loved.

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