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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Natural Homemade Insecticide

So, i've been spending lots of time lately in our frontyard taking care of our plants.  Actually, it's every morning before going to work, before the kids are awake, before the sun is up.  When you spend some time on your garden, you will notice plants that are growing extremely well, some that are yellowing, others you know that they are being attacked by pests even without actually seeing the culprits.  The tell-tale sign of leaves being eaten is a sure sign.  It would be simpler to just buy an insecticide off the market shelf but having a father who has leukemia somehow turns me off from all commercial insecticide. 

So i found this simple and natural homemade recipe for an insecticide from :

Mix 2 tbsp. baby shampoo to 1 gallon of water.

Add 2 tbsp. cooking oil and stir to blend.

Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray all plant parts to control insect pests.

Repeat every five to seven days.

Read more: How to Make Your Own Natural Insecticide |

So, i will try this one and see if it's really  effective.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ajs trip to the Dentist

Several weeks ago Aj's front milk teeth came off and we thought that there might yet be fragments left so we decided to take her to the dentists which advised her to have it x-rayed.  You can pretty much tell from the photos what the experience was to her. She was crying the whole time even when the doctor was very nice and explained to her the procedure so she wouldn't be afraid. But kids being kids...

The photo above is when the x-ray was done at Mega-clinic.

Neck Pain and what-have-yous

I think I may have over-exerted myself yesterday.  My neck and leg pain are back and i don't know of anything to blame but the activities that I did. I have been trying to think about the food that i did ate yesterday if it could have caused me arthritis but buko juice raises potassium level and it's home therapy for gout.

I already had 6 sessions of therapy at STI-De los Santos Megaclinic Rehabilitation Center for this neck pain (CHRONIC C5 RADICULOPATHY ON THE RIGHT, MILD)and another 6 sessions for the baker's cyst in my right leg and those pains did went away for a while until yesterday night. The service there is okay except that you just have to schedule your sessions in advance because of too many patients and insufficient therapists.  What's good though is that they are open even on sundays. All of their therapists are good except for a few that are really exceptional in the way that they really go the extra mile to make you comfortable, explains the procedure so you wouldn't be alarmed about the gadgets that will be attached to your body and how it will help your pain, and checks on you every so often during your session. If you go there  between 1pm to 4 pm, you'll probably catch the most accomodating ortho doctor there, Dr. Martinez.

Right now, I'll make do with my standard muscle pain reliever: efficascent oil, omega, pao and any other liniment that promises pain relief.  Most of them have the same ingredients anyway just different proportions.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Re-Potting, Re-Planting

Aj has make-up class today so she woke  up early.  Abby and Maggie were still sound asleep when I got up.  I have been planning on putting wood varnish on our bahay-kubo to protect it from decay but the decaying plants cannot seem to wait. Anyway, this is the kubo now after several days of non-stop rain so it seriously needs some varnish.  I painted a little bit in this side, the rest some other time.
 The gladiola above just recently bloomed.

This photo of the kubo was taken when it was fairly new so it's still shiny. The plants that i re-potted today are those below the orchids, i think they are of the bromeliad variety.  They are the type of plants that accumulate water on their leaves and might probably be breeding ground for mosquitos, so i am watching those plants closely.   Anyway, I wasn't the one who bought this the hubster did.  Found out also, that these plants grow on coconut husks so i am now resorting to buying buko just to have planting materials.  It's really a good thing, that a palengke is just nearby. 

 I noticed also some new growths on the bromeliad and thought that this might be the best time to re-pot and re-plant plants.  So I did that the whole morning and it felt very satisfying.  I will probably have to read up on gardening 101 and be familiar with some plants we have on our backyard.  We have a couple of orchids and I want those to really multiply so I might read up about orchids also.  But for now, I am glad I gave breathing space to some of the plants I don't know the name.  I will post pictures so hope you will leave comments if you do know them.


I don't particularly like plastic flowers.  Now that we have the luxury of space, the hubster has filled our frontyard with a multitude of flowering plants, I know nothing about.  Oh but i do know roses and sunflowers but i don't sweat if i know the variety. So long as it flowers, i embrace it.  There's something about flowers that lifts my mood.  These pictures of our blooms are fairly recent.  Enjoy it as i have..

I think, I may yet take up gardening.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kid flute vendor in Clark, really talented!

I have to share this video because this is going viral.

Notice the beatboxing, nice voice, galing galing! Do i need to say more?

Let me try the Blackberry

So, i didn't completely let go of my Samsung S7330 instead I gave it to Papa because he has been using my old Nokia cellphone.  I don't like throwing my old things, somehow I am sentimental like that.  Anyway, My officemate preferred Iphone 4 to his blackberry curve 9300 which he bought in January of this year at 16k. I bought it from him last march for only 10.5k.  Not bad since I am a very satisfied user for a phone which before I was only looking at a distance without any intention to buy at all.  But the hubster isn't so happy. He is  a blackberry user also and he told me i shouldn't buy second hand items. Well, that's that.

Anyway, what i particularly like about my blackberry is that it has wifi so I still can do facebook and twitter and even surf whenever there is wifi connection.  Without it, it is just like any ordinary phone.  However, globe has blackberry plan for postpaid users where for an additional P300 per month you can access facebook, twitter and surf anywhere even without wifi.If only , there's a free program similar to iphone's gps navigator that works for blackberry. That i will have to discover.