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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let me try the Blackberry

So, i didn't completely let go of my Samsung S7330 instead I gave it to Papa because he has been using my old Nokia cellphone.  I don't like throwing my old things, somehow I am sentimental like that.  Anyway, My officemate preferred Iphone 4 to his blackberry curve 9300 which he bought in January of this year at 16k. I bought it from him last march for only 10.5k.  Not bad since I am a very satisfied user for a phone which before I was only looking at a distance without any intention to buy at all.  But the hubster isn't so happy. He is  a blackberry user also and he told me i shouldn't buy second hand items. Well, that's that.

Anyway, what i particularly like about my blackberry is that it has wifi so I still can do facebook and twitter and even surf whenever there is wifi connection.  Without it, it is just like any ordinary phone.  However, globe has blackberry plan for postpaid users where for an additional P300 per month you can access facebook, twitter and surf anywhere even without wifi.If only , there's a free program similar to iphone's gps navigator that works for blackberry. That i will have to discover.

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