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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Relaxing Evening

Last week, i told hubby that i wanted to have a body massage probably at the ground floor of Cityland-Shaw tower. I just felt so tired and I wanted to relax. He said that we will just go together at Wensha. I've heard and read only good things about Wensha so I was really excited. Saturday came, we were so busy the whole day because we scoured Manila particularly Paco and Pier 15 for japanese surplus aircons and other things needed at the house.

Anyway, i thought he already forgot about his promise of us having a massage together because it was already evening plus it was raining. I would not blame him if our massage appointment will not push through because we were really so busy. But he did not forget(thanks Dy!) and we had our massage only it was not at Wensha but at Asian Massage in Malate.

We went there half-past nine pm and we had our massage at exactly 10pm. They allow couples to have a massage together so that's one thing I like about the place. The ambience was really relaxing except for the occasional conversation of our therapists. They are open 24-hours and even do home service. Except for us, most of their clients that time were foreigners. I forgot to ask about the oil they used but I also liked the scent. What I didn't like was i can occasionally feel the nails of my therapist on my skin. Apart from that, I would say Asian Massage is a good place to go to for your spa needs. Clean and the rates are i think reasonable. Hubby slept during the massage and i'm glad because I know how stressed he is although he does not say anything about it like i do. I would definitely recommend this place to friends.

Since i felt hungry, we stopped by for some take-out at Mc Donalds. We went home around midnight and the kids were already asleep. Hubby slept immediately while i wrote yet one article. That is one productive and relaxing saturday...

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