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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Personality Test

In search of something new to blog about, i just thought of answering this short personality test supposedly being used by most of the major corporations around the world. Here's the test:

1.  When do you feel at your best?  In the morning

2.  You usually walk...fairly gast with little steps

3.  When talking to people.. i stand with my arms folded

4.  When relaxing you sit legs stretched out or straight

5.  When something really amuses you..i give out a big appreciative laugh

6.  When you go to a social party or gathering..I make a quiet entrance looking around for someone i know

7.  When you're working or concentrating really hard and you're interrupted..I sometimes welcome the break or feel very much irritated

8.  which colors do you like..Yellow

9.  When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep you lay...stretched out on my back..

10.  You often dream that you..i usually have dreamless sleep.

I scored 44 which basically meant that I am what Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical and always interesting;someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not tolet it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding;someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Fresh? lively? Charming? Amusing? Hmmnn. It would have been better if there is an explanation for every answer to each of the question.  But then again, i would say take the good things and own it.  Good day everyone!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Quality Surplus Furnitures at a Discounted Price

So, we were really busy this past few days already, make it weeks.  We have been "slightly" renovating the house that we are buying and among other things, we've searched the hardwares nearest the house's location. In one of our jaunts within the vicinity, we've found this store that deals with quality surplus furnitures from the US and Japan.

Quite an inventory too, ranging from Thomasville pieces to Japanese porcelains and other unique furniture items.  You might want to see it for yourself. As for us, we bought a bunch from them mostly Thomasvilles, a japanese table which they gave to us for free, a wooden carpet and lots of porcelain trinkets..
I'll take photos of the lot when they are already delivered.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Massage at Pataya

I must admit there is some pressure felt when valentines day comes.  Eventhough it is only commercially induced, still a certain level of expectation is felt by lovers especially by the woman.  Often, the unmet expectations become the source of argument post valentines.  I felt that. But the husband is not the type to go all out so...  We are not romantic like that but he did gave me flowers and although we didn't eat out at a fancy restaurant, we managed to have dinner together at our currently renovated house in makati along with the workers who are also cousins of mine.

After dinner, instead of having a nightcap at one of those nicer restaurants at the fort he suggested that we have coffee instead at starbucks. I suggested instead that we have a couples massage at Asian Massage. Finally, we agreed on Pataya.  Apparently, he discovered it because it's just near where we lived and it's along his bike route.   Pataya has nice enough interior, nothing spectacular.  The massage attendants are prone to giggling (at least when we were there!) and somebody kept on telling them to be quiet.  We availed of the hour and a half massage for P700 but it was worth it. There is a guard to watch over the vehicles and it's a pretty safe place to be in. The husband slept soundly, I was sorry to wake him up so we could go home.


We went there again this time with four of husband's friends.  And it must have been a new experience for his friends to be bonding over a massage which is thought to be a girly-girly activity.  Hopefully, we were able to convince them to bring their wife along the next time they think of massage.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why General ?

It's shocking to me that General Reyes committed suicide and to the rest of Filipinos, I suppose. Was it really suicide? Why are they quick on saying it was suicide? Isn't there suppose to be an investigation before declaring the death of someone high profile a suicide? Was there a note?

What does his death means? Is he guilty? If you're leaving this world for all eternity, shouldn't you enlighten the living why you did what you did? When you contemplate your own death, aren't you suppose to live the world a much better place. Who are you protecting? Your family?..

I am not in a position to judge, we are all human. I suppose you were the one who judged yourself. You lived a very successful life. My two-cents worth was that you really led an honorable life until you got tempted to bite one proverbial apple. Only a person of high sense of shame would consider taking his own life di ba? If you were corrupt eversince the beginning, it wouldn't have mattered to you anyhow what people say.  Pakapalan na lang yan,  kung sanay kana sa corruption. The hearing in the congress was only IN AID OF LEGISLATION, it was not even a court trial yet. So I would like to think na you were really a dedicated soldier most of your life. If you did received the P50M pabaon, siguro nahiya ka sa mga sundalo mo na namatay or nagretire na kapiranggot lang ang natanggap. Kung meron man.

You were only human after all. Who doesn't want to retire affluent? It takes considerable moral strength to refuse an "irrefusable" offer. And moral strength is probably the major major pangaral na binigay  sayo ng mother mo. So, no judgement from me.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Manny Pacquiao's LA House

Glad that i found this mtv video of Manny Pacquiao's house in LA. Lot's of decorating ideas to be found here especially the photos on the walls near the stairway leading to the 2nd level of the house. I'm definitely copying that...

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Experience with a Headhunter

These past few days have been very stressful both on the family and workfront. We we're on the process of closing the deal on the house and lot we are buying in makati and the company I am working for is in the red. There have been talks of closing down and so naturally I felt a bit of discomfort considering I have been working since graduating from college. Although the husband is earning well, the amortization on the new house plus all our other existing obligations, we have been stretching our blanket far too much. It would really help if I have a job. But there was really no worry, we were all assured by our management that worst comes to worst, we might be absorbed by all the other companies of our bosses. Thanks Mr. T.

Anyway, there's this headhunter (Prime Manpower) emailed me if I maybe available for an interview for a costing position. This was last year, december. Out of courtesy, I replied that I probably would be available January of 2011 na. January came and again he emailed me and called to ask me for my availability for the interview. I conceded that I will go to their office for an interview just to see how things will go. Anyway, the position is something which seemed to best suit me and best of all the salary was the one I mentioned to be my preferred. The appointment was for 10am but I was called for the actual interview around past 11am. And since I didn't bring my resume, the interviewer(Mr. Ruel Sinalubong) went out to supposedly print my resume. I didn't know I had to bring one. I just thought that they had access to my records in Jobstreet I didn't need to bring one. Anyway, after what seemed like eternity(probably more than 30 minutes) he returned without the printed resume. His excuse was that there was something wrong with their printer and their IT people were not able to fix it. What the heck, I came on time but I was made to wait at the reception and then again during interview. Although he apologized, I didn't think it was sincere. Or I could have been wrong.

Fast forward, he scheduled me again for an exam the ff. friday, this friday infact but last wednesday I received a text from him that his client requested that I come to their business office in Meycauayan, Bulacan for an interview. I chose the 830am appointment, came on time and probably not made a good impression because I said that I was still ambivalent about the work schedule 5-2/6-3 and the location (we will soon be transferring to makati and the work is in meycauayan). If I'm going to work there, the salary really has to be worth the travel and the sked. It's not that I am being cocky. Really, I was only being honest and i do know my ability. The client company said that maybe i still needed to think things over.

Ruel texted me and inquired about the progress of my interview and i told him what had traspired. I also asked him if the scheduled exam today would push through, there was no reply from his end.

You know, I get it if the client is no longer interested in me and tells you. I asked if the appointment is still on, the least that you could have done is to reply to my text and just said "NO". I would understand that, at least i deserve a reply. For courtesy sake but i didn't get any. So I guess, even courtesy is not so basic these days.