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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working and having fun...

In one of my moments of web watching, i came across this article published at Dumb Little Man entitled " Should Work Be Fun? Not if you Want to be Successful."

The author expounds on the idea that what differentiates the A players from the B players is the willingness to do work that is not fun. That for you to be successful and at the top of your field, you should be discipline enough to do those gruelling, hateful tasks that your colleagues are unwilling to do in addition to the hard, smart , work that is normally required of everyone. He maintains that the most successful is reaping the most financial benefit because, he is the person that persists to do hateful tasks. His example was that of two economists of the same brilliance, one earns more, has a bestseller and is more widely known because he took the time to network and market himself, a task clearly un-fun to both academics. But the successful one persisted even though he doesn't like networking and marketing himself, he does it anyway because it is necessary.

Hubby totally understands this concept even though he is not fun of reading self-help books and articles. Sometimes, i think that he learns intuitively and follow-through on ideas and tasks needed to be done in order for him to be top of his field. Which is probably one of the reason why he is successful.

I, on the other hand, has some measure of success but not really what you would call at the top of my game. Precisely because there are some activities that needs to be done and traits needed to be out there. I am not fiercely competitive and a bit shy of my abilities and achievement. Really..

But success means differently to different people. And if there is onething new that I learned about myself, it is the fact that I could go out of my comfort zone if it means preserving those that are of value to me, like family. Right now, it is enough that i have work which allows me to have fun...sometimes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wishes for me from Tina

I just got this email from a friend and i just thought of passing these wishes on to you dear followers :

For you, I wish good health
For you, I wish happiness and peace of mind
For you, I wish success in
your personal life and in your career
For you, I wish the vanishing of hard feelings
among family and friends
For you, I wish laughter and joy
For you, I wish a strong faith to carry you through
the times that are hard
For you, I wish food upon your table
and clothes upon your back

For you, I wish a walk in the forest
For you, I wish friendship, honesty, and fidelity
with your mate

For you, I wish the hug of a child
For you, I wish the morning dew and sunlight
For you, I wish a bubble bath by candlelight

For you, I wish a good cry
For you, I wish the songs of a bird and
a babbling creek

For you, I wish lessons learned so you
will not make the same mistakes over and over

For you, I wish quiet times shared
with the one you love
For you, I wish the innocence of youth
and the wisdom of maturity
For you, I wish the experience of grass
beneath your feet
For you, I wish the receipt of joy in simple matters

For you, I wish the fragrance of a rose
For you, I wish a heart that is at home
For you, I wish dancing by moonlight
For you, I wish the pleasure of fishing

For you, I wish a Mother’s love

For you, I wish a good nights sleep
For you, I wish the laughter of a child
For you, I wish memories of days gone by
For you, I wish a heart nestled in
acceptance with yourself

For you, I wish dancing eyes and a ready smile

For you, I wish compassion and understanding
For you, I wish the appreciation of
a hard days work

For you, I wish safety at all times
For you, I wish insight
For you, I wish a spring rain

For you, I wish simplicity

For you, I wish a day of rest but most of all
I wish you love

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tips on getting work at oDesk

A new friend through Facebook has asked me for some pointers in getting work at oDesk. Since i become an oDesk member, I have been blessed by buyers choosing me for their jobs and so i thought it must be easy for everybody as well. If you are not getting enough work at oDesk, let me share a few tips of mine:

1. Play to your strength

When you register at oDesk you will be ask for your area of expertise or at least those areas where you are comfortable you can deliver the work required. While my background is in finance, I can also write articles and even do data entry and so i include this in my skills listing. In return, I get notifications from oDesk of job listings specifically catering to my skills.

2. Create an online presence

Part of the reason why i maintain this website it to show my potential employers sample of my posts during application and interview so they would get a feel of my writing and the field where i am most comfortable. If they assign me a topic, they will know what style i will employ since they are already acquainted with my writing style through this website. In a way, this blog of mine is no longer just for personal outbursts but that it is also helping me earn money online.

3. Give a competitive rate

Business is always about getting the most out of your investment and so buyers will always chose the service provider which offers the lowest cost assuming all things are equal. But don't give out a rate that is way too low else you might get swamped with job offers which later on you will be unable to fulfill. You will suffer that way because you will have low feedback rating from your buyer. If you set a low hourly rate, you can always negotiate later with your buyer especially for those more difficult assignment. I get a different rate for freelance academic work than for web content with SEO. There is no hard and fast rule to setting up a rate, all depends on how you can market your skills but do take the time to survey the rates offered by similar providers.

After you get job offers, do meet the buyer's deadline. It makes for good working relationship and they will give you priority for future job. If you're unable to meet their demands, please inform your buyer in advance so that they will not be inconvenience by it. Hope this helps you a bit. For further tips, please visit oDesk anytime.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bawal Magkasakit..

Last friday, i got soaked by rain. Although i brought my umbrella with me, I did not use it because i bought abby's birthday cake and so got both my hands full. Early Saturday morning, I woke up with an itchy throat and a heavy head. I tried not to mind it because we were going to go to Laguna hotsprings only to have our destination change at the last minute to Nasugbo in Batangas. We had lunch in Econo Inn at Tagaytay and got serenaded by their resident acoustic band who gave a very good rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. It's the first time that Abby experienced being sung happy birthday by a band and she was amazed and thrilled, i can tell.

Anyway, on our way to batangas, it rained so hard that we were really wondering if our trip to the beach was ill-timed. When we got there, there were only about three groups apart from us who were enjoying the stormy weather. I didn't enjoy swimming, the air was too cold and the sea is too rough. We went home around 9pm and stopped over at starbucks tagaytay for hot cappucinos. Hubby bought again sweatshirts for aj and abby. I puked. I was not feeling well, and was too cold. When we arrived home, i immediately fell asleep. Sunday morning, i awoke with a big headache but since hubby is scheduled to go to bataan that day to attend a baptismal i took biogesic just so we could come with him. True enough, i felt better most of the day. when we got back , I was even able to iron hubby's clothes. Monday was really difficult. I dont seem to have the strength to get up from bed. My body is aching all over, my head is throbbing, i felt nauseaus. I can't go to work. And so i did not, i just spent the whole day sleeping. I've had my check up today and i was prescribed antibiotics,a cough and a cold medicine. And right now, i am having watery stool. I checked my antibiotic's side effect and it includes diarrhea. wheww, that's my i have gatorade on my desk.

Which really got me thinking, how difficult it would be to get sick. You will have no income since you don't go to work. It's diffirent if you have a thriving business that earns on its own because you'll still have money even when you don't work. So stressful just thinking about all these things...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chowking, Intramuros

Two weekends ago, on our way to Pier 15 to look for japanese surplus airconditioning unit, we had breakfast at Chowking, Intramuros. Yes, this is the one closest to the Manila Cathedral. I was dismayed by how slow their service was. I guess it was customary to expect that being a fastfood service would really mean fast. Mc donalds timed theirs, and probably jollibee. Chowking does too in other branches of theirs that i have eaten..but not in Intramuros. When our order was taken, there were only a few customers. We waited for considerably a long while even though we ordered their breakfast offerings of longganisa. After waiting, i found out that the chicken i ordered was not punched. My mistake for not making sure the counter personnel had my orders correct. So i went to the counter again to order. There were already several people coming in and a line was forming so i had to fall in line to be served. Isn't it normal to expect that they should have another counter personnel/cashier so that order taking will be hasten and also so as not to make the customer wait? Am i making sense here? I just remembered how hungry i was that time and how hungry i am this time. hehehe

Anyway, when i went to the CR, i happen to notice the door to the kitchen was open, and a sign was posted that it was supposed to be a hair net area but a staff was going in and out without wearing one. And there were wet smudges on the floor, and an uncovered trash in the kitchen. While the CR for women were clean, the CR for the handicapped smells bad..Ughh

Sometimes, when i encounter lousy service, i just let it pass. Sometimes though when i take the effort to take some photos, i just write about it just to appease my offended sensibilities. Back to the additional order, i waited for it a long time when i notice a tray containing the items i ordered were in the counter probably awaiting a staff to give it to me. I went to the counter, checked if it is the same number that I was given and indeed it was, so i was the one who brought it to our table.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Three and still a baby...

We celebrate World day for International Justice today July 17. Back in 1975 this same day, american Apollo and Soviet Soyuz spacecrafts dock with each other in orbit marking the 1st such link up between spacecrafts from the two nations. About 247 years ago, Catherine II becomes Tsar of Russia. Three years ago on this same date, Abby Claire was born.

2006 was a difficult year for us. It was the year that mama had laparoscopic surgery to remove a stone in her gallbladder, it was the year that my father was diagnosed with Leukemia and the subsequent chemotherapy and trips to the hospital, the year of the accident that involved my sisters,me and my children , and the year that i knew i have MVP,cousin via having tubercular meningitis. It is the first time since living in Iligan that we didn't celebrate the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel with an open house for all visitors. It is easy to remember the hardships of 2006 but even more important is that we were mindful of the blessings that came along with those hardships. The most shining of those wonderful events of 2006 is Abby...

It just seemed yesterday when abby could be laid on my lap in a perfect fit.
She was a colicky child, cries most of the night and wants to be held constantly. I suppose it is true that your child will reflect the state of your pregnancy. I remember, I was always crying during those times. Not cry as in shedding a few tears, but really gut wrenching sob, sleepless nights cry. I thank God, really for helping me out during such difficult times.

Friends and family would say that abby takes on after hubby in looks. I suppose, that is true. Looking at both my children, i can't see any features of mine that they got. Really, I also want them to inherit hubby's guts, drive, passion and self-confidence. Especially Abby. Sometimes, I feel that Abby is too soft, like me. While AJ has a certain softness, she knows how to hide it and appear unemotional. Abby, on the other hand, wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to get hurt that way. This is not to downplay my own abilities. I'm sure God has showered me(and continues to do so) with some which has helped me to be what I am today, and I suppose He will also give my children what is necessary.

Anyway, when abby smiles she's just like my personal ray of sunshine. With her trademark curly unkempt hair, big round eyes and impish smile, she is still a baby to me at 3. Don't you just love her?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Relaxing Evening

Last week, i told hubby that i wanted to have a body massage probably at the ground floor of Cityland-Shaw tower. I just felt so tired and I wanted to relax. He said that we will just go together at Wensha. I've heard and read only good things about Wensha so I was really excited. Saturday came, we were so busy the whole day because we scoured Manila particularly Paco and Pier 15 for japanese surplus aircons and other things needed at the house.

Anyway, i thought he already forgot about his promise of us having a massage together because it was already evening plus it was raining. I would not blame him if our massage appointment will not push through because we were really so busy. But he did not forget(thanks Dy!) and we had our massage only it was not at Wensha but at Asian Massage in Malate.

We went there half-past nine pm and we had our massage at exactly 10pm. They allow couples to have a massage together so that's one thing I like about the place. The ambience was really relaxing except for the occasional conversation of our therapists. They are open 24-hours and even do home service. Except for us, most of their clients that time were foreigners. I forgot to ask about the oil they used but I also liked the scent. What I didn't like was i can occasionally feel the nails of my therapist on my skin. Apart from that, I would say Asian Massage is a good place to go to for your spa needs. Clean and the rates are i think reasonable. Hubby slept during the massage and i'm glad because I know how stressed he is although he does not say anything about it like i do. I would definitely recommend this place to friends.

Since i felt hungry, we stopped by for some take-out at Mc Donalds. We went home around midnight and the kids were already asleep. Hubby slept immediately while i wrote yet one article. That is one productive and relaxing saturday...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roadstop: Keisha's Grill

On our way towards Pagudpud, we stopped for dinner at Keisha's Grill at Total, Nlex.
We had some baon and their staff very kindly accomodated our requests to reheat our "baon". They ordered seafoods which i didn't really taste because i was so full already.

We also meet up with some friends of hubby from Nueva Ecija. The photos were taken from my Samsung sg7333 so the pics are not that good but at other times, my trusted phone delivers the goods just as well as any other camera.

The kids were really sleepy plus they've already eaten dinner back before leaving home so all they really want is to sleep.

Monday, July 13, 2009

One hot mama!

Check out Mary Louise Parker in the kitchen. Wow, at 44 and smoking hot! All of you Fhm girls have a long way to go!

Saddest Clown

When we went to the baptismal reception of hubby's friend in the basement of imarflex building, we were also able to visit their imarflex display room. We were looking at airconditioning unit for the guest room. Anyway, they had other things on display there that had no bearing whatsoever with Imarflex as a company. One of the things I saw on display there was this clown which was on sale for P800. I would have wanted to buy it but the mechanism that makes the dog jump is already broken so i didn't. But I really would have wanted to buy it except that it seems too expensive for a thing that does not work anymore.

Normally clowns are pictured as having happy faces but this one is just so sad. The artist is very talented at portraying the emotion so many clowns try to hide. There are times when no matter how hard we try to hide it, true feelings are manifested in our faces and in our actions.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Martin's Cuisine

We have just discovered a new restaturant(it's actually an old establishment) that offers tropical chinese dishes. Hubby was invited as godfather by his friend. Parking is difficult but food is delicious. It has the ambience of a typical chinese restaurant catering to the middle class.

It is not advertised. It is not easy to locate since the restaurant is located in the basement. But they are great for take-outs. And the service crews are polite.

However, if you do have the chance to be in Gil Puyat and Tramo st., you might just want to give this resto a try.

The address is:

Martin's cuisine
Basement Bee Lu Bldg
103-113 Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay St.
tel no. 833-5402
cel no 0922-8327546

Friday, July 10, 2009

Short stop : Kalinga Apayao

I don't think i'll ever eat beef again. Here's why..

When we went to Pagudpud to celebrate AJ's birthday, hubby's friends Mandy and Mynne went with us. Mandy came from from Kalinga Apayao and it has been 20 plus years since he's gone back to his hometown. Hubby slept the whole morning and then later in the afternoon, we went to Kalinga. I can sense Mandy's excitement. Who would not be? He was talking about the good old times when he was a boy walking home from school, running fast when he passed by the cemetery, taking dips at the irrigation canal. He was telling us that those places were really just ricefields and how he can't believe there were so many houses already. Of course to us, the town still look deserted even though he tells it as really populated. When he got down to meet the old caretaker, he was teary eyed and kept wiping his eyes. Sentimental that I was, i also felt a big lump on my throat and tears creeping out. Hayyy...Mynny, his wife was just cool about the whole thing even when Mandy said he will return to Kalinga to develop the lands(hectares actually!) of his father and even ran for office. I teased her that she will soon becoem first lady of Kalinga. All she said was which i think was half-meant,"utang na loob."

Anyway, mandy's special request from his cousins was "kilawin". Never did I imagine, that they would actually slaughter a cow right there and then. I didn't see the man knifed the cow in the neck but i did see the cow still alive, struggling to stand, his tail still swishing back and forth, and the cow's wide eyes.

The cow even managed to stand even when he was tied at both feet when the two men who slaughtered him was confident that he wouldn't have the energy to stand anymore. In the meantime, blood was oozing from his neck. When i commented about it, the old man just said matter-of-factly that" Ginawa naman yan para din sa tao." No argument about that. I just thought that if there was any other way so that the cow would not feel the pain. I am such a Pollyana..

Even when the cow was still breathing, they already had a blow torch to somehow remove the hairs from the skin. And then they torched the eyes...

Really, I don't take it against them. It's just that, i have a more developed sense of empathy. In fact, they did it for us. They even gave us the meat to bring home. Me, the kids, and the yayas did not eat anything there except Santol picked straight from the tree.

Even after arriving home, i can't forced myself to eat the beef. I cooked it like in adobo flakes but i brought most of it in the office. Cris said it was delicious. I even gave her the bulk of the beef so that she can let her cousins cook it. They made bulalo out of it.

On another matter, when you travel the countryside sometimes it is natural to see dogs being victims of "hit and run". On the road to Kalinga, victims of road kill are chickens. There was even one chicken who flew straight into the right side mirror of our vehicle. Several meters after that, there was another chicken lying in the center of the road. Hmmnn..chickens abound there. Tempting to stop and do an inihaw right there.

Noticed how different my reactions are with chickens and cows. Well, my twisted rationalization is that chicken lay eggs while cows gave birth to cows, and they feed their babies through mammary glands. I just thought they are more "human" than chickens..

But kalinga is beautiful in a different way. Reminds me of lanao del norte...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remembering MJ

Call me sentimental. I cried when i watched the video of Paris, saying so little but conveying so much love to her father. I think that whatever mistakes MJ has done during his lifetime, it did not diminish the fact that he was a just a daddy, and a good one at that.

I grew up watching his videos and singing his songs. Even then, he was already making sure that the world knows about his advocacies through his songs. I guess, in the solitude of his room, he is just an ordinary person wanting acceptance. He did not have to prove himself. He was already great at being a father.

Paris Michael Katherine's Tearful Goodbye

Shared via AddThis

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Growth in adversity

I was reminded by a photo i took while in Pagudpud when i saw this post about things growing in unexpected places.

Prosperity grows in adversity. Sometimes, you just wonder how something as beautiful as this could come out from seemingly uninhabitable place. It is true with plant as it is true with people. I suppose, it is also true that when you focus on something that something will grow. So when you focus on the negative, life conjures a set of negative events but if you focus on the positive, the universe will conspire you to have only the positive things in life. Even if rains do come, you will still be able to enjoy the rain and the cold that comes with it. In the meantime, we pray to help us survive every storm and see the breaking of a new dawn. We can always hope no matter the circumstance..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

As a sort of birthday gift, hubby said that we will celebrate aj's birthday at the beach. Back then, he was actually contemplating if we should take a day-off but i said that we can just go to the beach the weekend of her birthday. I am not sure how he came to chose Pagudpud as our destination but he was with his friend Mandy. And so when friday came, he told us to packed our bags because we are heading for the beach. With us, are our friends Mandy and Mynne. It was a 10-hour drive. We left Manila at 7pm, ate our dinner at Total,NLEX. We made occasional stops to take a pee, drink coffee. We had breakfast at Jollibee, Laoag. Hubby really pushes himself so we get to enjoy these..