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Sunday, September 30, 2012

National Seafarer's Day

Today September 30 is National Seafarer's Day. I think that it's nice to designate one day in a year to celebrate one's importance. Of course, we do have birthdays to do that but then it's always nice to celebrate the contribution of a group of people who has a significantly contributed to our economy and to their respective family not counting the risk and sacrifices that they have to endure.

Thank you hubster. And we love you.

For Me

For awhile now since the iPad was introduce, I have been entertaining the idea of buying one for myself. I never really got to doing it until yesterday. For several days now ever since I was able to meet with the girls' teachers over their report cards, I have been seriously contemplating on getting an iPad. Not that I was dismayed over their grades, but that I thought they could do much better if they study more. They're actually very smart in a non-bookish sort of way but I wanted them to have drive and determination to be on top of their respective classes, actually on everything they do.

How to do it? There are several materials on the web prepared by SuperMoms as study materials. I figured I can use those and prepare some of my own. Only, I don't want to spend preparing the materials on the desktop. So the iPad comes in handy. At the same time, I have been wanting to purchase an e-reader but also haven't got around to actually doing it. Now I'll just have to test the iPad if I can really do create review materials from here.

Back to the iPad, the price for a 16g at the apple store in Greenhills is Php 23,990. Quite steep but they offer a 6-month zero interest promo so it would just amount to 4k a month for 6 months. If I pay it in cash, it only be 22k but I figure I am willing to pay 2k extra for a flexible payment plan. This would mean that I will have to go without forced savings for 6 months because I bought the new iPad.

In addition, I bought a screen guard for 250 and a cover for 650. I think this is a well-timed purchase since I intend to use it a lot not only for me but also for the girls. My iPod will always be my music player.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Micro- Manager

I'm not. At home, i don't make menus. Well, i used to just as a guide for Yaya but i don't get angry when she doesn't follow what's on my list. I rarely cook although i buy ingredients for recipes that i want to. I may get around to cooking it if, i have nothing better to do.

As for the kids assignment, i check on their activity books and assignments and exam results. I get disappointed by low scores expecting them to be at the top of their class all the way but i move on. There's more to life than getting straight A's. I'd rather they be smart and wise beyond their years. Hopefully, they are that.

I see no point in obsessing about the details if the thing that you are concern about isn't going to matter in the grand scheme of things.

Bother Me

Yeah. I no longer wallow in resentment or feelings of betrayal as much as I am able. But you know, I wake up early morning, like 2 am early and dreamed of what you both did.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Abundance of Dreams

What is with me nowadays? I've been having dreams these past few days and i remember them in a hazy kind of way as oppose to not remembering at all.

When you dream and you remember your dreams, does it mean you slept soundly or you had a troubled sleep?