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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Re-Potting, Re-Planting

Aj has make-up class today so she woke  up early.  Abby and Maggie were still sound asleep when I got up.  I have been planning on putting wood varnish on our bahay-kubo to protect it from decay but the decaying plants cannot seem to wait. Anyway, this is the kubo now after several days of non-stop rain so it seriously needs some varnish.  I painted a little bit in this side, the rest some other time.
 The gladiola above just recently bloomed.

This photo of the kubo was taken when it was fairly new so it's still shiny. The plants that i re-potted today are those below the orchids, i think they are of the bromeliad variety.  They are the type of plants that accumulate water on their leaves and might probably be breeding ground for mosquitos, so i am watching those plants closely.   Anyway, I wasn't the one who bought this the hubster did.  Found out also, that these plants grow on coconut husks so i am now resorting to buying buko just to have planting materials.  It's really a good thing, that a palengke is just nearby. 

 I noticed also some new growths on the bromeliad and thought that this might be the best time to re-pot and re-plant plants.  So I did that the whole morning and it felt very satisfying.  I will probably have to read up on gardening 101 and be familiar with some plants we have on our backyard.  We have a couple of orchids and I want those to really multiply so I might read up about orchids also.  But for now, I am glad I gave breathing space to some of the plants I don't know the name.  I will post pictures so hope you will leave comments if you do know them.

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