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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Massage at Pataya

I must admit there is some pressure felt when valentines day comes.  Eventhough it is only commercially induced, still a certain level of expectation is felt by lovers especially by the woman.  Often, the unmet expectations become the source of argument post valentines.  I felt that. But the husband is not the type to go all out so...  We are not romantic like that but he did gave me flowers and although we didn't eat out at a fancy restaurant, we managed to have dinner together at our currently renovated house in makati along with the workers who are also cousins of mine.

After dinner, instead of having a nightcap at one of those nicer restaurants at the fort he suggested that we have coffee instead at starbucks. I suggested instead that we have a couples massage at Asian Massage. Finally, we agreed on Pataya.  Apparently, he discovered it because it's just near where we lived and it's along his bike route.   Pataya has nice enough interior, nothing spectacular.  The massage attendants are prone to giggling (at least when we were there!) and somebody kept on telling them to be quiet.  We availed of the hour and a half massage for P700 but it was worth it. There is a guard to watch over the vehicles and it's a pretty safe place to be in. The husband slept soundly, I was sorry to wake him up so we could go home.


We went there again this time with four of husband's friends.  And it must have been a new experience for his friends to be bonding over a massage which is thought to be a girly-girly activity.  Hopefully, we were able to convince them to bring their wife along the next time they think of massage.

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