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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Natural Homemade Insecticide

So, i've been spending lots of time lately in our frontyard taking care of our plants.  Actually, it's every morning before going to work, before the kids are awake, before the sun is up.  When you spend some time on your garden, you will notice plants that are growing extremely well, some that are yellowing, others you know that they are being attacked by pests even without actually seeing the culprits.  The tell-tale sign of leaves being eaten is a sure sign.  It would be simpler to just buy an insecticide off the market shelf but having a father who has leukemia somehow turns me off from all commercial insecticide. 

So i found this simple and natural homemade recipe for an insecticide from :

Mix 2 tbsp. baby shampoo to 1 gallon of water.

Add 2 tbsp. cooking oil and stir to blend.

Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray all plant parts to control insect pests.

Repeat every five to seven days.

Read more: How to Make Your Own Natural Insecticide |

So, i will try this one and see if it's really  effective.

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