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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tips on getting work at oDesk

A new friend through Facebook has asked me for some pointers in getting work at oDesk. Since i become an oDesk member, I have been blessed by buyers choosing me for their jobs and so i thought it must be easy for everybody as well. If you are not getting enough work at oDesk, let me share a few tips of mine:

1. Play to your strength

When you register at oDesk you will be ask for your area of expertise or at least those areas where you are comfortable you can deliver the work required. While my background is in finance, I can also write articles and even do data entry and so i include this in my skills listing. In return, I get notifications from oDesk of job listings specifically catering to my skills.

2. Create an online presence

Part of the reason why i maintain this website it to show my potential employers sample of my posts during application and interview so they would get a feel of my writing and the field where i am most comfortable. If they assign me a topic, they will know what style i will employ since they are already acquainted with my writing style through this website. In a way, this blog of mine is no longer just for personal outbursts but that it is also helping me earn money online.

3. Give a competitive rate

Business is always about getting the most out of your investment and so buyers will always chose the service provider which offers the lowest cost assuming all things are equal. But don't give out a rate that is way too low else you might get swamped with job offers which later on you will be unable to fulfill. You will suffer that way because you will have low feedback rating from your buyer. If you set a low hourly rate, you can always negotiate later with your buyer especially for those more difficult assignment. I get a different rate for freelance academic work than for web content with SEO. There is no hard and fast rule to setting up a rate, all depends on how you can market your skills but do take the time to survey the rates offered by similar providers.

After you get job offers, do meet the buyer's deadline. It makes for good working relationship and they will give you priority for future job. If you're unable to meet their demands, please inform your buyer in advance so that they will not be inconvenience by it. Hope this helps you a bit. For further tips, please visit oDesk anytime.

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