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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bawal Magkasakit..

Last friday, i got soaked by rain. Although i brought my umbrella with me, I did not use it because i bought abby's birthday cake and so got both my hands full. Early Saturday morning, I woke up with an itchy throat and a heavy head. I tried not to mind it because we were going to go to Laguna hotsprings only to have our destination change at the last minute to Nasugbo in Batangas. We had lunch in Econo Inn at Tagaytay and got serenaded by their resident acoustic band who gave a very good rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. It's the first time that Abby experienced being sung happy birthday by a band and she was amazed and thrilled, i can tell.

Anyway, on our way to batangas, it rained so hard that we were really wondering if our trip to the beach was ill-timed. When we got there, there were only about three groups apart from us who were enjoying the stormy weather. I didn't enjoy swimming, the air was too cold and the sea is too rough. We went home around 9pm and stopped over at starbucks tagaytay for hot cappucinos. Hubby bought again sweatshirts for aj and abby. I puked. I was not feeling well, and was too cold. When we arrived home, i immediately fell asleep. Sunday morning, i awoke with a big headache but since hubby is scheduled to go to bataan that day to attend a baptismal i took biogesic just so we could come with him. True enough, i felt better most of the day. when we got back , I was even able to iron hubby's clothes. Monday was really difficult. I dont seem to have the strength to get up from bed. My body is aching all over, my head is throbbing, i felt nauseaus. I can't go to work. And so i did not, i just spent the whole day sleeping. I've had my check up today and i was prescribed antibiotics,a cough and a cold medicine. And right now, i am having watery stool. I checked my antibiotic's side effect and it includes diarrhea. wheww, that's my i have gatorade on my desk.

Which really got me thinking, how difficult it would be to get sick. You will have no income since you don't go to work. It's diffirent if you have a thriving business that earns on its own because you'll still have money even when you don't work. So stressful just thinking about all these things...

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