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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chowking, Intramuros

Two weekends ago, on our way to Pier 15 to look for japanese surplus airconditioning unit, we had breakfast at Chowking, Intramuros. Yes, this is the one closest to the Manila Cathedral. I was dismayed by how slow their service was. I guess it was customary to expect that being a fastfood service would really mean fast. Mc donalds timed theirs, and probably jollibee. Chowking does too in other branches of theirs that i have eaten..but not in Intramuros. When our order was taken, there were only a few customers. We waited for considerably a long while even though we ordered their breakfast offerings of longganisa. After waiting, i found out that the chicken i ordered was not punched. My mistake for not making sure the counter personnel had my orders correct. So i went to the counter again to order. There were already several people coming in and a line was forming so i had to fall in line to be served. Isn't it normal to expect that they should have another counter personnel/cashier so that order taking will be hasten and also so as not to make the customer wait? Am i making sense here? I just remembered how hungry i was that time and how hungry i am this time. hehehe

Anyway, when i went to the CR, i happen to notice the door to the kitchen was open, and a sign was posted that it was supposed to be a hair net area but a staff was going in and out without wearing one. And there were wet smudges on the floor, and an uncovered trash in the kitchen. While the CR for women were clean, the CR for the handicapped smells bad..Ughh

Sometimes, when i encounter lousy service, i just let it pass. Sometimes though when i take the effort to take some photos, i just write about it just to appease my offended sensibilities. Back to the additional order, i waited for it a long time when i notice a tray containing the items i ordered were in the counter probably awaiting a staff to give it to me. I went to the counter, checked if it is the same number that I was given and indeed it was, so i was the one who brought it to our table.

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