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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why General ?

It's shocking to me that General Reyes committed suicide and to the rest of Filipinos, I suppose. Was it really suicide? Why are they quick on saying it was suicide? Isn't there suppose to be an investigation before declaring the death of someone high profile a suicide? Was there a note?

What does his death means? Is he guilty? If you're leaving this world for all eternity, shouldn't you enlighten the living why you did what you did? When you contemplate your own death, aren't you suppose to live the world a much better place. Who are you protecting? Your family?..

I am not in a position to judge, we are all human. I suppose you were the one who judged yourself. You lived a very successful life. My two-cents worth was that you really led an honorable life until you got tempted to bite one proverbial apple. Only a person of high sense of shame would consider taking his own life di ba? If you were corrupt eversince the beginning, it wouldn't have mattered to you anyhow what people say.  Pakapalan na lang yan,  kung sanay kana sa corruption. The hearing in the congress was only IN AID OF LEGISLATION, it was not even a court trial yet. So I would like to think na you were really a dedicated soldier most of your life. If you did received the P50M pabaon, siguro nahiya ka sa mga sundalo mo na namatay or nagretire na kapiranggot lang ang natanggap. Kung meron man.

You were only human after all. Who doesn't want to retire affluent? It takes considerable moral strength to refuse an "irrefusable" offer. And moral strength is probably the major major pangaral na binigay  sayo ng mother mo. So, no judgement from me.

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