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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Neck Pain and what-have-yous

I think I may have over-exerted myself yesterday.  My neck and leg pain are back and i don't know of anything to blame but the activities that I did. I have been trying to think about the food that i did ate yesterday if it could have caused me arthritis but buko juice raises potassium level and it's home therapy for gout.

I already had 6 sessions of therapy at STI-De los Santos Megaclinic Rehabilitation Center for this neck pain (CHRONIC C5 RADICULOPATHY ON THE RIGHT, MILD)and another 6 sessions for the baker's cyst in my right leg and those pains did went away for a while until yesterday night. The service there is okay except that you just have to schedule your sessions in advance because of too many patients and insufficient therapists.  What's good though is that they are open even on sundays. All of their therapists are good except for a few that are really exceptional in the way that they really go the extra mile to make you comfortable, explains the procedure so you wouldn't be alarmed about the gadgets that will be attached to your body and how it will help your pain, and checks on you every so often during your session. If you go there  between 1pm to 4 pm, you'll probably catch the most accomodating ortho doctor there, Dr. Martinez.

Right now, I'll make do with my standard muscle pain reliever: efficascent oil, omega, pao and any other liniment that promises pain relief.  Most of them have the same ingredients anyway just different proportions.

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