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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

let me be...

how does one become a good wife?
i have been pondering that question for sometime now and i am no closer to the answer than i did before. i do know, that the husband has a lot to say on the matter.

There are traditional wife roles that i can emulate even though times have change. I can look to my mother or mother-in-law for inspiration.They are probably good wives because their seems tobe no complaints from their husbands. But that would means pleasing my fathers. Not a bad thing altogether, but a start i suppose. SO wives has only one resource person left whose answer really matters, the husbands.

So tell me. tell me what you want me to be. Tell me so that i can try doing those roles you expect from me. So that when i have tried and failed, at least i know where i failed and not left wondering where i have failed.

We're only together rarely. But i want those rare occasions to be a celebration of what made us decide to choose each other as life partners. An occasion to be a family first, for me to be a wife and you a husband. We can't be that if we're harboring resentments and anger. Well, maybe an occasion also to settle issues or at least to find a solution that we both can live with. To be a joyful reunion since our work dictates us to live apart. To value togetherness because it's a rare commodity for us, at least for now.

let me ...

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